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Last Updated on 23/09/2021
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Slot Info
Slot Type:Video
Winning Line:15
Min. Coins per Line:1
Max. Coins per Line:10
In 3D:no
In Virtual Reality:no
Bonus Game:no
Free Spins:yes
Multiplier Symbols:yes
Progressive Jackpot:no
Multiplier Wilds:yes
Scattered Multipliers:yes

Play Piggy Riches Touch Online Slot

When you play Piggy Riches Touch free you get a great deal of fun and excitement during your off time. This excellent 15 play-line slot offers tons of Bonus Plays and freespins. Being able to set the auto-play from ten to one thousands spins you are able to sit back and watch your winnings roll in. To play Piggy Riches Touch free is extremely user friendly. You can do a max bet of 150 coins. Within their 15 play-lines they have winnings from $2 up to $15 dollars which is always multiplied by three. When play Piggy Riches Touch free it offers tons of bonus plays and as a member you can get free spins and plays for other games as well as Piggy Riches Touch. There are tons of other ways to play other than to play Piggy Riches Touch Free. You can also play for real money!

Play Piggy Riches Touch Online With Real Money!

Being able to play Piggy Riches Touch online with real money gives you the option to have actual winnings. That always makes the game way more fun. Giving you the chance to double, triple, even quadruple your earnings! Net Entertainment has brought us the most ravishing games to play and has all the information about them all available. When you play Piggy Riches Touch online for real money you get a chance to win all sorts of bonuses.

Piggy Riches Touch Casino Game Review.

The Piggy Riches Touch casino game is a wonderful way to pass time, whether you play for fun or for real money. This is a slot machine that is based on wealthy pigs. These pigs have a great amount of over-filled purses, high limited credit cards, gold and fur. In the Piggy Riches Touch casino game has a jackpot of a two thousand coin jacket. You can win up to three hundred and sixty thousand coins when betting all fifteen play-lines. The Piggy Riches Touch jackpot is triggered when you hit five Riches symbols. In other Piggy Riches Touch Casino Review, constant players have rated this game a seven out of ten stars. Keep an eye out for the Mr Piggy Riches Touch symbol. In the Piggy Riches Touch casino game, this symbol is the wild symbol. This will substitute for all symbols except for the scatter symbol, which is the Lady Piggy Riches Touch symbol. In the Piggy Riches Touch casino game, the Lady Piggy Riches Touch will give you a Free Spin Bonus when you get three of them. I played the Piggy Riches Touch casino for hours. Watching my coins grow brought so much excitement. You can bet anywhere between fifteen to one hundred and fifty coins while playing the Piggy Riches Touch casino. The Piggy Riches Touch Casino is a very popular slot and the software can be found in many casinos in Germany, other than just online. Once you get your Piggy Riches Touch freespins, a screen will show up and you can choose your free spin and multiplier values. Since the Piggy Riches Touch casino has up to six times multiplier values this allows you to get up to twenty-eight Piggy Riches Touch freespins. All the Piggy Riches Touch bonus are high due to this being a high playing slot. The more Piggy Riches Touch freespins you get the more your coins go up without loosing any. Exciting, is it not? In my Piggy Riches Touch casino review I will have to give this slot a oinking eight out of ten stars, only because all slot machines, including the Piggy Riches Touch Slotmachine, are basically the same and don’t take much brain power to be able to hit the jackpot. All in all, the Piggy Riches Touch freegame is an excellent choice in slot machines on most online casinos.

Five Piggy Riches Touch Slotmachine Tips.

I want to now go into some Piggy Riches Touch Slotmachine tips.

Only God and Lady Piggy really know how to live a opulent life. Its up to learning the tricks and tips on how Piggy Riches Touch works to be able to live one yourself.

Know the probabilities.

NetEnt creates the probabilities and they are avalible. You don’t want to bet on something you don’t have a good chance in actually winning. After bonus the return of bets in the slot is 96.1%. During every spin you have the probability of winning at 40.1%. This means every fourth spin there will be some kind of a reward. When you calculate what you need to bet and when you will always be growing coins rather than loosing.

Simplify your slot.

Being able to simplify your slots gives you a better idea of how long it will take to win. It will also show you how much you should risk to be able to win big. Understanding your game is the most important thing you can do. If you don’t understand what you are playing, how can you ever win?

Know a Strategy.

