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Last Updated on 09/07/2021
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Slot Info
Slot Type:Video
Winning Line:10
Min. Coins per Line:1
Max. Coins per Line:1
In 3D:no
In Virtual Reality:no
Bonus Game:yes
Free Spins:no
Multiplier Symbols:no
Progressive Jackpot:no
Multiplier Wilds:yes
Scattered Multipliers:yes

Play Maaax Diamonds Online Slot at Casino

Maaax Diamonds Casino is a classic fruitmachine – which is a slot machine that features diamonds and fruit as symbols. You can play Maaax Diamonds free on Casino, with the demo version of the game being available to everyone who wants to try it, without any strings attached. In order to play Maaax Diamonds online, the gambler doesn’t have to make an account and no deposit is required. Playing the game for free can provide a huge advantage to the gambler, both professional and amateur. Getting a feel of the game and getting accustomed to its “easy on the eye” symbols can provide that extra confidence necessary in order to immerse yourself in the game and make a deposit in order to play with real money. Once you deposit money into your account you can also claim the Maaax Diamonds bonus.

Play Maaax Diamonds online with real money

The Casino is a registered company incorporated in Malta, and is a legit casino. If you are 18 years of age or older and you feel like taking the Maaax Diamonds casino game slot machine to the next level, then making a deposit is an easier process than one might think. accepts many payment methods, and the registration process takes only a few minutes to get through.

When it comes to withdraws and deposits, Casino accepts Sofort, Trustly, Skrill, Paysafecard, Neteller, and of course Visa and MasterCard credit cards. It’s important to note that Neteller and Skrill can not be used if you plan on making a deposit in order to claim the bonus. The other platforms can be used for that.

In addition to that, by putting in real money into your account, you not only can start gambling and make the most of the Maaax Diamonds slotmachine, but you also become eligible for the bonus offered by Casino – described below in this Maaax Diamonds casino review. The Maaax Diamonds bonus attached to the Maaax Diamonds casino machine could be a real game changer.

Once you made a deposit, it’s easy to get caught up in the game and play it for a long time, but it’s important to also practice responsible gambling. The staff responsible with the online casino is knowledgeable when it comes to Responsible Gaming, and will inform players when it comes to potential risks, being sensitive to people’s gaming problems.

Before playing the Maaax Diamonds casino game, it’s also important for gamblers to familiarize themselves with the Terms and Conditions of the platform, in order to ensure that they are aware of what is expected of them, and they can follow the rules in order to avoid any issues. For example, providing complete and correct information can go a long way in avoiding any delays when it comes to withdrawal requests. In addition, all deposits have to be wagered at least 1 time before a withdrawal is requested (and of course there are wagering requirements when it comes to the bonus offered by the casino).

Maaax Diamonds Casino Review

Being a classic fruitmachine, the Maaax Diamonds slotmachine is easy to play and even unexperienced players will get the hang of it easily. The visuals are appealing and colorful, while the sounds effects are pleasing to the ear, creating for a more immersing atmosphere by emulating the colorful vibe of real-life machines. All you need in order to play Maaax Diamonds online is an internet connection and a browser, with the HTML5-based game taking care of everything else. The slot machine has a layout of 5×3 and once the reel start turning, a tune will play, reminiscent of 8bit consoles from the 1990s, which could also work to evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

The controls of the Maaax Diamonds casino game are laid out intuitively and effectively, allowing the player to simply jump into the game, as opposed to spending too much time on figuring out how the game works. Bets can be adjusted easily, and in case gamblers want to take things to the limit, the game also features a “max bet” button on the screen in order to place the most amount of money possible on a spin.

As far as the options for the Maaax Diamonds casino machine, the spacebar key can be used in order to start a spin, but there is also a “Turbo Spin” option available, which is designed for players who want to play the game at a faster pace. When selected, this option results in taking out the animation sequence which plays when spinning starts, and simply showing the player the final result.

