Play Instant Virtual Trotting Online Slot at Casino

There are times when you feel that you are not having much luck in online casino games. So, like most players, you try to swap other online casino slot games that you have played before and try which one will give you the mch0needed luck you have been searching for. But, there are other online casino games aside from slot games that you can really enjoy.

1×2 Gaming, one of the leading casino games developers, is taking you to the virtual world of thrill, heart-pounding excitement, and races. Virtual racing games like Instant Virtual Trotting casino game are now gaining traction in many online casino sites because of the excitement and profitability that they bring. Virtual racing casino games started first on land based casinos in the UK a few years ago.

These are computer-generated races that feature a wide selection of popular races gamblers have grown to love over the years. This includes greyhound racing, motor bike racing, horse races, and Instant Virtual Trotting casino game races. The idea behind these games is to continue the races virtually when the weather is bad and races are canceled.

If you are looking for an Instant Virtual Trotting casino review and gaming guide to help you better understand the Instant Virtual Trotting casino game, you have come to the right place. In this Instant Virtual Trotting casino review, you will learn the basics of the Instant Virtual Trotting casino game along with its rules, betting, gameplay, and payouts.

By reading our Instant Virtual Trotting casino review and gaming guide, you can also find useful tips that you could use to improve your winning opportunities. Moreover, this Instant Virtual Trotting casino review teaches you how to get additional bonuses that you can use to play other online casino games. So, read on to learn more of what you can benefit from playing Instant Virtual Trotting casino game at

Play Instant Virtual Trotting For Free At

Yu may be new to the virtual racing casino games and most likely you are looking for online resources and materials that could help you know more about this kind of game. But, you should not really worry because if you visit, you can avail of the Instant Virtual Trotting freegame that allows you to play Instant Virtual Trotting free.

The Instant Virtual Trotting freegame at is the free version or the demo version of the Instant Virtual Trotting casino online game. Like other online casino games, game developers and casino game providers actually recommend that you first play Instant Virtual Trotting free through the Instant Virtual Trotting freegame to be familiar with the game.

There are many advantages that you can benefit if you play Instant Virtual Trotting free using the Instant Virtual Trotting freegame. In addition to becoming more familiar with the game, you can also experience what the Instant Virtual Trotting casino online game is like by experiencing it. Moreover, you will know how the settings of the game work, and what button to click if you want to do something about your bet or payouts.

Some newbies play Instant Virtual Trotting free to learn more about the game. Seasoned players play the Instant Virtual Trotting free through the Instant Virtual Trotting freegame to see if the game fits their standard and preference. Others play the free version of Instant Virtual Trotting casino online game to prepare before they play Instant Virtual Trotting online with real money.

Play Instant Virtual Trotting Online With Real Money

If you are feeling confident after several tries of playing the free version of Instant Virtual Trotting casino online game, you might want to move your gaming a notch higher and try to play Instant Virtual Trotting online by betting real money. In terms of functionality, the free version is just the same as the online version of the game. But, if you decide to play Instant Virtual Trotting online with real money, you will be susceptible to risks. While it is true that you have the chance to win big if you play Instant Virtual Trotting online there is also the chance that you will lose big.

With the influx of casino sites on the Internet you might have a hard time finding the best online casino site to play Instant Virtual Trotting online with real money. But, if you want a trusted site that does not take your personal information and accept almost all types of payment methods and options just to provide you with convenience and ease, then play Instant Virtual Trotting at Our site has been in the online casino gaming industry for a long time and we have built our reputation in our easy requirements, hassle-free transactions, and honest dealings.

For your payment options, receives Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, Paysafecard, Sofort, Netteller, Skrill, and Uberweisung. These payment options are all acceptable with no service charge and no minimum or maximum amount required. The same payment options are acceptable when withdrawing your payouts. is also after the security and protection of each of its players. This is one of the reasons why it has a data protection privacy policy that explains how personal information of each player is collected and kept securely. So, if you are still looking for a reputable, licensed, and trustworthy online casino site, visit

Instant Virtual Trotting Casino Review

Despite being launched four years ago, Instant Virtual Trotting slotmachine looks visually interesting. The user interface is very easy to use with buttons and icons that are easy on the eyes and very visible. The sound effects are realistic and 1×2 Gaming has successfully introduced the true essence of trotting in Instant Virtual Trotting slotmachine.

Betting in Instant Virtual Trotting slotmachine is basically the same as betting on other races. Usually, the races last for one lap and the markets on offer are the tricast, the winner, and the forecast. The Instant Virtual Trotting slotmachine offers many advantages including instant results, so you do not need to wait for a particular time if your bet wins.

The game is also available 24/7 and 365 days a year, which means you can play it any time you want. Even if you do not have prior knowledge about Instant Virtual Trotting slotmachine or related game, you can still play the game. Plus, offers the free version of the game so you can learn more about it. More importantly, unlike real trotting races, the Instant Virtual Trotting slotmachine does not cancel because of bad weather.

How To Redeem Instant Virtual Trotting Bonus takes pride of its ability to provide the free version of its wide range of online casino games. Apart from this, also makes sure that the personal information of each of its players are secured and protected. Moreover, is one of the few online casino sites that offers outrageous bonus packages for new players and loyal players.

The welcome bonus comes in two acts that anyone could easily get since the requirements are fairly simple and easy. By basically signing up and making a deposit at, you are qualified to receive the Instant Virtual Trotting bonus of up to 250 euro. There is no minimum amount of deposit required.

So how will you know how much Instant Virtual Trotting bonus credit will you get? For instance, you deposit 150 euro within 30 days from the day that you sign up at the site. will reward you with Instant Virtual Trotting bonus credits in that same amount.

