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The Online casino slots game is all great games but for the ultimate casino gaming experience, nothing can beat the session on the roulette wheel. With the advent of technology, we can now play these thrilling casino games at the comfort of our homes or anywhere we like using our smartphones and other mobile devices. We no longer have to go out of our house, dress up and visit the nearest or our favorite brick and mortar casino to experience our favorite casino games.

One of the favorite games that we can now enjoy using our desktop or mobile devices is the Roulette French Touch casino game. The Roulette French Touch online casino game developed by NetEnt is a version of the European roulette, which showcases only one zero instead of the zero or double zero that are found in the American version of roulette. In the casino version, the European roulette usually has a house edge of around 2.70.

This popular casino game is derived from the French word which means little wheel. With a lot of called bets that you can probably shake a stick at, you might discover more about your favorite roulette version while reading this guide and review. If you are ready to learn more about the game and give it a try, read on.

Play Roulette French Touch For Free At Wetten.Com Casino

Unlike several years ago, online casino games providers are almost everywhere. There are countless online sites offering a wide range of online casino games that anyone can enjoy. If you want to try your luck at the Roulette French Touch casino game, there are two important points that you should remember.

One is to find a secure and licensed site and the other is to make sure that this site offers a generous bonus and provides a free version of the game. offers both of these perks without even requiring you to register. If you want to play Roulette French Touch free, the website has a demo version or Roulette French Touch freegame mode of the Roulette French Touch casino game.

Most players who want to play Roulette French Touch with real money usually try their luck and play the Roulette French Touch free version first. There are many benefits if you play Roulette French Touch free. The majority of new players learn more about the Roulette French Touch casino game if they play Roulette French Touch free.

They understand the rules of the game much better and even form their own strategies on how they could improve their chances at winning big. Moreover, when they play Roulette French Touch free they become more confident at placing their bets. A very useful help especially when they decide to play Roulette French Touch online using real money.

Play Roulette French Touch Online With Real Money

If you want to try your luck at Roulette French Touch slotmachine and you want to play Roulette French Touch online, there are several things that you should take note. It is crucial that you learn these things since it is not like the Roulette French Touch freegame where there is no risk involved. When you play Roulette French Touch online using real money without the knowledge of the game, you run the risk of losing big instead of winning big.

First, the table layout of the Roulette French Touch slotmachine game is not the same as its European siblings. Generally, the shape of the table is different as well as the names of the bets, which are typically written in French. As with the Roulette French Touch casino developed by NetEnt, all kinds of bets, whether inside, outside, calls, and neighbors are acceptable.

In terms of winning probabilities and payout, the Roulette French Touch is the same as other single-zero roulette. The house advantage ranges between 2.7 percent and 1.35 percent. In the American and European version of the game, the player loses his entire bet if the ball ends up on zero.

However, in some variations of French roulette including the Roulette French Touch casino, the player gets to keep half of the stake he placed on all even-money wagers should the ball end up on the zero sector of the table. The application of this rule slashes the house advantage to merely 1.35 percent. In Roulette French Touch slotmachine, the roulette billboard that can be found on the top right portion of the screen offers details on the history of the game showing the three hot or cold numbers as well as the last 15 winning numbers.

The bet limit of the Roulette French Touch casino is between 1 euro and 75,000 euro. The classic rules are all accepted in the Roulette French Touch slotmachine. In the online game, the roulette wheel is allocated to 37 parts with black and red slots containing numbers ranging from 1 and 36 and green for zero.

The text on the table is written in French, however, NetEnt translated it to English to provide ease of use and comfort to the players anywhere in the world. When playing the Roulette French Touch casino, as a player your objective is to guess intelligently where the ball will stop. Based on your hunch and prediction, you place your bet on that particular portion of the table.

There are internal, external, and oral bets in the Roulette French Touch casino live game. The first type of bet is made to a number or several numbers. The second type of bet is made to a group of numbers that are unified by a particular attribute.

On the other hand, the oral bet is featured only in this particular roulette game of NetEnt. In land-based casinos, there is no such thing as oral bets. With oral bets in Roulette French Touch slotmachine, the developer designated special track numbers for this particular purpose.

NetEnt also integrated several useful buttons that can help players evaluate and analyze the situation that they are in and make intelligent and fast bets. This means that you can cancel your bet or double it. You can also hide your chips and even open the track.

These buttons can also help players check the payments table and access the statistics window anytime. Moreover, the Roulette French Touch game comes with an automatic mode. This is different from the Roulette French Touch freegame or the demo version.

In the automatic mode, players can shift all the essential settings to customize the game. For instance, you can set the number of the sets in the game or change the size of the bankroll, which will automatically stop the Roulette French Touch game if it exceeds.

Roulette French Touch Casino Game Review

The Roulette French Touch game developed by NetEnt is a sole zero roulette that features some rule of the La Partage depending on the type of the table that the player has chosen. This particular version of the game is popular among online casino game players because of its massive maximum of bet of up to 75,000 euro for each round. In terms of visuals, the Roulette French Touch game has high-quality graphics, user-friendly croupiers, and very flexible in-game settings that make the online casino game a preferred choice by most roulette players.

In this NetEnt version of the game offered by, you are welcomed by a very lively and warm welcoming video to help you be familiar with the game. As soon as the video is done playing, you will see the familiar roulette layout with most of the texts written in French to maintain its French theme. But, regardless of the French writings, the game boasts high-quality graphics and very relaxing music on the background for the ultimate casino experience.

Should you find the music distracting, there is an option to mute it so you can focus on the game. As a whole, the Roulette French Touch game by NetEnt has a very welcoming and warm atmosphere that makes you want to stay a little longer. The videos are in high definition quality streamed in real-time from a brick and mortar studio in Malta.

