Play Super Sic Bo Online Slot at Casino is known to offer some of the best casino games in the realm of online gaming. It is also the place where you can play SUPER SIC BO free. Simply access the game via their official website. Search for SUPER SIC BO Casino game and play for free. What makes it even more exciting is that you don’t need a account for that. All you need is a computer or mobile phone that can access the internet. SUPER SIC BO casino is by far one of the most exciting and interactive game on the platform. Every important detail is incorporated to keep the fans fully entertained. If you are an online gamer, who loves playing online dice games. Then brace yourself because once you play SUPER SIC BO online casino, you will be impressed.

Play Super Sic Bo Online With Real Money

After you play SUPER SIC BO free casino game, you will be able to decide whether you like the game or not. If you do, you can then proceed to wager real cash. This mode is only enabled after you register with So go to the registration page, fill in the information required and get your login details. For you to credit your account with money, you will be required to use only the payment methods supported by These payment methods include Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, MasterCard, Visa, Sofort and Uber Weisung. You will then be able to use the money to play SUPER SIC BO online casino. Every toss you make will require staking. And as you will see later in this SUPER SIC BO casino review, the game comes with generous offers. All you have to do is land the winning combination.

Super Sic Bo Casino Game Review

SUPER SIC BO casino game come with a much better gameplay and an incredible theme. It is a complete improvement of the Chinese dice game known as Sic Bo. The live casino game is intriguing and somehow challenging, and that is why most people love it. The SUPER SIC BO slotmachine comes with three dices. You should note that SUPER SIC BO slotmahine doesn’t come with reels or rows. All it has is dices. The dices are marked with values ranging from one to six. You need to select the combination through which the dices will occur for a chance to win big. The great theme of SUPER SIC BO casino game coupled with the incredible controls makes SUPER SIC BO casino a very outstanding dice game. Your main aim should be to predict the winning combination and win cash prizes depending on the combinations.

So to play SUPER SIC BO online game, you will be required to decide the amount of money you wish to stake. The game accepts a minimum bet of 20 Euros and a maximum bet of 10,000 Euros. SUPER SIC BO slotmachine also comes with a live dealer and an instant chat feature to make it even more entertaining. The game becomes even more interesting when it comes to the types of multipliers offered. When playing the game, you will notice that there are quite a huge number of multipliers involved. This is because SUPER SIC BO comes with random multipliers that can easily total to x10000. That alone is enough to tell you how great the game is when it comes to increasing your winnings exponentially.

As mentioned above, SUPER SIC BO slotmachine is not a slot game, and so it doesn’t require spinning of the wheel. The game also lacks the scatter and wild symbols. All it has are the three dices, and the values indicated on them. This means that you should not expect any SUPER SIC BO freespins. It, however, comes with great gameplay that you will definitely enjoy and a number of winning combinations. The RTP of SUPER SIC BO casino stands at 97.22% which is quite average for a video dice game. That percentage is calculated basing on the odd/even odds and the big/small bets. The game also has remarkable roadmaps that show the results of the previous games. All these amazing features that the game possess is credited to Evolution gaming providers who are known for their remarkable online games.

How To Redeem the Super Sic Bo Bonus

You will be pleased to know that offers SUPER SIC BO bonus to all new customers. This comes when registering for a account. Once you access the page, you will be met by a SUPER SIC BO bonus which you can acquire and simply use it to play SUPER SIC BO online. As mentioned earlier on this SUPER SIC BO casino review. There are no SUPER SIC BO freespins since it this is not a slot game. But then with SUPER SIC BO bonus, you can access SUPER SIC BO freegames. This is because once you acquire the SUPER SIC BO bonus, the cash will be deposited to your account and you can use it to throw the dice. This is yet another way through which you can play SUPER SIC BO free without using your actual money.

5 Super Sic Bo slotmachine tips

Every online casino game usually requires playing tips, and so does SUPER SIC BO casino game. These tips are designed to enable you to achieve a winning combination without wasting too much money. Pay attention to the tips and ensure you apply them. They will ensure that you have the best experience when playing SUPER SIC BO casino. These tips include.

Know the gameplay

The most important tip of them all is to know the gameplay. This is because you will be required to play strategically and not just how you feel. It is also one of the main reasons as to why allows you to play SUPER SIC BO free online game before registering. With the free game, you will be able to understand the gameplay well enough before you proceed to playing the actual game. So when playing the game, make sure you know what the controls do and how best to play the game. Once you know the gameplay, you will be able to play effectively and even win some incredible cash in the process.

Understand the winning combination

Every online gaming enthusiast is driven by the urge to win. That means that it is only logical to know the winning combinations of the game before you start wagering. For example, when you get a combination of 4 or 17, you get a x499 multiplier, 5 or 16 gives up to x249, and specific triple gives x999. There are many other combinations that you will end up winning cash prizes. Remember, on the SUPER SIC BO casino review; it was mentioned that you can get a multiplier of x10000. You thus need to know all the winning combinations and use them to walk away with some good cash.

Come up with a wagering plan

This tip will ensure that you end up with an incredible SUPER SIC BO experience while spending less. The wagering plan should be made depending on how often you play the game. Come up with a weekly expenditure. That is the money you are willing to spend every single day for a week. Once you have the sum, stick to that stake and once it is finished, wait for the next week. This will maximise your chances of winning and minimise the amount you will end up spending. If at all you want to play the game for fun then you better use the bonus to play SUPER SIC BO freegame that doesn’t require wagering your cash.

Make use of the freegames

Every SUPER SIC BO casino review will tell you how important it is to make use of every SUPER SIC BO freegame you get. Since there are no SUPER SIC BO freespins due to the fact that it is not a slot game, make use of the free games. Every time you get a free game which is usually in the form of the bonus cash given by, make sure you use it wisely. This may end up giving you a huge win without spending wasting your actual money. You can also use the SUPER SIC BO freegame to understand the gameplay better. It is the only way you will be able to spend absolutely nothing and win big.

Use the combination that stands to occur more often

SUPER SIC BO casino comes with a huge number of combinations. These include the single, double, triple, combination, total as well as odd and even among many others. So try and figure out which combination is likely to occur numerous times. If it’s odd and even go for that. If it is big or small, then pick that. This will maximise your chances of winning.

Super Sic Bo Freegame and Freespins

Being a live dice game and not a slot game, SUPER SIC BO freespins are not available. This means that you need to pay more attention to the SUPER SIC BO bonus which brings about SUPER SIC BO freegame. This is achieved when registering for a account.


It true that SUPER SIC BO is one of the best online casino games you can ever play. This is because it comes with a huge number of features and remarkable controls. All you have to do is get acquainted with the game and start enjoying it whenever you want. You can access the online casino game via your tablet, laptop of mobile phone. Pay attention to the gameplay as well as the winning combination for you to stand a chance to walk away with huge money.

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