Play Virtual Racing Horses Online Slot at Casino

Come and enjoy a day at the races without all the dirt, the crush of people or the hassle of standing in line to get paid. brings to the virtual public an opportunity to join in two exciting forms of virtual horse racing that will have your blood pumping and leave you feeling electrified.

Play Virtual Racing Horses for free at Casino

Unless you happen to live near a real track, most people are first exposed to virtual horse racing at a local small store or even some restaurants. As a matter of fact, quite a few small stores that offer any form of the lottery may also offer the ability to play a Virtual Racing Horses Casino Game. It may be hard to notice at first, but all those people staring at the wall are looking at something. Take a moment and watch a few races and ask a few questions while trying not to gawk at the screen.

There is a lot to admire about the ability to play Virtual Racing Horses free. Frankly, it really is suggested that you do try it free first, especially if you have not had any experience at the races beforehand. There are nuances in racing that you will not find in a Virtual Racing Horses Slotmachine game. Or any slot machine game for that matter. For example, Virtual Racing Horses Freespins is something that you would definitely find in a slot machine game, but not in virtual horse racing.

As previously mentioned there are two ways to play Virtual Racing Horses online. One is the typical horse and jockey that so many are accustomed to. The other is called Harness Racing. For the uninitiated, harness racing is conducted with a horse pulling what is called a Sulky or two-wheeled cart. The driver or jockey is seated in the cart and drives the horse.

The Harness racing is exceptionally exciting. You practically hold your breath as the sulky is being pulled along like a mini chariot and you hope it does not tip over. Or worse, knock into one of the others.

Play Virtual Racing Horses online with real money

Entering the Virtual Racing Horses Casino with real money is very easy. Once your account is set up at you will be allowed to play the Virtual Racing Horses Casino Game.

  • Go to and set up an account
  • Submit any required documents for account approval
  • Make a deposit has established various ways in which to make a deposit. E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are acceptable as well as the use of credit or debit cards. Terms and condition do apply and may depend on the home country of the player. Make sure to review them carefully.

Just like when you Play Virtual Racing Horses for free, you will have access to all the available races for the day. Moreover, you will also be allowed to place bets on the available to look at the Virtual Racing Horses Casino review the previous statistics for the horses in past races. While past performance is no guarantee on the future you can get decent knowledge of which horse is more likely to end up coming in the first place.

Virtual Racing Horses Casino Game Review

As mentioned before when you play Virtual Racing Horses free or for real money, there are a few things you should not expect. You should not expect to get a Virtual Racing Horses Freegame or Virtual Racing Horses Freespins. Remember this is not a Virtual Racing Horses Slotmachine so these little features do not exist. However, there is still a lot to get excited about.

First, when you are looking at the Virtual Racing Horses Casino Review, you will find that the race goes on, no matter if you place a bet or not. There is a slight difference. If the screen you are using remains open, each race will play. However, if the screen is no longer active, as in you are doing other tasks online as you listen to the races, current races will play, however, your ability to listen to them will be hindered. The system pays special attention to races in which you have placed bets. This feature is regardless of whether you are going to play Virtual Racing Horses free or with real money.

For the novice in horse racing in general and a Virtual Racing Horses Casino Game in specific, take a moment to read the instructions. This can be found under the speaker icon, next to your account balance. It is represented by an icon with three (3) stacked horizontal lines. While math is not everyone’s best subject it does behoove you to get a bit familiar with how the return to player is calculated. Especially, if you intend to place multiple bets.

Now if you have decided to place a bet this is really simple to do. Scroll down the race window until you see the list of race locations. When you see Penrith Park or Trowbridge, you know you are in the right place. Click on any of the locations and the names of the horses that are entered into the virtual race will appear. This may require that you scroll the game screen up or down to be able to view.

You can place a bet at any time up to about 10-15 seconds before the race is supposed to begin. To access Virtual Racing Horses Casino Review statistics click on any horse and it will expand for you to view the details. It is important to again view the instructions to obtain critical knowledge of how to place an acceptable bet.

For example:

  • Singel Bet- this is a bet that is placed on the horse that is expected to come in first. No first place win, no payout
  • Singel Place Bet- the strategy here is not that your particular horse will come in first. Simply that it will come in a prize-winning place. If the race has 16 horses, then the one you choose simply needs to place in position 1-4 in order for you to win your bet.

Each type of bet has its benefits and you are also allowed to bet a combination of the two. However, understand that doing so will change how the payout system works. As much as we might want to jump in, start with a single bet and go from there. Keep in mind there are more betting strategies available.