The usual fruit symbols are accompanied by bells, 7s and BARs, and of course Diamonds – which is the wild symbol. Given its status as a wild symbol, the Diamond will take the place of any other regular symbol, and they appear only on the second and fourth reels in the game. Besides the regular Diamond symbol, there is also the Expanding Diamond, which means that when the reel lands on it, the symbol will expand on the reel, taking additional spots – which in turn means more wins.

In order to win in Maaax Diamonds, the player can choose between 5 pay lines or 10 pay lines (with the lines being counted from left to right). In order for a win to occur, the player needs a minimum of 3 symbols that are identical on the first 3 rolls. The more identical symbols the game lands on, the bigger the earnings.

As mentioned later in this Maaax Diamonds casino review, there is no Maaax Diamond FreeGame feautre, howver, in addition to the classic slot machine game, Maaax Diamonds casino machine also features a built-in card game. The system of the game is simple: once a player wins, they can choose to start the card game, and they can double their money by guessing the color of the next card. However, if the guess is wrong, then the lot is lost.

The RTP of the game is 96,07, and it also includes a number of features. Besides the aforementioned built-in card game, Maaax Diamonds also features a ladder gamble. This can be entered by clicking on the gamble button that has the ladder symbol. Once a player wins, they will land on the step above (which is highlighted), and if they lose, they will land on the position lower to their current one. This feature can be used in order to boost wins, but it’s important to note that gambling is not possible for high wins, and cannot be entered in autoplay mode.

How to redeem the Maaax Diamonds Bonus 

Once you made a deposit, if you are a newcomer you are eligible to claim the bonus offered by Casino. What does the bonus involve? With a deposit of minimum €77, players will automatically join the casino’s Free Spin Club. This means that members of the Free Spin Club will receive 20 Free Spins in Starburst, which are worth 20c for each spin. This will go on for a total of 6 days. Moreover, the turnover for the free spins is free, which means that they are not subject to the wagering requirements, being credited directly to the real money account.

In addition to the €77 bonus, players can claim the big bonus offered by, which doubles their first deposit of up to €250. If players deposit €250, they will end up with a total of €500 in their accounts.

Of course, there are some eligibility terms that interested gamblers should pay attention to – one of them being that the offer is available only for 30 days after they registered their account with the online casino. In addition, the balance has to be converted 35 times in order to be ready for payment, and the bonus funds can be converted only on slot machines – and not on table games. As noted above, the free spins are available only in Starburst, and can not be accumulated, which means that they have to be claimed every day (for the 6 days) in order to not expire. As we mentioned earlier, Neteller and Skirll are excluded forms of payment if players are interested in claiming the bonus offer.

5 Maaax Diamonds Slotmachine tips

While at the end of the day the Maaax Diamonds casino game is a game of luck, and the system itself is random, there are certain things that gamblers can do when playing the game (and any other slot machine for that matter) in order to enhance their enjoyment for the game.

Gamble Responsibly

Whenever gambling is involved, knowing how to be responsible with your money is crucial both in the way you approach the game but also in order to not deplete your account. Before sitting down to play Maaax Diamonds online, players should set a limit of how much money they want to play with for the respective session on the Maaax Diamonds casino machine. There are cases when players might go through a losing streak and feel like they can make up for the money they lost if they continue playing (or if they make bigger bets). On the other hand, if players go through winning streaks, it’s easy to want to want to continue playing and try to get rich overnight.

The reality of it is that letting these emotions get to you can end up damaging your account and your enjoyment of the game. As mentioned in this Maaax Diamonds Casino review, the best way to approach the game is to set a limit beforehand, and to simply enjoy the slot machine for what it is and not try to get rich and not allow emotions to get to you. Whether you win or lose, the important aspect of any game is to enjoy it, which is why practicing responsible gambling is crucial, as it will enhance your enjoyment of the game. Knowing when to quit is very important.