But, the licensed online casino game provider will only match the amount of your deposit up to 250 euro. Also, do not forget that to qualify for Instant Virtual Trotting bonus, you have to make sure that the date of your deposit is within the required 30-day period. The other part of the lucrative welcome package is the Instant Virtual Trotting freespins.

The requirements for availing the 120 Instant Virtual Trotting free spins are the same as the Instant Virtual Trotting bonus. But, this time will require you to at least deposit 77 euro. As soon as you qualify, the online casino game provider will send you 20 Instant Virtual Trotting freespins for six consecutive days.

These 20 Instant Virtual Trotting freespins are only valid for 24 hours and will expire when not used. Use this free spins to win exciting prizes at Starburst slotmachine game.

5 Instant Virtual Trotting Tips And Tricks

In gambling, do not believe when some claim that there is an effective and proven strategy to win. So far, there is none discovered because if there is, online casino games and land-based casinos will all be closed. While there is no sure-fire way to win in gambling, there are several ways on how you can improve as a player and influence the outcome of the game.

The same applies to online virtual racing games. To help you achieve this, we compiled five Instant Virtual Trotting tips and tricks.

Come Up With A Practical Bankroll

When you are playing Instant Virtual Trotting online you are betting on the result of the race, which is pretty difficult. That is one of the reasons why before you start playing Instant Virtual Trotting you should already set a practical amount for your bankroll. This means that if you plan to play Instant Virtual Trotting for a long time, you have to compute in advance how much you are going to bet and for how many races.

This is an effective way to have a fixed bankroll value. Another important part of managing your bankroll when playing Instant Virtual Trotting is by sticking to it. This means that if you have fully consumed your bankroll you have to quit betting.

Successful gamblers who have been playing for a long time know how to manage their money sensibly. They set their bankroll and quit when it is consumed. In gambling this is the most important rule that every gamblers must always remember.

Understand The Basics Of Instant Virtual Trotting Game

The only way to improve you winning opportunities is to understand the basics of the game and learn how to use it to your advantage. This is actually a worn out but often overlooked tip. Knowing the basics of Instant Virtual Trotting will prevent you from making poor choices, wrong bets, and unnecessary errors.

You can find useful materials online about Instant Virtual Trotting. You can read blogs, reviews, gaming guides, players’ feedback, and comments about the game. the resources are actually endless if you only know how to make use of it.

There Is No Pattern, So Stop Looking For It

One common misconception among players is believing that there is a pattern for the outcome of the races. There is no pattern in reality because unlike other game, Instant Virtual Trotting like other virtual games is pre-configured and pre-programmed. This means that the data on the race are to generate random winners.

While there is no pattern, you can actually try to experiment the result of the race based on the historical data that you can find on screen. Do not bet yet, instead, try to guess the result and if after 5 to 10 mock bets your predictions are consistent, then that is the time you start betting.

Avail of The Welcome Bonuses and Free Spins

As discussed above playing your favorite game at will reward you with lucrative bonus and free spins. The bonus credits can be used in Instant Virtual Trotting and you can receive as much as 250 bonus credits. The Instant Virtual Trotting freespins can be used to play another popular and highly rewarding online casino slot game, the Starburst casino slot.

Use these rewards and bonuses to increase your bankroll or to discover other games and win prizes for free. This is the easiest way to play more games online.

Play Only at Trustworthy And Reputable Online Casino Sites

The presence of hackers, online attackers, and scammers are almost anywhere. These days, nothing and no place online is safe. Everything is vulnerable to attacks. Aside from this, there are numerous shady online casino sites that aside from not licensed or authorized to offer online casino games, they pose as legit sites but are actually scammers who are there to steal your money and personal information.

There are also several complaints of online casino sites that when the time for withdrawing payouts comes, players could not withdraw their money. Be very careful about these kinds of online casino sites. It is important that you only entrust your personal data and money to a reputable site that has been in the industry for a long time.

How do you spot a legit online casino site? Do a little research and background check about your target site. Check its licenses and affiliations. Is it honest with its dealings? Do players find the site transparent? Is it capable of protecting and securing your data? These are just some of the important questions that you should consider when finding the best online casino site to play your favorite casino game.

Instant Virtual Trotting FreeGame And Instant Virtual Trotting FreeSpins

Online casino slot machine games offer a wide range of in-game bonuses and free spins. But, virtual races do not have this kind of offers. So, instead of the usual free spins and bonuses this section will cover the Instant Virtual Trotting free game. There are some online casino game providers that allow you to play Instant Virtual Trotting for free but will require you to download an app or sign up.

Some players do not like this especially those that are very particular with the security of their personal information. If you belong to this type of players and would like to play the free version of the Instant Virtual Trotting, you can do this at Our website offers the free version of Instant Virtual Trotting without any requirements.

Just visit the site and make sure that your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and other mobile devices where you wish to try the free version have an installed flash player and you’re good to go. has been in the industry for several years, and we understand what players really want.


Instant Virtual Trotting is an exciting and realistic take of the actual trotting and 1×2 gaming has perfectly translated the dynamics of the actual race into its virtual version. The visuals and graphics are superb along with the game settings and user interface. When you see the Instant Virtual Trotting you will immediately say that it is like watching a real life trotting because of the quality of the game.

Instant Virtual Trotting is mobile-optimized, which means that this game is available on your desktop, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile gadgets and devices. It solves the issue of portability, and with this offering it allows you to play, place your bets, have fun, win some, and lose some. You can do this at the comfort of your home or anywhere you are or anytime you want.

Interestingly, the audio is very realistic along with the sound effects. You can even hear the neighing of the horses and the sound of the wheels on the track. Overall, Instant Virtual Trotting is fun, thrilling, and very rewarding. Once you start playing, you will definitely comeback for more.

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