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Poker players love to play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker online. This variant of the incredibly popular Texas Hold’em offers players a classic feel of the old card game while offering payouts up to 1000x. You will find numerous positive Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Casino review responses online. At, you can Play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker free for fun or learn the game. You start the game by choosing your virtual cash ante bet. The casino will then deal you two cards face down. Dealers are also dealt the same cards. You can then look at your hole cards. From the point, you can decide to bet further or discontinue playing by folding. There is a second round of cards called the flop. In the round, you must bet additional amounts similar to the ante bet. The cycle continues with another two rounds before all the cards are turned over. If you have the best hand in relation to the dealer, you win the game. If you do not beat the dealer, you lose all your credit bets. You can always reset your virtual money when you play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker free.

Play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker online with real money

You will be required to log into your account and put in some cash to play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker online with real money. You start the game by placing an ante bet. Some players may also place a bonus bet at the start of the Texas Holdem Poker game. The mode of playing is similar to the Texas Holdem Bonus Poker freegame where you are first dealt two cards face down. You always compete against the dealer, but there could be other players on the same table. An extra three flop cards will be dealt to the dealer and players. You may decide whether to follow up with another bet or fold to discontinue playing. If you continue playing, you will be required to bet twice your bet amount. Then, you will get another card called the turn where your bet matches your original bet. Finally, your last card at Texas Holdem Bonus Poker casino will be the river. After you are dealt the river, all the cards will face up and their value summed up. You win the Texas Holden Bonus Poker casino game by beating the dealer by a better hand.

Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Casino Review

Texas Holdem Bonus Poker casino game is a variant of the popular Texas Hold’em Casino developed by Evolution Gaming. It is played on a standard sing 52-card deck. The first two cards are called hole cards. Players are issued with flop, turn and river community cards. Flop cards are three community cards while Turn and River are one card each. In Texas Holdem Bonus Poker, the flop bet is twice the ante bet while Turn and River bets are equal to the ante. In the end, the dealer and the player each make the best five-card hands using a combination of the seven cards offered. The winner takes the price. If the dealer is the win, the player loses all the stake. However, if there is a tie or a draw between the dealer and the player, all bets will push. If the player had placed a bonus bet, the determination of the win is made against the initial cards dealt to both the dealer and player.

Instead of taking the whole amount that was bet by other players as in the case of the original game, when you play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker online, you get paid according to the bet you had placed with the dealer. All flop and turn bets are paid at even money 1:1. You may also be paid even money for the ante bets if only you have straights or higher. If you do not beat the straights, you get the ante bet back. The bets are paid according to the cards. If your hand and that of the dealer get a pair of Aces, you get paid 1:1 a standard paid of aces pays 30:1 while A/K suited pays 25:1. A/J or A/Q suited pays 20:1 while the pairs of Jacks, Queens and Kings pay 10:1. A/J and A/Q unsuited pays 5:1 while a pair of 10’s and 2’s pay 3:1. There is no limit to the rounds to the rounds you can play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker casino at

How to redeem the Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Bonus

New players at get a 100% match up deposit up to £250 on their first deposits. The casino enlists members to free spins club if their first deposit is more than £77. In the club, players get 20 free spins on Starburst for six days. Each win with a free spin is worth 20 cents and every batch is valid for 24 hours. does not place any wagering requirements on Starburst free spins wins and all the cash won can be withdrawn once it meets the minimum threshold. However, the first deposit bonus comes with a wagering requirement of 35 times before the wins can be withdrawn. This wagering requirement should be completed within 30 days after the awards of the free spins. You cannot use the bonus for live casino and table games. Therefore, this offer cannot be used as Texas Holdem Poker bonus. You must also read all the terms and conditions for the award of the bonus before accepting it.

5 Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Casino Tips

Try Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Freegame

At, you can play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker free. This casino game is ideal for people who are getting started with the game and do not want to risk their cash in the process. Also, it offers a good chance for players to try different strategies in a safe environment. It is also the fallback game that you can play when you do not want to spend at the casino.

Know When to Fold

Folding helps you avoid making losses at the Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Casino. You should consider folding if you land unsuited 2/3 to 2/7 because the chances of getting a better hand are quite low. It is always good to save yourself from making an additional loss after placing the bet on the initial hand. Most players decide their fate with the first bet.

Start with Low Ante Bet

When you play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker for the first time, consider starting with a low bet. This helps in the successive flop, turn and river bets. Since these bets are fixed, the best you can do is to determine the amounts you are ready to spend in the entire round or decide to drop one of the bets in the process.

Determine When to Play the Bonus Bets

You have an option to play the Texas Holdem Bonus Poker bonus at the start of the game. However, you should be careful with such a strategy as wins on your bonus bets are dependent on the first set of cards that you are dealt. Consider placing the bonus bets after a few successful bets from time to time.

Betting on the River

The river bet is the last attempt to get some win out of the Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Casino game. Therefore, it is good that you play your cards right and look at your chances of getting a win. Consider betting on the river if you have one or more of the hole cards in the best hand. It is also ideal to bet on the River if you have a pair of six or higher, a straight or a flush. You also have chances of winning if you have three of a kind, two pairs, full house or four of a kind. Other people still win with four suited cards that come in consecutive order. Read the rest of this Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Casino review for playing directions.

Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Freegame casino offers different promotions from time to time. You may get a straight Texas Holdem Bonus Poker bonus or a cash bonus from the promotion. It is advisable that you check the casino promotions page every time you log into your account for offers. Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Casino game does not come with any in-game free rounds. However, you can increase your winning potential by playing in the Texas Holdem Bonus Poker bonus bets where wins are determined as per the initial cards you are dealt. You decide on the bonus bet at the time when you place the ante bet. The outcome of the rest of the game does not affect your wins at the bonus bet. This is advantageous, especially if the odds are not favourable and you are forced to fold before the entire round is over. Most players use the bonus as a plan to lower the losses in the main game.


Texas Holdem Bonus Poker casino game is derived from the original Texas Holdem game. According to the numerous Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Casino review outcomes, most casino players love the payouts against the dealer rather than the case of the winner takes all in the original game. allows you to Play Texas Holdem Bonus Poker free so that you can learn the game before playing with real money. In the game, you get a pack of seven cards, five of which are community cards and two that are hole cards. After the initial bets, you will bet twice the ante bet at flop bet and match it at Turn and River bets. You also have an option to bet on the Texas Holdem Bonus Poker bonus. The game has a rather impressive pay of up to 1,000x if you get the right card combinations. Overall, Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Casino is a fun casino poker game with several ways to make good cash of out it.

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