There are strategies to every and all games that can be gambled upon. Winning big is not an easy task, so if that is your goal you really want to know what you’re doing. You don’t get a luxurious life by randomly playing and hoping for the best. You have to really make an effort if you really want to win. Test the game thoroughly in free mode before you start making high wagers. The length of the Piggy Riches Touch slots are short. Less than five hundred spins will get you back where you started.

Learn to use the bonus function.

These bonuses really help your coins grow. You want to be utilizing them to their fullest to be able to win the most you could win. With these bonuses you get free spins and extra coins that will always boost your wallet. When you activate bonuses always click them and keep spinning! Utilizing the bonus features will help your winnings be multiplied by up to six times.

Make bets.

The only way to really win is to actually make bets. Most slots will have very small returns on small bets. You need to actually go in to get a good return. Bigger bets, bigger return. That’s what makes these games chicanery. People assume small bets will grind them to the top, but the algorithm won’t let them. You must bet big to win big.

Piggy Riches Touch FreeGame and Free Spin

As stated in my Piggy Riches Touch casino review, this slot offers tons of free play and spins. When you spin three scatters you activate the bonus function which will give you three free spins. Once the three scatters are hit a screen will appear and prompt you to make a choice on how many spins and what multiplier will be used. The multiplier will determine how high your winnings is and it could be multiplied up to six. That means if you hit the fifteen coin symbols you will get ninety coins for that win.


Piggy Riches Touch is a great slot for when you want to bet big

This slot has a big jackpot allowing the return on big bets to be huge! Piggy Riches Touch can be played online for free, or you can play for real money. This slot machine is a fifteen-play-line game. You have a 40% chance of winning which if you follow a strategy you should have a reward every four spins. Being able to bet between 15 and 150 coins is very convenient, although high bets get bigger returns. Piggy Riches Touch offers tons of free spins. When you spin and hit three scatters, you can get up to six times multiplier giving you twenty-eight free spins.

The jackpot on this slot machine gets triggered when you hit five Riches symbols. The jackpot is two thousand, but bonuses can be multiplied up to three hundred and sixty thousand. The Mr. Piggy Riches Touch symbol is the wild symbol and can be substituted for any symbol besides the scatter. The scatter symbol is, of course, the Miss Piggy Riches Touch symbol. Again, when you get three of the scatter symbols you activate the bonuses. When playing slot machines like this you really want to know what you’re doing. Just going in on any random slot is never a good idea. Knowing a strategy and being able to play accordingly will increase your chance of winning. Every slot machine has a set probability programmed into the software. You as a gambler, should want to study and learn these probabilities to strengthen your strategy. The popularity of Piggy Riches Touch is outstanding. It is played by people all over the world and gets great recognition for the game it is. Being able to set it to automatic spins allows you to have fun while still doing other things. Multitasking is an important skill in life. The auto spin setting can be set to ten spins all the way up to one thousand spins. You can just set it and keep the coins rolling in while you complete other daily tasks that need completion. Piggy Riches Touch is the perfect game to get into whether you want to play for free or for money. It’s simple and doesnt require and real thinking to win the game. Anybody can hop on and start playing. With real effort anyone can hop on and start winning. Like anything else in the world, Piggy Riches Touch takes actual dedication when trying to win big. Simplicity and the amount of effort something takes are two different things. Just because something may be easy doesn’t mean its effortless. You can sit down and play for hours and win nothing, but then there are times that you focus and win big. All it takes is that one bet that hits the right symbols with the right amount of bonuses.

The beauty of it all is you can play absolutely free and not risk a thing. Even for free you have a fun time. You still win coins, there is just no cash value. Having fifteen different ways to get a match and win gives you great odds at growing your coins and or cash rewards. Being able to play online is another great perk. No need to go sit in a casino for hours and spend real money.

Gambling is fun when in moderation. Too much can affect your personal life negatively. If you are going to gamble, it is better to do it in the privacy of your own home with minimal risk. When in a casino you have access to basically unlimited liquor as long as you keep gambling. This can lead to tons of trouble. When you are at your own computer, even if you did get too drunk, you could avoid getting in trouble for public intoxication. Minimizing risk while reaping reward is important. If you get too intoxicated in your own home the worse that can happen is you make a mess in the kitchen and pass out somewhere strange. What can that really harm? As I’ve said in my review, Piggy Riches Touch gets an eight out of ten stars for its simplistic fun.

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