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Last Updated on 22/09/2021
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Slot Info
Slot Type:Video
Winning Line:20
Min. Coins per Line:1
Max. Coins per Line:4
In 3D:no
In Virtual Reality:no
Bonus Game:yes
Free Spins:yes
Multiplier Symbols:yes
Progressive Jackpot:no
Multiplier Wilds:yes
Scattered Multipliers:yes

Play Excalibur Touch Online Slot

As the name implies, Excalibur Touch spices up some of the familiar slot machine mechanics with a design based on medieval legend, where magic swords, glittering chalices, and helpful wizards help the player along on their quest for lost treasures. Naturally, visual style is the first thing you notice when playing the Excalibur Touch Casino Game.

The visuals are charming, however when you Play Excalibur Touch online the game doesn’t try to distract you with glitter or clutter, only displaying some graphical magic to let you know when you’ve struck gold.

Aside from the victorious ring of trumpets when you’ve won an Excalibur Touch Bonus, the soundtrack is a soothing pipe melody played lightly in the background. This is accompanied by rolling chariots and cantering horse hooves to provide ambiance. So don’t hesitate to start your adventure and Play Excalibur Touch free.

 Most online slot games are available for a brief free trial period and this game is no exception. The Excalibur Touch Free game feature lasts about five minutes, plenty of time to lean the ropes if you want to Play Excalibur Touch free.

Play Excalibur Touch free

Most online casinos will offer the option to play a ‘demo’, or play Excalibur Touch Free. However, once the trial is completed you can use the real money option to magically turn your cash into coins…and then, if your lucky, it will turn back again with a little extra. To access the real money mode of Excalibur Touch simply set up a profile with any online casino that provides the game. 88Casino, Unibet and Vegas Baby would be among the best.

Once your account is all set up and your wager is deposited you can play Excalibur Touch online at your leisure and activate the Excalibur Touch Free game.

Excalibur Touch Slot machine Design

Obviously, in order to enjoy the game to it’s fullest extent it helps to be familiar with the details. Excalibur Touch is designed to run on the reliable NetEnt software platform. It offers the player a total of 20 potential paylines to allow for a variety of winning, or losing, combinations.

In keeping with Excalibur Touch’s Arthurian origins the wild card in this game is none other than Arthur’s signature sword, Excalibur Touch.

Keep an eyes out for this glinting weapon since it’s presence can turn the tide of an otherwise unfavorable spin. Even better, however, is the golden Excalibur Touch Bonus which has the ability to quadruple any win that it triggers.

Meanwhile the chaotic scatter tile takes the form of a jewelled Chalice filled with a foreboding red liquid. Other notable tiles include the Wizard, Merlin, and the Witch, King Arthur himself, the mounted knight Lancelot, as well as a nobleman and his lady.

The remaining tiles are modelled on classic playing card suits, namely the King, Queen, Jack, and Ace.

If you are just starting out on your quest, try a few spins to get acquainted with the game. Then, once you’re confident you know the rules, you can start using the Bet Level tab on the bottom of the screen. The Bet Level ranges from 1 to 4 with the exact wage listed nearby in the left hand corner.

On the opposite side is another tool, the Coin Value tab which increases the over all value of your bet with each degree you go up in order to raise the stakes.

As an additional component you can use the Bet Lines feature to alter how many pay lines are played in a given turn.

There is also an Auto Play option available for those without the time or interest to manage the minutia. If it all seems like a bit too much, don’t worry, you’ll have time to familiarize yourself with it in the Excalibur Touch Free game mode.

Tips for the Excalibur Touch Casino

Naturally, there’s no way to guarantee a winning streak in the Excalibur Touch Casino Game or any other slots game. After all, where would the fun be in that?

However, here are a couple tips and tricks for players to try out that may help to make the adventure that the Excalibur Touch Slot machine offers a more fulfilling experience for players.

-First of all, play Excalibur Touch Casino only when you’re in the right mood. Slot machines are a game after all and the goal of any game is to have fun, right?

If you find yourself becoming stressed or anxious watching the tiles slide into place after every spin then it might be time for you to step back the Excalibur Touch Slot machine and take a break. This is true of any game and if you find yourself playing just to feel like you “beat” the game then you may end up going over budget or just spending too much time online.

  • Excalibur Touch gives you rewards like free spins and other bonuses. Take advantage of them and use them for all their worth. It’s a great way to improve wins and mitigate losses, hopefully leading to a more satisfying experience overall.

Many of these details are laid out in above section of the Excalibur Touch Casino Review.

  • Along a similar vein, keep track of what’s coming up in your online casinos schedule. Consider saving up your play days on Excalibur Touch Casino for big events, special offers, and other things like that. This lets you make the most out of it when a good deal comes your way.

  • Wild cards and scatters are a great tool that can help bridge the gap between two pairs or link separate winning tiles across the screen. Basically, they can turn a losing spin into a winner and a good spin into a great one. Learn the wild cards, remember their placement, and use them to the best of your ability.

  • Do the math. Before playing, click the information tab and learn whatever you can about the game. This includes payouts, percentages, bonuses and whatever else you might need to know.

Once you understand how the game works you can use the system to your advantage. This also discourages spinning recklessly as you learn to recognize when the numbers aren’t in your favor.

Keep these five tips in mind when playing Excalibur Touch, or any other slot machine game, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a great time.

Excalibur Touch Bonus

As with any slot game, the bonuses and free spin options are where the game really gets interesting, creating opportunities that can change the direction of a game singlehandedly. In Excalibur Touch, if you get 3 or more of the Chalice scatter symbols on one screen the cup provides you with a nice little reward.

This rewards Excalibur Touch Free spins for you to use, giving the chance to double a win or cancel out a loss. Best of all the Free spins awarded increase based on the number of Chalices.

So, 3 scatters means 10 Free Spins, 4 scatters means 20 Free Spins, and 5 scatters nets you a total of 30 Free Spins.

Whenever you take an Excalibur Touch Free spins all the winnings you make on that spin are tripled.

There is also the ability to re-activate an additional Excalibur Touch Free spins, though this does not include the triple multiplier feature.

As an additional bonus, if you manage to score 5 Excalibur Touch tiles on a single active payline then Arthur’s magic sword gifts you with the tremendous Excalibur Touch Bonus. When you win the Excalibur Touch Bonus that means you hit the jackpot and earn a total of 10,000 credits.

Summary of Excalibur Touch Casino Review

The Excalibur Touch Casino Game is a great option if your a fan of online slot machines. First and foremost, it comes with a bright, charming design and a soothing soundtrack that helps make it a game that’s just fun to play.

If you find a few spins on the slot machine a relaxing way to spend your evening then this is a great game for you. For those who are unimpressed by aesthetic flairs, there’s still great news. The game comes with a great system with free spins, bonus rewards, scatter tiles, and a host of other mechanics to spice up every spin and keep the player on their toes.

With Excalibur Touch the Free game aspect makes it the perfect first game for those newcomers ready to explore the online casino. It’s also a good fit for slot machine veterans who are looking for a game with a more engaging play style thanks to Excalibur Touch Free spins.

Here’s hoping you make good use of this Excalibur Touch Casino Review and good luck, Adventurer.

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