Play Instant Virtual Cycling Online Slot at Casino

Gambling and casinos have been a popular activity for humans to take part in for hundreds of years. Online gaming and casinos are essentially just an extension of that. Online casinos allow you to play all of the casino games you love, from the comfort of your own home. This saves significantly on travel, accommodation, and food costs that are traditionally associated with a trip to the casino. In addition, you can play these games from any of your devices, mobile phone, tablet, or otherwise. This can be incredibly convenient. Online Casino is a fantastic option for online casinos and it is one of the places that you can play Instant Virtual Cycling free. This is a fun game that is sports themed. It simulates a velodrome bike race and you can bet on different bikers based on their statistics. Essentially, it is simulated sports betting. At Online Casino, you can play Instant Virtual Cycling free, before you even sign up for an account. Online Casino has a free play period of every single game that lasts for up to 20 hours, thus giving you time to assess whether you really like a game enough to bet on it, or not. Most online casinos would not let you play Instant Virtual Cycling free without registering for an account – so this is a really unique feature. The game is pretty similarly set up to how betting on a real life bike race would be set up, as there is statistics and an odds forecast set up for every ‘racer.’ The game also is fun to watch as when you play Instant Virtual Cycling free, you actually follow all the players realistically around the track – similar to the TV coverage of bike races and events like these. The music and sounds with the game are also pseudo-realistic to what one would hear during a legitimate cycling match. The overall Instant Virtual Cycling freegame is incredibly fun to play and offers a nice mix of luck and skill. Given this, it is likely that you may wish to play this game for legitimate wagers or real money. The next section will cover how to play Instant Virtual Cycling freegame not for free, but for real money – as well as how to register for an account at Online Casino.

Play Instant Virtual Cycling Online With Real Money

Once you have spent some time playing Instant Virtual Cycling freegame, you may be wondering how to turn Instant Virtual Cycling freegame into a proper wagering experience. If this is you, you’re in luck – as that is what this section is going to cover explicitly. If you want to play Instant Virtual Cycling online for real money, first you need to make an account at Online Casino. To do this, you first need to have a verifiable email address. This means that you need to be the legal owner of this email address and know you password in order to log in and verify your email. You will then need to upload a picture or scan of a bill or other proof of address. This is to make sure that you live in an eligible territory to play Instant Virtual Cycling online. In many places, online gambling is illegal. Online Casino caters mostly to Germanic Europe, although it can be played on through most of the European Union. You will also be required to upload a picture of some form of identification. This is double verification for you jurisdiction, as well as your age. To gamble at Online Casino and play Instant Virtual Cycling online, you need to be at least 18 years of age. After all of this verification, you are nearly ready to begin playing at the Instant Virtual Cycling casino. Next, you must add funds to your online wallet. This will be where your wagering money comes from. You can add funds from most major bank cards, either credit or debit. You can also use skrill to play Instant Virtual Cycling casino. Skrill is a form of online payment that is commonly used in Europe, but it is similar to PayPal or Venmo. Finally, you could also use a paysafe card to add funds to your Online Casino wallet. These can be bought at most grocery stores or pharmacies. These are basically debit cards that are pre-loaded with a certain amount of money that is added at the time of purchase. These are probably the overall safest method to use. Once these steps are completed, you are now ready to play at the Instant Virtual Cycling casino. The next section will contain a detailed Instant Virtual Cycling casino review.

Instant Virtual Cycling Casino Review

This following section will be an unbiased but brief Instant Virtual Cycling casino review. After playing the game for a significant amount of time, it is possible to produce this fair Instant Virtual Cycling casino review. This game is produced by 1X2Gaming and was released on the first day of the year in 2015. 1X2Gaming is a U.K. based producer of online slots and gambling games. Their top five games are: Juicy Ninja, I Am The Law, Neon Fruit, Rainbow, and Poker Dice. Note that Instant Virtual Cycling casino or any similar games are not in the top five list – there is a reason for that. That is because the Instant Virtual Cycling casino game is boring. Velodrome biking is definitely not the most exciting sport to bet on, which really shows in this game. The animation is substandard at best and the sound design sounds like it was recorded with someone with a phone at a bike race in 1998. This does not make the game less boring. It is still more exciting than just a basic slot machine, although not by a significant margin. RTP, or return to player, is another metric used to discuss how much money gets returned to players during a gambling game. This is usually expressed as a percentage that is calculated over one million plays of a game. The RTP value of this game is 95.05%, which is decent, but not great. It is half programmed with JavaScript and half programmed with HTML5, which is not super cohesive for the overall game structure but it gets by – barely. Overall, the Instant Virtual Cycling casino game is good but not great. The next section will discuss the various bonuses attached to this game and how to acquire them – if there are any at all.