How to redeem the Virtual Racing Horses Bonus

Now here is where you will receive the only Virtual Racing Horses Freegame that you will generally associate with slot machines.

  • Create an account on
  • Submit any documentation to verify your age and identity that are requested. This could be a photo of your passport or other government-issued identification.
  • Once accepted make your initial deposit.

Be aware that guidelines on receiving the Virtual Racing Horses Bonus rely not only on the guidelines set forth on the website but also the home country of the player. As the terms and conditions may change periodically, it is important to review them before making the deposit. Failure to adhere to the policy can result in forfeiture of the Virtual Racing Horses Bonus.

5 Virtual Racing Horses Slotmachine tips

  • First, let us eliminate the confusion. Virtual Racing Horses Slotmachine games are not the same as playing the Virtual Racing Horses Casino. There are no WILD cards or BONUS tokens available in the horse races. You will not receive a Virtual Racing Horses Freegame or a Virtual Racing Horses Freespins, with only one notable exception.
  • If you completed the steps in setting up your account on, then you will have received the Virtual Racing Horses Bonus. This will add additional funds into your account and thereby getting the Virtual Racing Horses Freegame or Virtual Racing Horses Freespins, depending on your preference of the term.
  • While it might be beneficial to use a Martingale system in some games, it is not advisable when playing the ponies. The Martingale system is when a player increases or doubles their bet each time until they win. If done appropriately, the win helps to cover the losses. This typically works best when the odds are 50/50 such as betting on black/red in roulette. It is a risky approach at best even with odds of 50/50, and not to be depended upon when playing virtual horse racing.
  • Keep it very simple to start, especially if you are new to playing the ponies in the first place. The learning curve is steep and you do not want to slide down the hill for want of instruction. Get the hang of the single place bet, before you move on to more complicated ones.
  • Use the information at your disposal when you Play Virtual Racing Horses online. If you have ever been to a real track then you are aware that there is information that is generally given out to assist in placing bets such as racing forms. This same information is available at home online when you play Virtual Racing Horses free or with money so that you can have the same advantages.
  • Do not pick the first race to see. The races run for 24 hours, so there is no rush. Choose a race about 10-15 minutes out to give yourself enough time to look into the statistics. It is probably also advisable for you to watch a few races first. It will give you an opportunity to see how the display works, how the races are won and how winning information is presented.
  • Work on a strategy in the free version first. One thing to notice is that there are a different number of horses in each race. Which means that if you are practicing a strategy on a race that has eight horses, then that strategy may not work on race that has nine. Some virtual races can have as many as sixteen horses, so it is wise not to get to carried away.
  • Use the betting information at your disposal to practice. Each upcoming race is listed, so there is ample time to look at the races to see which ones may match the strategy being used. Read the statistics on each horse and choose accordingly.
  • Capitalize on the fact that you can enjoy the virtual races in the privacy of your own home. No more wandering down to your local gambling establishment to play to watch the virtual races. Or being washed along with the rush of people queuing up to place a bet. Since the races literally happen every 3-5 minutes you can bet on as many as you like. Most of the days’ races are displayed at one time. Anything not shown will, of course, appear as the previous races are run.

Please remember that all those associated with endorse responsible gambling. Playing virtual horse racing at home can lead to spending more time than you should. It is important that you set an allowance on what you can afford at any time. Set your gambling limit in advance and use only cash you can afford to spend.

Virtual Racing Horses Free game and free spins

Now the Virtual Racing Horses Casino is nothing like playing a slot machine or the roulette wheel. So there is no opportunity to receive free spins. If you were able to obtain the fund matching bonus, you can get additional funds which will allow you to play the game for free. Have a look into the Virtual Racing Horses Casino review of the terms and conditions to see if you qualify for the bonus.


Virtual Racing Horses Casino is an exciting game to watch and play. It is practically impossible to play without almost smelling the dirt as the horse’s race around the track. You can almost hear the pounding of the hooves over the beating of your own heart.

It is important to keep a cool head and remember that the races do run about every 3-5 minutes, 24 hours a day. All the information needed to place your bet is available for every race, including the statistics on each horse’s previous races. This is a nice way to learn how to play the horse races free before spending any money. Once you have figured out the strategy you want to use, placing a bet is extremely simple. Also because the racing is virtual there are no worries about a horse being nervous or a jockey not having enough experience. You know all the little things that might slow down a real horse, do not exist in the virtual games.

At the Virtual Racing Horses Casino, you can have all the fun and none of the worries. It is a wonderful way to spend a little time, have some fun and maybe win a little in the process. Besides the real thrill of getting to play Virtual Racing Horses online with real money, is the opportunity to get some back in return. After all, you can not win if you do not play.

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