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The most common version of Roulette found in most casinos is the European version of the game especially when it comes to the Live Dealer variant. But, this does not mean that it is impossible to find Live American Roulette casino game online. Because of low demand, it becomes one of the main reasons for the higher house edge of the American version of the popular game.

Despite this, there are still loyal players who are looking for the double zero variant of Roulette. The high risk element brought by the extra slot is actually sought by most players. This also explains why the variant is not at all totally overshadowed by its more player-friendly cousin, the European Roulette. Evolution Gaming, one of the pioneers in developing live dealer and online casino games introduces the Live American Roulette casino live game.

This online casino game follows the rules of the classic American Roulette with a little twist. The Live American Roulette casino game integrates a live dealer that you can actually see streaming from Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. If you want to know more about the Live American Roulette casino live game, you have come to the right website.

In this Live American Roulette casino review and gaming guide, you can learn the basics of the Live American Roulette casino game. This includes the rules, game play, user interface, bets, and payout. Reading this Live American Roulette casino review and gaming guide will help you learn other alternative sources where you can earn exciting bonus packages.

This could include Live American Roulette bonus and Live American Roulette freespins. More importantly, this Live American Roulette casino review and gaming guide offer clever tips and tricks that you could use when you play Live American Roulette online and bet using real money.

Play Live American Roulette For Free At

Since the Live American Roulette casino live game introduces a new feature, players who are not really familiar with the game or with Roulette in general may find it hard to understand what the game is all about. That is why most players recommend that newbies avail the Live American Roulette freegame and try to play Live American Roulette free first. Almost all online casino game providers are actually offering the Live American Roulette freegame.

But, some players are reluctant to play Live American Roulette free through the Live American Roulette freegame because some online casino sites ask them to register first or download something before they could play Live American Roulette free. If you are like most players who do not like this kind of offer, visit Our website offers the Live American Roulette freegame and allows you to play Live American Roulette free without any requirements or conditions.

There are many benefits that you can enjoy if you play Live American Roulette free through the Live American Roulette freegame. Most players do this to experience the game first hand. It is different when you personally see the game settings and feel what it is like playing the game.

Some veteran players play Live American Roulette free because they want to see if the game meets their standards. Other players avail the Live American Roulette freegame to pass time. Some others take advantage of the free game to prepare before they play Live American Roulette and bet using real money.

Play Live American Roulette Online With Real Money

After you have seen and tried playing the Live American Roulette casino game, you might want to amp up your gaming level and experience the game with more excitement. If so, you can try to play Live American Roulette online in your trusted online casino site. But, since playing online involves real money, which also means risks, you have to be careful when choosing the online casino site where you play Live American Roulette casino live game.

Online attackers, hackers, and scammers are everywhere on the Internet and one of their favorite target is the players of online casino games. Some of these bad elements pose as legit online casino sites to steal your personal data and even money. This is one of the reasons why you should choose a trustworthy and legit online casino site to play Live American Roulette online if you bet using real money.

You will not have these doubts if you play Live American Roulette online at Our company has been in the online casino gaming industry for a long time. We have established our reputation as one of the licensed, transparent and honest online casino game providers.

At, the online casino player is always at the top of our mind. That is why we have simple rules and requirements to give each player the chance to enjoy their favorite online casino games without additional stress. One of the many ways we do this is by providing a player-friendly site that accepts and honors almost all kinds of payment methods.

You can use your Visa and Mastercard credit cards and debit cards for your payment and payout methods. also receives Skrill, Netteller, Paysafecard, Uberweisung, and other payment methods so players will only have to worry about winning and nothing else. These payment and payout options are all service charge free and does not require any minimum or maximum amount.

In addition, each player that registers at is given the data privacy policy of the company. It contains the process by which collects the player’s personal data and the methods it use to save these data. This way, you are assured that your personal information are secured and well-protected.

The Live American Roulette game by Evolution Gaming is a refreshing take on the classic double zero variant of the game. The game developer is very strict when it comes to fair game creation and meeting the standards set by the online casino gaming industry. When conformity appears during the scheduled checking and inspection of the live dealer tables, they are immediately changed.

The live dealers are professionals who have undergone rigid series of training to perform at their best in every session. They are friendly and accommodating and are really skilled when dealing with different kinds of players. These are evident in the way they interact at the live dealer chat options of the Live American Roulette game.

The Live American Roulette features in-game chat, statistics, game history, cold numbers, hot numbers and personal favorite bets. You can save as much as 15 favorite bets and easily pull them out whenever you are playing. The game, since mobile-optimized allows you to see it on high definition resolution at full screen view.

How To Redeem Live American Roulette Bonus

As mentioned earlier, this Live American Roulette casino review and gaming guide will teach you that there are other ways where you can earn Live American Roulette bonus and Live American Roulette freespins by simply playing Live American Roulette slotmachine game. Nowadays, most online casino game providers and online casino sites are offering outrageous bonuses, rewards, and prizes to online casino game players. This is one of their strategies to make sure that players visit their site, play their favorite online casino games, and make a deposit.

But sometimes, there are casino game providers that are not truthful to their promises. Oftentimes the bonus package they are offering actually costs something or could not even be used by players to play their favorite games. But does not promise anything that it could not deliver and when we say lucrative bonus, these are really lucrative bonuses.