How To Redeem The Instant Virtual Cycling Bonus

Most online casinos and in person casinos have some sort of bonus, as these bonuses and promotions are what entice people to visit in the first place. There are several promotions going on at Online Casino, but only one will provide an Instant Virtual Cycling bonus. First, there is a sign-up bonus for all slot games, which offers free spins and tokens on the starburst game. The game that gets this bonus changes periodically, but it is always a straight luck game, so the Instant Virtual Cycling casino game is not eligible for this promotion. There is also a midnight play bonus that gives an extra reward to players that are online and playing between 2300 hours and 0000 hours. This promotion, sadly, does not currently give an Instant Virtual Cycling bonus. The final offer, however, will give you an Instant Virtual Cycling bonus. This is the sports introductory sign up offer. So, it only applies if you are signing up right now for the first time and are not an existing customer. But if this is you, then you are in luck. This offer give you two bets of ten Euros for free on any sporting match or simulated sports game, after you deposit at least 100 Euros of funds into your online wallet from any of the aforementioned sources. These two free bets can absolutely be used on the Instant Virtual Cycling casino game, as well as several other of the games on Online Casino. Essentially, this is like getting 120 Euros of betting money for the cost of only 100 Euros, or it could potentially be made back and let you break even from your gambling that day overall. Either way, the choice is yours. The next section will delve into some tips for betting on the Instant Virtual Cycling slotmachine, so that you can have your most successful time as possible.

5 Instant Virtual Cycling Slotmachine Tips

This section is devoted to tips, tricks, and advice to help you play better when you play the Instant Virtual Cycling slotmachine. These tips can also apply for other types of virtual sports betting, not just the Instant Virtual Cycling slotmachine. So if you like virtual sports betting and plan to play more of these types of games, these tips can help you with those as well. The first tip is to pick your sport well. Pick a sport you know and understand significantly. While the actual parameters used to randomly decide the winner of each game does not change significantly behind the scenes, there are definite advantages to understanding the sport. If you do not, some of the jargon used will not make sense, and you may not even know how to bet or who to bet on. For this reason, find a sport you know and like, which will be more exciting anyhow. The second tip is to bet small amounts, especially at first before you get a feel for virtual sports betting. Both in real sports and virtual ones, there is a high degree on randomness – and you may be unable to accurately predict events at first. By making smaller bets you can get a feel for the betting interface and not incur super heaving losses right off the bat. The third tip applies to most forms of gambling, including virtual sports betting, and that is to never chase your losses. If you lose some money, move on, that is part of the game. If you try to chase your losses by betting progressively more, you will actually end up most likely losing money in the long run – this is no good. Fourth, certain virtual sports have a higher opportunity to win money. Consider it mathematically, sports like tennis or football only have two possible winners, where as cycling has eight possible victors. So, this means that you are more likely to win at the prior sports, but the pay off for the latter is significantly greater. Pick your poison. Finally, bet the favourites more often than not. They are weighted in most algorithms to win more often than not, so these are easy ways for small dividends. Once in awhile, consider hitting something with 6/1 odds between 12/1 odds. These may pay out at a higher rate once in a while. Finally, a bonus tip is to always have fun! If you are not enjoying the game play, then do not continue to do it. Your number one goal should be enjoyment and fun – not making money.

Instant Virtual Cycling Freespins

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to accrue extra Instant Virtual Cycling freespins. In large part, this is because this game is not actually a slot machine game. Although some virtual sports game are set up in a slot like manner, this game is not really. Some virtual sports betting games also award free plays, but there is currently no available way to get Instant Virtual Cycling freespins. The general promotions that are running right now at Online Casino also do not grant Instant Virtual Cycling freespins. One of the promotions, however, does grant two free bets, although that is not exactly the same thing – it is similar. The promotions on offer at Online Casino also change periodically, so while this is true currently, things may change in the future so be sure to do your own research on the matter. While this is not advisable, you could always try to win your way to some free plays on this game with your winnings – although again – this is absolutely not advisable. If you are only in the online casino game to try to get free spins on different games, just play starburst. This game can garner you the absolute most free spins as it is targeted by three of the four promotions that are going on at Online Casino right now – and they are all quite generous. Other than that, there is not much you can do for free spins on this particular game right now. The next section will provide a quick overview and summary of this article.


In conclusion, Instant Virtual Cycling is definitely on the boring side in regards to online virtual sports betting. Cycling is one of the least popular and most boring sports to watch, and this is reflected in the game’s relatively low popularity. It is still, however, better than most slot games because it does require some skill and strategy and isn’t simply a straight luck sort of deal. Still, it is not great as the actual game design is poorly done with bad animations and bad sound design. In addition, the coding is split between two different and not compatible coding languages which causes lag and other performance issues. There is an obvious reason why this game is at the low end for popularity both at Online Casino as well as for the game’s publisher as well. 1X2Gaming is a successful publisher, however, this is one of their worst games. If you do wish to play Instant Virtual Cycling or anything other game at Online Casino, do not forget what you need to make your account. First, your verifiable email address and an upload of both your identification documents and proof of your home address. Finally, you will need to add funds to your account with either a card from a major bank provider, a skrill account, or a paysafe card purchased at most major retailers. Once these steps are completed and verified, you are then cleared to play any or all of the games at Online Casino. If you want to play Instant Virtual Cycling, do not forgot to re-read over the earlier provided tips. These will help you play more efficiently and understand the process of sports betting. In addition, these will hopefully help you win slightly more often, although obviously nothing can be promised for both legal and ethical reasons. Finally, make sure you have fun with whatever game you decide to play at Online Casino or any other online casino you choose to patronise. Online gambling and betting should be first and foremost fun, so do not forget to have fun!

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