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A game of dice is one of the oldest games around a family home. Most Yatzy Casino reviews attest to the fact that the game reminds them of the dice game of the old. Now in the digital format, you can play on the go from your smart device or the desktop at Moreover, you can play Yatzy free for as many times as you wish. To start the Yatzy freegame, head to and search for the game on the search bar. The software should load in about a minute. You do not have to log in to play Yatzy online. When the game starts, you will be asked to determine if you will be playing against the computer or other players. You also have a choice of five or six dices on Yatzy Casino. Start the game by clicking play to roll the dice. Then, it will be the turn of the other player to roll the dice. You will credits when you play Yatzy Casino game and the scores of your playing are shown on the side. The next Yatzy casino review will provide more information about the site.

Play Yatzy Casino for Real Money

In addition to the fun, you can play Yatzy online with cash and make a good profit out of it. When you start the Yatzy casino, you determine if you are to play with the computer or other players online and a choice of either five or six dices. It is the same thing you do when you play Yatzy free. Then, determine the amount of your wager. Yatzy Slotmachine looks a little different from most of the slot games, and the only thing you are required to do is to throw a dice. The total score of the dice game is a sum of one or two pairs, three and four of a kind, small and large straight, Yatzy, chance and full house. The player who garners more points than the rest or the computer wins the game. The points for each category are tabulated on the table on the left side of the Yatzy Casino game. There are also bonus points in the course of the game. All winnings are shown on the right side of the game in pounds. You can communicate with the other players through a chat box on the right side.

A Yatzy Slotmachine review

Yatzy slotmachine is a dice game by Spigo which was released in 2011. The casino game has RTP of 90%. It has a low to medium variance. Its winning formula is to garner as many points as you can. If you have more points than the opponent, your wins will be shown on the right. At the end of your playing, your total wins will be the net of the wins and losses that you make. If you play against other online players, you can play as two to four members if not just play against the computer. The five-dice game is the most popular. One player is chosen at random for the first dice roll. He or she would decide to keep the dice or reroll. Each player gets up to three rolls and is forced to keep the results of the third roll. However, if one decides to keep the first or second results, the turn moves to the next player. For the roll that is kept, the player assigns it to one of the categories on the score sheet. If the result cannot score in the selected categories, the player gets zero points.

There are two types of categories in the results table. The upper section is made of ones, twos, threes, fours, fives and sixes. In the category, you get the score equal to the corresponding number. For example for three twos, you get six points. In the lower section, there are several categories each with different requirements. They include:

  • One pair: Two dices of the same number with scores equal to the pair’s total
  • Two Pair: Two dices each for two numbers. Scores are equal to the sum of the scores of each pair.
  • Three of a Kind: Three dices of the same number. Totals are the sum of the three dices.
  • Four of a Kind: Four dices of the same number. Totals equal to totals of all dices.
  • Small Straight: A combination of five dice from number one to five with a total of 15 points.
  • Large Straight: A combination of six dices from number one to six with a total of 20 points.
  • Full house: Three dices of one number and two for the other number. Total score the totals numbers of the dices .
  • Yatzy: Five dices of the same number. Totals 50 points plus the total of the five dice.
  • Chance: Any five dice in no order. Scores the total of the dices.

You can only score once in each category and not use it again even where you get a zero. The game is over after all players assign scores in all categories. The player with the highest number of points takes all the wagered amounts minus the site’s deduction. If you play with six dice, there are slight changes. In Yatzy, all six dice must be of the same number. Three of a kind requires three dice to be of the same number and in two categories. There is also Five of a Kind where five dice must be of the same number. Finally, there is a Royal score where a combination of six dice each with a different number equals to 30 points. Each of the categories is eligible for the Spigo jackpot. The top price you get when you play Yatzy online jackpot is posted above the chat area of the game.

Redeeming the Yatzy Bonus

New players at enjoy a 100% match up bonus for their first deposit up to $250. If the first deposit is above $77, they also join the free spins club where they get 20 free spins on Starburst for six days. Each batch lasts for 24 hours and is worth 20 cents a spin. All amounts won from free spins is available for withdrawal without any additional requirements. As for the deposit bonus, you have 30 days to have wagered your deposit as well as the bonus for 35 times. Unfortunately, you cannot use this bonus as Yatzy bonus due to terms and conditions. Any withdrawal requests before meeting the wagering requirements result in voiding the bonus winnings and bonus amount. There are several other conditions that you must meet as explained in the terms and conditions. Moreover, you cannot accept any other promotion from the site when the promotion is going on.

Yatzy Slotmachine Strategy Tips

Try Yatzy Freegame

You can create and implement your winning strategy when you play Yatzy free. It also gives you a chance to be acquainted with Yatzy casino rules and have fun when you play risk-free. When ready, play Yatzy online with cash. Read the rest of Yatzy casino review on real money and free games above.

Use Probability

Check online for the probabilities of some dice numbers appearing more than others. While the dice rolls randomly, some numbers three of a kind appear more frequently. The probability game has pulled in many positive Yatzy casino reviews.

Use Strategy

There are different strategies you can use to win the dice game. A common one is to eliminate combinations such as Yatzy or high combinations of fives and sixes, which are too hard to achieve. Start with numbers that are easy to achieve.

Plan and Be Patient

Take your time when strategising your game. Being a skill game, you need to have your mind focused on the table to make worthy decisions. If you start with a strategy, follow it through.

Check the Promotions

Check regularly for promotions and bonuses. You may pick the Yatzy bonus or any other general one that covers the dice game. Ensure that you check the promotions page regularly for any of such offers.

Yatzy Freespins and freegame

There are Yatzy freespins to the bonus jackpot with Spigo. To get the Yatzy freespins, you must roll a one on the first roll of each turn consecutively. If playing with five dice, this must be done on four turns each row. The six die game requires five consecutive ones for you to get the free spins. Despite the hard requirement for Yatzy freespins, you can get a good jackpot amount when you hit one. Nevertheless, the Yatzy bonus sometimes includes several smaller prizes that are easier to get. You can try the Yatzy freegame to learn on how to get the bonus and create a strategy aimed at reaching the jackpot. The jackpot is not a progressive one but there are no standard amounts to play. Each game has the jackpot prize stated on the top of the chat box. Otherwise, it is an exciting challenge to hit the Yatzy bonus.


Yatzy Casino game has an allure of the traditional dice game. It is easy to plan several ways that you can win some good amount of cash. Like any other skill game, you need to apply a strategy when you play Yatzy online. Wetten.Com gives you a chance to try out your strategy by allowing to play Yatzy free on either the mobile device or the desktop. If you follow the information stated in the Yatz,y Casino review above, you can get into the jackpot bonus. The bonus requires you to land Yatzy freespins by meeting the requirements above. also has several bonuses, some of which you can use on Yatzy casino. Overall, Yatzy Casino game gives you the chance to rekindle the old memories of the popular dice games with some cash to win. If looking for fun, try the Yatzy slotmachine today and you will not regret it.

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