The welcome package is composed of two kinds of bonuses. The first bonus is bonus credits and the other part of the welcome package is in the form of free spins.

The requirements in order to avail of these lavish bonuses are very simple and anyone can easily meet. For the Live American Roulette bonus will ask you to register and play Live American Roulette slotmachine game onsite. You should play the game within 30 days from the day that you fill out the registration form.

So how will reward you with the Live American Roulette bonus? Its simple, when you first play the game, you will be asked to make a deposit so you can proceed. The online casino provider will double the amount of your total deposit. For instance if you deposit 50 euro, will reward you with a 50 euro Live American Roulette bonus.

The maximum amount of bonus that will award is up to 250 euro only. This is a great way to increase the size of your bankroll and improve your chances of winning big payouts in the game. As for the Live American Roulette freespins, the requirements are also very simple.

Just play Live American Roulette slotmachine game at and when asked to make your first deposit, just deposit the minimum amount of 77 euro. After this, you are qualified to receive up to 120 Live American Roulette freespins. The Live American Roulette freespins will not be sent to you in full but in small deliveries.

For six consecutive days, will send you 20 Live American Roulette freespins. These free spins expire within 24 hours so you should use it as soon as you can. You can get exciting rewards and prices using this free spins when you play at Starburst slots game at All of these bonuses are your for free without any hidden download required.

5 Live American Roulette Slotmachine Tips

There are many resources that you can find online that claim that they have discovered strategies that could guarantee you wins in online casino games. Do not believe these claims because there is no grain of truth on it. The sensible way to rationalize this claim is that if there really is a proven strategy, then online casino sites are already closing down. However, if you look on the World Wide Web, the opposite is happening.

Although it is true that there is no way that we could predict the results of any casino game, this does not mean that we cannot do anything to improve our chances. In this Live American Roulette slotmachine tips and tricks, we share with you useful guides to play and win like a pro.

  • Understand the game first before you decide to play the online version where you use real money to bet. This is a common mistake to most players who are eager and excited to play online casino games. It is important that you understand first the basics of the game so you could use it to your advantage. This will also minimize your risk of losing big when playing the game.
  • Try playing the free trial or the free game version first before you start betting using real money. In gambling, one of the most crucial traits that each player should observe is to be smart especially when making a decision. Playing the free version of the game will help you become more familiar with its settings and basics. It will also help you to experience and better understand the game.
  • Choose a reputable site to play the game. As discussed earlier, playing online involves money and money is a magnet to many scammers, hackers, and online attackers. Do a little research about your target online site before deciding your favorite casino game there.
  • Manage your bankroll wisely and quit playing when you have totally consumed it. In gambling self-control and smart money management are two of the most crucial values that every successful gambler possess.
  • The notion that there is a pattern to winning in every casino game is definitely false. Stop looking out for patterns because there is none. The results and combinations in casino games are randomly given by the software based on historical data, so there is no way that you can predict the next winning combo.

Live American Roulette Free Game and Live American Roulette Free Spins

Evolution Gaming’s Live American Roulette is a mobile-optimized game. This means that you can access it using you PC or desktop, mobile phones, laptops, and other mobile devices that meet the required specification of the software. If you play the game using the desktop, you have the option to choose three various screen layouts.

These are the classic View, the Multi-Camera View, and the 3D View. For players with slow internet connection, the game offers the Classic View option. This enables them to still enjoy high-quality graphics and visuals despite the poor internet connection.

The Multi-Camera View enables you to see the game and the table from various angles. The camera in the game instantly switches in every round to offer you the best view. As with the 3D View, you get more extra table view with betting grids and Race Track mode permanently shown on the table.

There live dealer feature and the chat options are both excellent in equipping you the ability to chat and engage with the live dealer. This also allows you to talk to other players who are sharing the same table with you. Except for the table layout, the gaming platform is almost the same as the single zero variant of the game.

It applies the same betting process and almost the same rules. So those who are playing the European version can easily understand the rules. The table introduces the Five Bet feature that enables you to cover five betting fields using a single chip. You can simply place the chip on the line that separates the zeros from the numbers ranging between 1 and 3 and actually wagering on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.


Evolution Gaming is the leader in developing live dealer casino games and it has proven once again its expertise in Live American Roulette game. The game introduces technological innovation in the world of American Roulette and Roulette in general. The live dealer streaming from a land-based casino is a refreshing integration that will truly attract any online casino players.

Live American Roulette is equipped with user friendly gaming interface to ensure that everything that a player want or need in a Roulette game is being provided. The convenient buttons and settings that make sure the player is comfortable playing the game are very impressive. The live dealer chat feature is also outstanding and it breaks the monotony that some players sometimes feel on the game’s online variant.

The live video stream is of high-quality and Evolution Gaming was successful in ensuring that the rendering of the game’s graphics are crisp. The Live American Roulette is available across many platforms and devices. You can play it on you mobile phone, on your desktop, or other mobile devices. This capability also solves the issue of the game’s portability and allows the player to access the game anytime they want.

Overall, Live American Roulette is an excellent and fun interpretation of the classic American Roulette game. It has a high RTP rate and with skills and a dose of luck, playing it would be really very rewarding.

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