The views are automatically changed to provide players with the wheel view when the ball is placed on the rotating wheel. It also toggles to the dealer’s view in most of the game stages. Players get three options for video streaming quality, which are the low quality, medium quality, and high quality.

If you do not want to see the live stream, you can switch it off. In terms of audio settings, there is a sound muting option and three sliders that you can use to manipulate the volume and effects of the casino sound, the background music, and the dealer’s voice. Other features offered at the Roulette French Touch game includes a chat window that you can hide, which is used to talk to the dealer. It also comes with an option that allows you to save your favorite bets. And, it offers a link to the live game lobby at NetEnt that allows you to participate in another live table without the need to leave the current table you are playing.

How To Redeem The Roulette French Touch Bonus

When you play Roulette French Touch at, you receive a two-part Roulette French Touch bonus. The first part is a welcome bonus that could grant you as much as 250 euro Roulette French Touch bonus credits. To avail of this welcome bonus, you have to register first at

After your registration, will give you 30 days to make your first deposit. As a bonus, whatever amount you deposited at the site, will match that amount. But, it will only match the amount up to 250 euro. This is a very generous offer since a 250 euro of Roulette French Touch bonus could really go a long way in the game.

If you happen to deposit more than 250 euro, will still match that amount but only up to 250 euro. So, if you want to maximize your bonus credits, your first deposit should be 250 euro. If you deposit 30 days after your registration, you will no longer qualify for the Roulette French Touch bonus.

But, since the welcome bonus is two part, you can still avail of the Roulette French Touch freespins. The other part of the welcome bonus generously given by to its players is deeply discussed in the Roulette French Touch freespins section of this article.

5 Roulette French Touch Slotmachine Tips

Most players engage in playing online casino game because they want to de-stress and have fun after a long work week. But, there are those who want to play online casino game to win big. If you are the former, trying your luck at Roulette French Touch online casino game is easy with no intention of winning big but simply letting luck dictate you fortune. If you are the latter, then you have to make your homework; do you own research; talk to seasoned online players; and learn various strategies to winning big.

In this guide, we gather five useful tips and tricks that you use when you play the Roulette French Touch online casino game. This is a set of general tips applicable to both types of online casino players. Here are the tips and tricks to help you maximize your wins and minimize your losses when playing Roulette French Touch online casino game.

Play the Free Mode or the Demo Version of the Game

The main reason why almost all online casino game providers offer the demo version or the free mode of the game is for new players to be familiar with it. Through the free version, you not only get acquainted with the game but also learn how to confidently bet, when to bet, and how much to bet. You become more aware of how to make good guesses that will rake more wins. Free versions also help you minimize your errors, which is extremely important when playing the game involving real money.

Know The Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are its heart and soul and the only way to win it is to know the basic rules and how you can use it to your advantage. Knowing the rules also lessens your risk of committing grave mistakes that could cost you huge amount of money.

Before You Play Set Your Bankroll

One of the reasons why people get hooked and lose big in any casino game is because they do not set their limits and play to their hearts’ content. While having fun is not an option, knowing your limits and learning how to stick on them will save your from a broken heart and a burned bankroll.

Choose a Trusted Online Casino Games Provider

With the influx of sites offering a wide range of online casino games, it is hard to tell which one is better than the other. In choosing a reliable site, only choose the one with a reputable and established name, with a license to offer the game, and with secure portal to prevent your money or account from being hacked. is among the trusted few who have built its reputation in the online gaming industry through years of reliable and secure gaming experience.

Always Play in Moderation

There is nothing wrong with having fun but do not do it excessively. In other words, when placing a bet, it is important to start small and gradually increase your bets as you progress. When you win big, steadily maintain your betting style. This way, when you lose, you lose small and will minimize ending the game with a hole in your pocket.

Roulette French Touch Free Game And Free Spins

In addition to the welcome deposit match-up bonus offered by, the second part of the Roulette French Touch bonus is 120 Roulette French Touch freespins. To avail of this Roulette French Touch freespins, you have to register online. Please take note that the welcome bonus is only available when you register at

This means that if you play the Roulette French Touch freegame, you will not be entitled to the bonus. If you register in the site but did not make your first deposit, you will not be rewarded with the welcome bonus. So how do you avail of the 120 Roulette French Touch freespins? The requirement is very simple and all you have to do is make your first deposit which must not be less than 77 euro.

The 120 Roulette French Touch freespins will not come in full. will send you 20 free spins every day for six days. Each free spin has a value of 20 cents. Also, it is important to note that these free spins can only be used in the Starburst Slots game.


The Roulette French Touch online casino game according to most Roulette French Touch casino review online offers a world-class casino gaming experience to players who want to play a unique variety of the European roulette. The majority of the Roulette French Touch casino review online finds the attractive table with French texts and billboard very attractive. The Roulette French Touch casino review also like the user-friendly and easy gameplay as well as the highly intuitive design of the Roulette French Touch online casino game.

While the classic version of this particular roulette game is also available in the developer’s library, most of the Roulette French Touch casino review prefers to play this particular variant because of its host of extra options and features which includes detailed stats, bets, auto betting, and a whole lot more. Additionally, the Roulette French Touch reviews love the overall feel of the game that encapsulates the authentic details that are usually found in the conventional roulette games in brick and mortar or land-based casino.

The ability to mute the sound and manipulate the background music and even the voice of the dealer is also another factor why most Roulette French Touch casino review favors the game. The live announcement, automatic toggle views, lively and welcoming atmosphere, and the special betting options also contribute to the favorable Roulette French Touch casino reviews. With a theoretical return of 97.30 percent and the highest payout at 35:1, the Roulette French Touch is indeed an exciting and fun online casino game.

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