Take Advantage of the Bonus

While this particular slot machine doesn’t feature any Maaax Diamonds FreeGame or Maaax Diamonds FreeSpins, getting double the money you deposited into your account (according to the Casino bonus) can come in handy when playing the game. Why is that? Because it means that you can play with free money without having anything to lose. Despite the lack of Maaax Diamonds FreeGame and Maaax Diamonds FreeSpins, players can still make the most of the game, and with the bonus offered by the casino they can allow themselves to enjoy the game for longer. Jumping on the bonus offered by the platform can take you a long way. Take advantage of the Maaax Diamonds bonus today!

Keep a Slower Pace

When you play Maaax Diamonds online you will notice that one of the features offered by the game (when you click on settings) is the “Turbo Spin”. As described earlier, this feature allows players to skip the animation involving the reels spinning and just go to the end and see what they landed on. This feature can come in handy when looking to get a quick fix of the game and only play for a couple of minutes (or if playing on the run).

However, maintaining a slower pace can not only increase your enjoyment and appreciation for the game, but will also allow you to become more knowledgeable of the game’s system. There’s nothing wrong with going through a few spins and just check whether you lost or won (and what amount you won), but by keeping a slower pace you will learn more about the game.

You might end up losing track of your money if you play at a fast pace, and you could end up going over the limit that you established for yourself (as mentioned in the first tip), or worse, you can end up with your funds depleted. If you play the game slowly you can pay attention at the layout after each spin and see why you won or why you lost (and how close you were to winning, what was necessary for this spin to turn into a winning one, how the amount won could have been higher, etc.)

Sample the Game Beforehand

Given that Casino allows gamblers to play Maaax Diamonds free, there is no reason why one shouldn’t take advantage of that offer and play the demo version of the game. Whether you are a gambler who is familiar with slot machines (or with this slot machine in particular) or you are just starting out in the world of gambling and are not sure of how things work, playing the game for free before putting your money down could be a huge advantage.

Plenty of slot machines follow similar formulas, but it’s the smaller details that make the bigger differences. Each slot machine has different pay tables, and different features. Getting familiar with those will change the way you approach the game. You will be able to develop strategies for yourself and know when it is best to for a card gamble, when you should go for the ladder gamble, or when you should step away from the game and take a break. Play Maaax Diamonds free today and you could get an advantage in the game bigger than you might think.

The Maaax Diamonds Slotmachine is Random

As with any slot machine, the Maaax Diamonds slotmachine is random. It’s easy to assume that, if you’re going through a losing streak, then the big win has to be right around the corner. Alternatively, you might think that if you just had a big win then the losing streak has to come soon. The reality of it is however, that the game is random – it’s a game of luck and chance. The game doesn’t take into account who is playing, for how long they played, how many times they won, how many times they lost, etc. This might seem like an obvious point, but reminding yourself that the game is random might change the way you look at things and how you play the game.

Maaax Diamonds FreeGame and Maaax Diamonds FreeSpins 

When it comes to this particular slotmachine, there is no Maaax Diamonds FreeGame and there are also no Maaax Diamonds FreeSpins. However, as mentioned in this Maaax Diamonds Casino review, given the abundance of slot games featured on the Casino, players are welcomed to use their free spins received (in case the bonus was claimed) on any other game on the platform.


The Maaax Diamond slotmachine is an old fashion styled game, which is easy to play and make the most of. While there are no Maaax Diamond FreeSpins, and no Maaax Diamonds FreeGame, the slot machine makes up for it (and then some) by featuring the ladder gamble and the card gamble, which are designed to make things more interesting for the player. The colorful visuals and nostalgic chip tunes will allow the players to get invest themselves into the game, given the atmosphere that it creates. Casino allows you to play Maaax Diamond free, and the demo version requires no deposit and no account, which means you can sample the game and get a feeling of what it has to offer. Play Maaax Diamonds free and claim the Maaax Diamonds bonus today! 

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