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Last Updated on 11/06/2021
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Slot Info
Slot Type:Video
Winning Line:5
Min. Coins per Line:1
Max. Coins per Line:1
In 3D:no
In Virtual Reality:no
Bonus Game:no
Free Spins:yes
Multiplier Symbols:no
Progressive Jackpot:yes
Multiplier Wilds:yes
Scattered Multipliers:yes

Play Crystal Ball Online Slot at Casino is an online gaming zone, which is full of interesting and fun-filled games. comes under the laws of Malta. The gaming laws are therefore determined by the gaming laws in Malta. Age restrictions and betting conditions are laid down by the Maltese laws. The website is a product of the company Ltd. It is controlled and governed merely by the Bethard Group Limited. is full of thousands of games for its users. The games are classified under different categories. These categories include live casino games, Esports, virtual sports and many more. One of the most famous slot machine casino games is the Crystal Ball. Players can Play Crystal Ball free on Crystal Ball is a five-reel slot with five pay lines. The Crystal Ball, casino game has amazing graphics and the game has been built using software which ensures high quality. Players do not have to face any interruptions while playing. Crystal Ball does not need a flash player. Players can reach for free on their laptops, cell phones, smart tablets, etc. The best part is that the design of the game will stay the same on all devices. Usually, games have a different layout for different devices, but makes sure online casino gamers get the same experience on all devices. Crystal Ball has a medieval theme with different symbols that appear on the reel. These symbols are relevant to the theme Crystal Ball has tried to create. The symbols include a white-haired wizard, a locket with a blue jewel, a white unicorn, and a green potion. The symbols also include the alphabets A, J, K, Q and the number 10. The alphabets and the numbers do not pay as much as the other symbols. Players Play Crystal Ball online to make sure they land a combination of the wild symbols. The game has a lot of free spins and bonuses and is, therefore, a highly rewarding game. In this Crystal Ball Casino Review everything about the game will be discussed.

Play Crystal Ball online with real money

The experience of playing Crystal Ball online is enhanced when playing with real money. The game involves betting and it is up to the players how much amount they want to lay as a wager. is a legitimate gaming website and is highly trusted. It is 100% transparent and keeps your money safe. It pays its players as soon as they win something. Avoid falling for fake casino game websites and Play Crystal Ball online on the safest website. is legally registered and is managed by strict rules and regulations of the Maltese laws. Players also get more enthusiastic when playing online games with real money.

Crystal Ball Casino Game Review

Crystal Ball Casino Game is an online casino game which has an interesting theme that takes its players to medieval times. The Crystal Ball Slotmachine will take you back to the times when wizards and magicians existed. Crystal Ball Freegame has enhanced graphics and design and has Crystal Ball Bonus and Crystal Ball Freespins to increase its players’ dedication to the game. Crystal Ball Casino Game has a reel of 5 and has 5 pay lines. The rewards that these pay lines give will be discussed in the next section of Crystal Ball Bonus and Crystal Ball Freespins. Crystal Ball Slotmachine features wizards, crystal balls, unicorns, amulets, and other magical images. Crystal Ball Freegame is named after the crystal ball in the game because its payout is the highest. Casino players on Play Crystal Ball online. It is one of the most popular and one of the most played games on this online casino gaming website. The design of the game takes you on a ride of adventure and fantasy. The 5-reel Crystal Ball Slotmachine has symbols and if a player gets a sequence of 2 or more of these symbols on the reels then he or she will get Crystal Ball Bonus and Crystal Ball Freespins.

Crystal Ball Freegame uses software which ensures high graphics quality and sharpness. The software is not used by many games and thus makes Crystal Ball Freegame stand apart from the rest of the games. The software makes sure that the game faces no lags or interruptions and that its quality remains the same even if the player switches between his smart devices i.e. from his laptop to phone or vice versa. Crystal Ball has a payout percentage (RTP) of 96.12%. The payout values depending on what you get on the Crystal Ball Slotmachine. For example, if you get a 5 of unicorns then you will get 20 if you get 2 unicorns then you will receive only 0.05. Crystal Ball is loved by its players and all of the Crystal Ball Casino Reviews are in favor of this online game. The crystal ball is the wild symbol or the scatter symbol of the Crystal Ball. The crystal ball substitutes for all symbols except Crystal Ball Bonus symbols. If a player gets multiple symbols on one line and it includes a wild then that will be very profitable. A combination with the wizard has the highest payout in this line. The pay lines of Crystal Ball Casino are either 5 symbols horizontally in the first, second and third rows or a scatter sequence formed either upwards or downwards.

Crystal Ball Casino also gives its players 10 free games and a bonus symbol. 10 free games are awarded when a player achieves a 3/4/5 scatter. The game’s free game feature allows players to win additional free games during those free games. A bonus symbol is also drawn in which every symbol has a chance of becoming a bonus symbol except the highest paying symbols which is the crystal ball. After having a look at the positive feedback attained from players through their Crystal Ball Casino Reviews new players are tempted to Play Crystal Ball free on

How to redeem the Crystal Ball Bonus

Crystal Ball is an online casino game that is full of bonuses and extra wins. The players get lots of cash prizes due to the highly rewarding wild symbols and other features. The game has a pay table which shows the different bonuses players will get. The wizard and the unicorn pay the highest if they land a combination on 5. Combinations of alphabets and numbers yield low wins but still increase the overall balance. The wizard yields a 50 on 5, 10 on 4, 1 on 3 and 0.10 on 2. The unicorn yields a 20 on 5, 4 on 4, 0.4 on 3, and 0.05 on 2. The green potion and the blue jewel yield the same values i.e. a 7.5 on 5, 1 on 4, and 0.3 on 3 and 0.05 on 2. Alphabets A and K yield the same; 1.50 on 5, 0.4 on 4 and 0.05 on 3. Alphabets Q, J and the number 10 yield 1 on 5, 0.24 on 4 and 0.05 on 3. The pay lines are also available and players can have a look at them before starting the game. The crystal ball substitutes with all the symbols except the wizard. The wild symbol crystal ball is a scatter and yields a 10 on 5, a 1 on 4 and a 0.10 on 3. If a 3/4/5 scatter is formed then 10 free games are rewarded. All these bonuses, free spins, and cash prizes are received by the players as soon as they win. makes sure the players are given their money as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment or resentment to occur amongst players.

