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When it comes to making money there’s a slight hint of negativity coming from those who either can’t make enough, or make enough but have too much to spend it on. One way to make it easier for people to grow their money is for them to be able to put it somewhere where it CAN grow. The banks are giving such small returns that some countries even charge you just for them to hold your money in their banks. So why not start using that money and putting some aside to play a Live Roulette Casino Game, or a Live Roulette Slotmachine? Yes, this is a choice you can make and so this article will be a Live Roulette Casino Review and will be describing in detail everything you can do with this game when you play at, one of the best and most reliable gaming pleasures on the market.

Play Live Roulette for free at Casino

Playing live roulette online at is an amazing experience. Just twenty years ago we couldn’t even imagine that we would be traveling to mars, and now we even have live dealers who you see on your laptop or computer device. This is a game-changer for people who don’t like the long drives to a real casino, but who still want to have the experience of playing with real people. The players you are playing with are also real people and betting live with you. You can talk to the dealer as you’re playing, increase your bets, etc. On the online casion, you have 22 different options for live roulette online. They include European Roulette, Roulette Classic, Live Casino Roulette High Roller, American Roulette, French Roulette, Live American Roulette, and plenty of other games for you to play, Live.

Play Live Roulette online with real money

Most of the online casinos we have seen give you the option to play one or two games for free so you can get the hang of it. does the same thing, but when you do become familiar with the games and the way in which you deposit money, then it is time for you to upgrade to the real money mode so you can actually make some real money. Before you can deposit any money, and before you can even play one of the free games, you will have to make an online account with One of the best reasons to open an account right away is due to the amount of bonus you can receive for doing so. will do you a huge favor and double whatever you deposit, for being a first-time Live Roulette Casino Game player and because you went to Play Live Roulette free first. will double your initial deposit as a bonus, but can only go up to two hundred and fifty euros. There is a minimum deposit of seventy seven euros but as soon as you create your account and make your first deposit, another bonus kicks in where you get twenty free spins on your selection of games. One other factor that makes better than most other Live Roulette Casinos is the flexibility of payments and deposits. In this Live roulette casino you are able to deposit and withdraw as much as you want for a flat fee of zero. Yes, you heard right, every time you deposit and every time you withdraw, you will not be charged a penny. You can use VISA and MasterCard, or online wallets like Skrill and Netller, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves the question, why should I even play with real money when I can do a Live Roulette Freegame or get Live Roulette Freespins somewhere else? The answer to this question is that you can do whatever you want, it’s your money and your time, but if you’re just going to be dabbling here and there with different slots and never actually bet real money, then you will continue to waste your time, when you could have been earning lots of real money. prides itself in having made many people rich by playing their Live Roulette Slotmachines.

One of the best reasons to play Play Live Roulette online at a Live Roulette Casino is that there’s no possible way the game will be tampered with. The ball rolling is purely random and is dictated by the rules of physics and probabilities, unlike many of the other online casinos. There is a much better feeling attached to making real money playing an online game, than if you were winning fake or imaginary money. So what are you waiting for, head over to right now and Play Live Roulette free.

Live Roulette Casino Game Review’s popularity has been increasing throughout the years. It wouldn’t be possible to offer the features and games we have if it wasn’t for the people who come and enjoy these games. When you land on the home page at Wetten you will immediately see the games that are most popular. Right now these include Holmes and The Stolen Stones, Valley of the Gods, Wolf Hunters (New), Vikings go Berzerk, Jumanji (New), and Aloha Cluster Plays. Yes, there are many more popular games, but this article is not long enough to define each and every single one.

One of the best features of is the way in which the designers have created the layout and the game play. There are very few Live Roulette Slotmachine websites where the internet does not lag and the gameplay is seamless. You have options. At Wetten you can choose to play slots, live casino, blackjack, roulette, a bunch of table games, jackpots, and poker. Within each of these is a variety of games so there’s no way you could ever get bored and there’s plenty of potential for you to make money, if you don’t get greedy, and if you can have the self control to withdraw your profits when you have enough. Don’t make the mistake rookie players make when they’re on a roll, they bet everything and then lose.

If you’re looking for something other than to Play Live Roulette online you can head over to the sports betting section of the Wetten website where you will find many different options like the ones listed below:

  • Fantasy Football
  • Virtual sports
  • Winter Sports
  • Gaelic Sports
  • Greyhounds and Dog Racing
  • Horse races
  • Water polo
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Table tennis
  • Poker
  • Futsal
  • Darts
  • Soccer
  • Football

and many many more. The rules for each individual game vary greatly and it would take a few more articles to describe the betting conditions of each. However, if you’re interested in reviewing each of these to select the one you’d like to participate in, please follow the link to see sports betting conditions.

