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Last Updated on 27/07/2021
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Slot Info
Slot Type:Video
Winning Line:15
Min. Coins per Line:1
Max. Coins per Line:10
In 3D:no
In Virtual Reality:no
Bonus Game:no
Free Spins:yes
Multiplier Symbols:yes
Progressive Jackpot:no
Multiplier Wilds:yes
Scattered Multipliers:no

Play Fruit Shop Touch Online Slot at Casino

Casino lovers who enjoy classic slot machines that feature fruit icons will greatly enjoy the modern slot with a retro twist, Fruit Shop Touch casino game. The Fruit Shop Touch slotmachine is a modern redesign of classic slot machine games that incorporates the simplistic designs and colorful images of traditional slots with modern efficiency and depth. Launched in 2012, Fruit Shop Touch Casino has become one of the most popular video graphic slots available online. This game famously offers a high level of playability, is compatible with most operating systems, features several user friendly bonus aspects, and is visually outstanding.

Fruitshop Casino Game is a slot machine with 5 reels and 15 play lines, offering players a number of opportunities to win! In addition to this large number of pay lines, Fruit Shop Touch Casino offers several popular features, including free spins and bonuses. The frequent occurrence of wild symbols, multipliers, and double points makes this game a favorite among online casino players across the globe. Fruit Shop Touch Slotmachine is available each day for free at This game is excellent for those who enjoy the simple, classic slot games but desire an engaging experience. To play Fruit Shop Touch free, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the URL into a PC or laptop browser to load the welcome page.

  2. The welcome page should load. Click continue at the bottom right corner of the game’s loading box. This selection should cause a new information box to load. In this box, you will input personal information, including your name and age. Remember that casino age restrictions apply in virtual casinos and that you should include you legal age and correct information to receive payment in the future. You will also be asked for contact information for legal reasons. After you have entered this information your account is set up.

  3. A verification screen should load to ask if your information is correct. Choose the option to continue if the information is correct. Now your account is active and ready to use. After making your initial deposit or continuing to the free version of the game, set the controls to your own preferences and enjoy!

Play Fruit Shop Touch Online With Real Money

The real money version of the Fruit Shop Touch slot game allows players to access features that are not available in the free version. Additionally (and perhaps most importantly) playing the game with real money allows players to earn real money from the game. In real money mode, players can earn additional spins, bonus rounds, free games, and so much more. Real money mode also offers a certain level of engagement that some players believe is lacking when playing the game in its free version.

Many players can be completely satisfied and engaged with the free version of the Fruit Shop Touch casino game, but those who enjoy the real money version of the game more should complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the URL into a PC or laptop browser to gain access to the welcome page for Fruit Shop Touch.


  3. Follow the steps located in the registration box on the right side of the screen to register at

  4. After entering information, a bonus offer and option to make the first deposit should arrive on the screen. Make the first deposit by following the prompts. Please note that you will be required to enter payment information and to choose a funding source with which to receive funds. Enjoy!

Fruit Shop Touch Casino Game Review

Research and data can make players more comfortable before registering for an online casino game. It is important to know important details and understand the game’s primary operating systems before jumping into the real money mode. For those who wish to play Fruit Shop Touch online, here is a Fruit Shop Touch casino review that should answer the most important questions and concerns regarding this popular slot machine game.


Fruit Shop Touch Casino has been featured in numerous online casino guides for its high level of playability. This slot machine does feature a specific number of Paylines, which could seem to limit winning potential. The ability to manipulate the amount of bets through customizable levels and coins, however, increases a players odds of winning at the slot machine game and makes it equally as playable as a game with unlimited Paylines. Fruit Shop Touch Slotmachine offers several betting levels and coin values so that the player is free to manage the game according to personal skill level. Experienced slot machine players can also benefit from this high rate of playability due to the ability to place bets that may be too large for similar slot machine games and online casinos.

Customizing bets and coin size for the Fruit Shop Touch Casino works in combination with the simplicity with which the game can be played. With such a simple platform, users can focus on learning to manage bets and moving forward through this very straightforward slot game. Players need only to customize a bet, spin, and repeat!


Fruit Shop Touch Online Casino has also been praised for its design and interface. This slot machine game was designed to incite nostalgia among classic slot machine lovers who could be new to the world of online casinos. The game features colorful, digitally enhanced displays and inter-dimensional graphics that make players desire to come back again and again. Fruit Shop Touch is available on PCs, laptops, and mobile devices, and surprisingly does not lose an ounce of its digital excellence with any of these adaptations. The design is truly delightful.

In addition to its superior graphics, Fruit Shop Touch’s interface allows for the simplicity that traditional slot players enjoy to be noticeable throughout the game. Although simple interface integration can be frowned upon by modern gamers, it meshes well with the classic feel of Fruit Shop Touch.


Fruit Shop Touch’s payout percentage is 96.7, which is a high yielding percentage for an online slot game.


Those who wish to play Fruit Shop Touch online should know that the game’s software system were developed and launched by NETEnt, a leader and innovator in the online casino industry. This software developer is well known for creating simple operating systems that allow for easy play and lucrative winnings. NetEnt has been voted one of the most user friendly software developers in the United Kingdom for years.


