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Last Updated on 11/09/2020
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Slot Info
Slot Type:Video
Winning Line:20
Min. Coins per Line:1
Max. Coins per Line:1
In 3D:no
In Virtual Reality:no
Bonus Game:yes
Free Spins:no
Multiplier Symbols:no
Progressive Jackpot:no
Multiplier Wilds:yes
Scattered Multipliers:yes

Play Royal Seven Xxl Online Slot at Casino

Slot machines have changed a lot since they were in invented in the late 1880’s. The possibility of winning a jackpot with the click of a button makes Royal Seven Xxl Casino a favorite among players at Wetten. com. You can play for fun and win coins, or you have the option of playing with real money. offers fun for the casual, new or experienced gambler. If you just want to play Royal Seven Xxl Free you can at You do not have to sign up to play Royal Seven Xxl Free. You can practice your gambling techniques and try your luck,and test the amazing features of the Royal Seven XXl Slotmachine again and again. After you feel comfortable with the structure and symbols( See Royal Seven Xxl Casino Review) you can graduate to the next level of play, and whenever you are ready you can play the Royal Seven Xxl Online With Real Money.

Play Royal Seven XXl Online with Real Money

You can play Royal Seven XXl Online with Real Money at The sign-up process at Wetten. com is very easy. You will have to create an account and fill out the complete form. is a legal responsible online casino, they will not sell your information to third parties. After you complete the simple registration process, you will be sent a confirmation verification to your email address associated with the account. After you verify your email address you can play Royal Seven Xxl Online with Real Money. The Royal Seven Xxl SlotMachine is a bright kaleidoscopic slot composed of 5 reels. There is the option to play Royal Seven Xxl SlotMachine with 10 or 20 paylines. In order to win the game 3 or more of the exact fruit symbols have to be on a payline. If there are various winnings on numerous paylines, they will be figured in and deposited to your account.

Royal Seven XXl Casino Review

The multi-colored Royal Seven XXl Slotmachine is a favorite of players. The sound of the Royal Xxl Casino Game is minimal unless you hit the jackpot and the features are straightforward. It is easy to set your bet, simply press the Insert button on the left side of the screen and the +/- fields to arrange the amount of the bet. The minimum bet is 20 cents, the maximum bet is 40 euros. Playing with the Maximum Bet is easy also. Simply press the Max Bet button. The button beside the bet button on the left allows you to decide the number of paylines, 10 or 20. The Royal Seven Xxl Casino payout (RTP) is 96.11%! The payout ratio can be up to 200% with a return of 50%. The Royal Seven Xxl Casino Game streamlined features are easy to understand and fun to use. You have selected your settings for Royal Seven XxXl Casino now it is time to play! To play the Royal Seven Xxl Casino, press the button that features two directional pointers in a clockwise direction or you can click the space bar (if you are on a PC) and the game begins! If you do not want to press the space bar (if you are on a PC) or the pointer buttons after every spin, just select the Auto-button.

On every spin the rollers land on different fruit symbols from right to left. The amount of money or coins (if you are playing the free version) you win varies on the depending on the various symbol combinations. Here is the overview of the fruit symbols and winning combinations. You can win up to 200 times the amount of the stake with the lemons, cherries, plums and oranges symbol. The payout amounts for the lemons, plums, oranges and cherries are the same. The payout is the same for the four fruits just listed even if you have 3, 4 or 5 exact symbols on a winning line. This makes calculating your winnings simple. The stakes are raised with combinations featuring grapes or watermelons. The payout is up to 500 times the amount of the game. The 7 symbol is the most profitable symbol. If the 7 is featured five times on a payline you can win 5000 times your stake. Whenever you win a line, there will be sound effects.

To activate the head of risk game, simply press the yellow button with a ladder featured on it. Pressing this button sends you to the leader risk game. In the head of risk game, you have the chance to boost your previous winning roll up to 150 euros. The yellow marker moves back and forth between a higher and lower amount. You must select the ladder button at the right time. Then the yellow marker will land on the higher or lower amount. You can play the head of risk game as much as you want, until you achieve your desired level on the highest or lowest point of the risk ladder. If you land on the lowest point on the ladder, you have sacrificed all your winnings up to this point. If you are on the highest point of the ladder, you have improved your winnings by 150 euros.

Located next to the ladder button is a button that features cards on it. The button with the cards featured on it is associated with the card risk game. If you play the Royal Seven Xxl card risk game, you have the chance to multiply and double your winning up to 150 Euros. The card risk game is simple, just guess the correct card color. The chances are 50/ 50 of selecting a red or black card and doubling your game winnings. You can increase the roll gain up to 5 times. If you select the incorrect card color, you have forfeited your winnings up to this point. There is an option to decrease the risk with higher value amounts and increase the value of smaller amounts. Simply select the small green button that features the purse on the hand. When you select the green button, you are depositing a portion of your previous winnings into your account. So, if you decide to play the high-risk game or the card risk game, you will not lose all your winnings. You also have the option to quit the card risk or high-risk game after 1,2 or 3 rounds.