How to redeem the Live Roulette Bonus

As we described earlier, you can Play Live Roulette free or you can get the Live Roulette Bonus. In order to get the Live Roulette Bonus you need to stop Playing Live Roulette free. Yes, it’s easy to understand. You have to open a real account and deposit real money so that can reciprocate and give you the bonus for making the choice of playing for real.

This bonus is given to you as soon as you deposit and can go up to two hundred and fifty euros. The minimum amount you can deposit is seventy seven euros. This means that if you do the minimum amount you will be compensated with another seventy seven euros for a total of one hundred and fifty four euros to start with. It would be best for you to deposit two hundred and fifty euros so that you get matched with the same amount by Wetten and would then be able to play with five hundred euros. Just think about it, it makes much more sense to deposit more and get more, than to deposit less and get less.

The other bonus you’re given right away are Live Roulette Freespins. You get twenty free spins per day for six days which are an equivalent of twenty four euros or four euros per day. So what are you waiting for, head over to and make your account. Deposit the most you can so that you can take advantage of the bonus, a bonus that you don’t see in other Live Roulette Casinos.

5 Live Roulette Slotmachine tips

  • Do Not Have Your Hopes Up
  • Do Not Spend Too Much
  • Choose Games That Have a High Payout
  • Dig Deeper, Don’t Just Go With the Obvious
  • Believe Other Players

The reason we say not to get your hopes up is because we have seen many players who believe that they are going to end up leaving their jobs if they continue playing slots or a Live Roulette Casino Game. The reason we did this Live Roulette Casino Review of Wetten is because we want to give you the truth. Do not spend too much, especially when you’re just starting out. Make a small shift in your life first, which will get you accustomed to the feeling of betting and playing Live Roulette Slotmachine. If you’re scared of betting real money then by all means play Live Roulette Freegames and get as many Live Roulette Freespins as you can, until you feel comfortable to bet real money.

The third tip is to choose games that have a high payout, and where the amount of money you have to bet is smaller. By doing this, you’re implementing a psychological trick on your own mind by having it understand that you’re playing for a high payout when the amount you initially bid is minimal. This is like purchasing a real estate investment with little to none of your own money. Next, we tell you to dig deeper. But what does this mean? This means that there could be games on the third or fourth page of the search results, but most people simply go and play the ones that are popular. These could be popular simply because they’re fun, but if you want to find games that are both fun and make people lots of money, you will have to look in other pages until you find that game. Finally, our advice is to believe what players are saying about certain games. If the majority of people are telling you not to play a certain game, in this case believe them.

Live Roulette Free game and free spins 

Live Roulette Freegames are not advised because you simply won’t make any money, but we understand that some people are not in the financial position to put money into slot machines and live games. Just remember that if you do decide to play with real money you will receive a Live Roulette Bonus instantly, and will continue to receive 20 free slots plays for 6 days.

If you don’t like the live roulette game play or simply want to try something else, there are hundreds of games available at the website. Simply head over to the “casino” tab at the main Wetten website where you will be taken to a page with all of the available games right on your screen. As you’re scrolling down you will see pop ups on the right hand side of your screen which show people who are making real money in euros by playing on the site. Once you are ready to start playing with real money, your name can also be shown.


In conclusion, this article is a Live Roulette Casino Review

where we discussed the topic of Live Roulette Casino Games, Live Roulette Bonus, Live Roulette Freegames, and Live Roulette Freespins. In this Live Roulette Casino Review we explain how Live casino is one of the best options you can make if you live far away from a casino or don’t like to drive to one. It’s much easier for you to simply get on your computer, cell phone, or tablet and sign into your online account.

Live roulette is one of the most popular games in live casino websites because of the way it makes people feel. Nobody wants to talk to a robot, even though some are very close to looking real, there’s no other feeling than talking to a real person in real time. By playing live roulette you will be able to see the ball spin and you will even see the reaction of the players that are involved in the same roulette game. That’s the beauty of technology; you can be playing with someone that is across the globe, but you will speak with them as if you’re right next to them.

In the future, we will be able to put on a pair of virtual or augmented reality goggles and will be able to “transport” ourselves to a virtual casino, and then, paying live roulette will make sense.

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