Those wishing to play Fruit Shop Touch online should also be aware that the game does not offer open Paylines. The Paylines are fixed at 15 lines. The fact that the betting is adjustable, however, offers players the option to increase earning potential.


To play Fruit Shop Touch free or for money, the player will need to check a box that states that the game is a 5 reel, 15 Paylines slot machine game.


Because Fruit Shop Touch slot machine has a such a wide array of betting options (especially when compared with similar slot machine games) the minimum and maximum coin values also have quite a range. Coin values for this game range from one cent to 50 cents for the game’s 10 betting categories.


The minimum coin size in this game is one, while the maximum is 50.


In addition to a $2000 Jackpot that is available in Fruit Shop Touch casino game, there is also a Fruit Shop Touch bonus game. Players can receive the Fruit Shop Touch bonus game by several means, one of which is attaining a wild symbol. The combination of any wild symbol with a general match will earn the player a bonus game.


The wild symbol in Fruit Shop Touch is the Joker symbol. This symbol will earn the player a Fruit Shop Touch bonus game which can immediately be redeemed. The Joker symbol in this slot machine game will replace any other symbol needed to make a winning combination. One Joker symbol can be used during any line, but each line can include a Joker.

The joker symbols are very attractive because they can replace other symbols. This will give you more chances at getting winning symbol combinations, and thus easier wins. The Joker symbols may appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. When you get a line win with a Joker symbol, this will be paid out double. Per line win only one Joker multiplier will be used.

 How to Redeem the Fruit Smash Bonus

If a player should happen to attain a match using the wild Joker symbol, the Fruit Shop Touch Bonus can be redeemed by completing the following steps:

  1. Choose the option to accept the bonus after it is presented. The bonus will transfer into you account for this slot game where it can be selected for use for several hours.

  2. When you are ready to use your bonus, click on the redeem bonus option to the right of the screen. A new screen will appear with a list of all available bonuses for the Fruit Shop Touch slot game. Select the bonus that is being redeemed and click continue.

  3. A verification screen will appear on the scree asking if you are sure that you wish to redeem the Fruit Shop Touch bonus. Simply select the affirmative option to redeem the bonus. After the verification, the bonus will automatically apply to the next new line of slots.

 5 Fruit Shop Touch Slotmachine Tips

  • This game features multipliers that will increase the bonus in the event that the player wins. Be sure to take note when multipliers are added to the line.

  • Practice a variety of different betting strategies, as they will not influence the rate of winning in this game.

  • If Fruit Shop Touch Freespins or a Fruit Shop Touch Freegame has been earned, use it immediately so that future instances of the bonuses will not be limited.

  • Play Fruit Shop Touch free initially to gain a feel for the game. Betting is always available after the free version.

  • Pay attention to statistics listed in any Fruit Shop Touch casino reviews. Statistics can help you understand how often it is beneficial to play the game.

Fruit Shop Touch Free Game and Free spins

Fruit Shop Touch Freegames and Fruit Shop Touch Freespins are some of the most beneficial features of the game. Because these bonuses are given to the player when they land on a fruit symbol, they are given quite frequently. To earn Fruit Shop Touch free games and Fruit Shop Touch Freespins, players need to land high ranking fruit pieces, such as cherries. Cherries are the highest ranking fruit in this game and a combination of two cherries earns players a free spin. The more fruit combinations the player lands, the more Fruit Shop Touch freespins they can earn. Other fruits can also generate free spins, although they are ranked lower than the cherries and would therefore require a higher number in the combination.

Fruit Shop Touch freegames are also generated by landing fruit combinations. After receiving more than one fruit combination on a single line, players are awarded a Fruit Shop Touch Freegame. For the cherry symbol, players will receive a free game for a combination of two fruits. Additional fruit combinations require more fruits to earn a player a free game. Free games allow the player to be paid twice the normal amount if they should win during the free game line.


To date, Fruit Shop Touch Online Casino has been highly rated by several Fruit Shop Touch Casino Reviews, in addition to numerous online gaming blogs and rating review sites. This game has become beloved for its simplicity and entertaining features. In addition to causing nostalgia among those familiar with tried and true slot machine games, Fruit Shop Touch has earned a reputation for providing players with access to real winnings. The game features several ways to earn bonuses, free spins, free games, and extra winnings. The game is also quite fun to play. Its integrative design and enhanced visual display offers users an experience that excites almost every one of the five senses and leaves players yearning to participate in this casino again and again.

Designed by the famous NetEnt software company, Fruit Shop Touch has become synonymous with excellent end user experience. The game functions flawlessly and allows players to become one with the game. While playing, users can allow themselves to be fully given to the experience rather than having to be constantly drawn out by glitches in the interface. According to several Fruit Shop Touch Casino Reviews, both the PC and handheld versions of this slot game present outstanding digital displays. Players who enjoy the experience of an enhanced digital game with unlimited earning potential and straightforward rules will deeply enjoy playing Fruit Shop Touch at

Fruit Shop Touch’s high RTP and customizable betting benefits the user greatly. While players are traditionally limited in earning potential by slot machine games with a fixed number of Paylines, Fruit Shop Touch offers its players the ability to consistently earn winnings. 

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