How to Redeem Royal Seven Xxl Bonus

When you sign-up with to play Royal Seven Xxl you can get a credit of 250 euros, and Royal Seven Xxl freespins. If you play Royal Seven Xxl and have deposited a minimum of 77 euros you will get 120 Royal Seven Xxl freespins. You would receive 20 Royal Xxl freespins for 6 days with 20 cents per spin. There is always the option to play Royal Seven Xxl Free. When playing the free version there is not a required wager. Redeem your Royal Seven Xxl bonus by creating an account with After you have completed the information and verified your email address, initialize the Royal Seven Xxl bonus. Then make a deposit into your account of at least 77 euros and play Royal Seven Xxl Casino,if you want to be eligible for the Royal Seven Xxl freespins and the Royal Seven Xxl will match the amount of your first deposit of any amount!

Royal Seven Xxl Slotmachine Tips

There are not any shortcuts or strategies that will increase your chances of winning. Check out the Royal Seven Xxl Casino Game Review!The Royal Seven Xxl is a fun game to play. You will be a better Royal Seven Xxl player if you remember the following tips to ensure you enjoy the game and if you read the Royal Seven Xxl Casino Review. Before you dive into the game and Play Royal Seven Xxl online with real money or you can play Royal Seven Xxl free. Playing the Royal Seven Xxl freegame helps you learn about the game and all the features. The more familiar you are with the Royal Seven Xxl Casino Review you will see that there are no tricks to increase your winnings. Your winnings depend on the combinations of the fruit symbols. The Royal Seven Xxl freegame is an online slot machine that is a lot of fun to play! Remember, your chances of winning and the payout percentage is identical when you play Royal Seven Xxl freegame and when you play Royal Seven Xxl with real money.

Remember to wager stakes that are within your budget. Play wisely by carefully considering your stakes. The Auto-button makes the game move faster and is helpful if you consistently raise your betting amount to make up for losses. If you use the maximum bet constantly while playing the Royal Seven Xxl casino game, you will improve your profit. However, the credits in your account will quickly be depleted if you play Royal Seven xxl with the maximum bet. If you play with the minimum or maximum bet and you are not seeing a return in profit, disappointment is understandable. The key to being a successful Royal Seven Xxl player, is being a smart one. Do not make wagers that will put a strain on your budget. You can always play the Royal Seven Xxl freegame and enjoy the game and all the features without the all of the risk.

The high risk and card risk games are a lot of fun, but there is a possibility you may lose all your accumulated winnings. If you do not want to wager all your winnings when playing the high risk and card risk games, remember to press the purse icon and a portion of your winnings will be sent to your game account. It is easy to recoup your losses by accumulating more winnings in your account. Remember, if you choose to risk all your winnings when playing the high risk and the card risk games, you may have to consistently deposit more money into your account. There is always the possibility that you may win when playing the high risk or low risk card games, and there is a chance that you may lose all of the winnings you made up to this point. Approaching the high risk and card risk games with caution and consideration will help you be a great player.

The Royal Seven Xxl is a game and it should be fun to play. It is easy to focus on the possibility of winning and you forget to enjoy the game. Remember that playing any game is supposed to be fun that is why you signed up to play. When you win big playing Royal Seven that will make you want to wager more and more. You will want to increase your stakes to increase your winnings but you should only raise the stakes if you can afford the stakes. If you have high stakes there is a chance of a big loss. There is no way to predict if the game will go in your favor. Sometimes life circumstances will be a determining factor when placing your bets. This should never be the case. Royal Seven Xxl is not a solution to your financial problems, because it is only a game. Wagering money you can not afford will lead to more financial issues. You will enjoy playing this game if you make fun the primary objective.

It is easy to lose track of time while playing Royal Seven Xxl. You look up, and what felt like a few minutes was actually a few hours. The colorful fruit and the chance to win money is appealing.However, looking at any screen for long periods of time is detrimental to the eyes. Take breaks when playing the game and rest your eyes and your mind. Do not let the game consume you. Take a break from the game you can play the game anytime at Wetten. com. Take the time to enjoy your life and do not make the game the center of your universe. Go for a stroll with your friends, watch a movie or spend time with your family or children. The game is not going anywhere. When you get back to the game you will be more alert, and you will enjoy your playing time once again.

Royal Seven XXl Free Game and Free Spins

If you never played slot machines before you can try out the Royal Seven Xxl free game at Wetten. com. You can play the free version of the game for as long as you like until you understand the game completely. You do not need an account to play the free game.When you play the free version of the game you are not playing for real money, so there is no added pressure. The vintage game graphics and minimal sound effects are a couple of reasons the game is so popular. You have the option of turning on the sound but the game is quiet unless you having a winning payline. The game does not have a free game bonus. When you complete the easy sign-up to play the game at you instantly gifted 120 Royal Seven Xxl freespins(after you make your first deposit of at least 77 euros)! You are not given all of the 120 spins at one time. You will receive 20 free spins for 6 days (6×20= 120)!

The Royal Seven XXl Slotmachine is colorful and tons of fun to play! The game has 5 reels and up to 20 paylines that are horizontal and vertical. You can easily check out the winning combinations by pressing the blue button next to the settings. There is a possibility that you can win money by playing Royal Seven xxl at If you get 3 identical fruit symbols on the payline you win! If you get the winning combination of 7’s ( See Royal Seven xxl Casino game review for more information) you win! You have the possibility of increasing your winnings by playing the high risk and card risk games too! If you are a fan of fruit slots this game is for you and if you are not a fan of slotmachines this game is so easy to follow you will become a fan too! When you sign up to play Royal Seven Xxl casino game at Wetten. com your first deposit will be doubled. Sign-up to play Royal Seven Xxl today! 

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