Crystal Ball Slotmachine tips

The Crystal Ball slot machine allows players to choose their bets. Players can choose both high and low values because this casino online gaming slot machine is for everyone. The tip is to land as much crystal balls on the reel as possible. The crystal ball is the highest paying wild or scatters symbol. It can substitute with any other symbol except the wizard, which itself is very rewarding. Players should also aim to activate the Golden Nights feature to get extra wins. This feature is activated when players place additional bets. Additional bets should only be placed by those who have played the game before and have some experience. The game is very simple and the difficulty level is not very high. This, however, does not mean that players should bet very high in their initial games. Players should play a few times to be fully aware of the dynamics of the slot machine and then place additional bets. The Golden Nights feature triggers a jackpot win. Crystal Ball has a gamble feature as well, in which players can choose between two options; the ladder and the cards. Players who are just beginners should choose cards because in this the player has to only guess what is under the card. The correct guess doubles the player’s win and not getting the right guess will win nothing.

Crystal Ball Free game and free spins

Play Crystal Ball online to get the highest number of Crystal Ball Bonus and Crystal Ball Freespins. The Crystal Ball Casino game is a very profitable game with the highest payout ratio. The slot machine has a 5-line reel in which different symbols appear. These symbols result in payouts according to the combinations they make. The highest paying symbols include the crystal ball, the unicorn, the white long-haired wizard. These symbols help players win a lot of cash prizes, bonuses, and free spins. One thing that has always been common in the Crystal Ball Casino Reviews is that players commend how the game helps them win huge. Players Play Crystal Ball free and place bets only to win huge amounts of cash and bonuses. Crystal Ball Casino also has a feature where players are rewarded with free games. The wild or the scatter symbols are designed in a way that they can be substituted for all other symbols to form combinations that can help the player win. Online players get free spins as well. These are awarded to players when they get a particular combination or a sequence of three or more than three wild or scatter symbols. This combination can be achieved anywhere on the slot machine. The wild symbol or scatter symbol that will help the player get free spins is the highest paying crystal ball. Before the player starts his or her spin any one symbol is picked as a bonus randomly. A pay line will be rewarded to the player if he or she lands at least two of the selected bonus icons on different reels. The player will get a free spin even if there are no matching symbols between the bonus icons. The free spins do not stop here. Players can win more free spins during the round as well if they land three or more scatter symbols or wild symbols.

Crystal Ball Casino also offers gambling features for those online casino players who are serious about putting in money and for those who are passionate to win bg. The gamble features this game offers to include the ladder and the cards. The ladder helps players win extra cash. The players have to guess what is under the gamble cards. If the player gets his or her to guess correct then this results in doubling the win. Crystal ball slot machine is full of surprises and bonuses. Along with free spins, bonuses and additional cash prizes Crystal Ball Casino offers a high payout percentage that is 96.12%. Crystal Ball is, therefore, a profitable casino game and is definitely worth a try.


Play Crystal Ball free on the most admired and well-liked online casino gaming website known as has aimed to achieve excellence and has become one of the best online gaming platforms. The website has a variety of different casino games and slot machines. One such slot machine is the Crystal Ball Slot machine game. This game is a sought-after online casino game. The game offers brilliant graphics and design. The game has a vast variety of features. It is made with the best software which increases the gaming quality. makes sure that the quality of the game is not compromised. Players can choose their bets according to their will. The game has 5 lines and the players can choose to either spin manually or automatically. When a player decides to spin the crystal ball slot machine automatically then various options emerge on the screen. The autoplay dialogue box opens up which asks the players when to stop the spin. The autoplay can be stopped when the balance decreases. You can select the amount so for example if you want the spin to stop if your balance decreases by 10 then you can put in the value and the spin will stop when the balance decreases by 10. You can also stop the auto spin if the balance increases by your stated amount. You can also select the option where the auto spin would stop if a feature is won. This stopping of the autoplay feature is very unique and is not available in many other slot machines. This feature can be helpful for those who are not experienced enough and for players who are risk-averse.

To win big all you have to do is land a combination of symbols. The pay table is also provided in the game. Crystal Ball also has a Golden Nights feature which is activated when players place additional bets. The Golden Nights feature can with every spin help player win a jackpot side game. If the player wins the Golden Nights Bonus the jackpot win will be determined by a thermometer that appears on the screen. The wild and scatter symbols are also very high yielding. Get the Crystal Ball on the slot machine and win big. Crystal Ball Casino game also rewards its players with 10 free games as discussed in the sections above. The payout values are also given on Crystal Ball on Players will win different values with different combinations of different symbols achieved on the slot machine. The wizard has the highest payout. Different letters also appear on the reels. These include A, K, Q and J. The number 10 also appears on the reel however combinations formed from these alphabets and the number 10 do not yield in high profits for the players. After the wizard, the unicorn pays the highest on getting a combination of 5. Crystal Balls high payout, features, and positive reviews make it a game worth a try. Online players are highly encouraged to bet and win on Crystal Ball, one of the most entertaining and rewarding games available online.

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