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Last Updated on 03/06/2021
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Slot Info
Slot Type:Video
Winning Line:243
Min. Coins per Line:1
Max. Coins per Line:10
In 3D:no
In Virtual Reality:no
Bonus Game:no
Free Spins:yes
Multiplier Symbols:yes
Progressive Jackpot:no
Multiplier Wilds:yes
Scattered Multipliers:yes

Play Lucky Firecracker Online Slot at Casino

Whether it is competitive biking, playing video games or sports, everyone has hobbies that they enjoy. Hobbies are things we spend time and money on that may not improve our lives financially, but do improve our mental health and well being. Hobbies are a very important part of mental health. We cannot just go through life working away without their being consequences to our physical and mental health. Are you looking for a fun, enjoyable hobby? Look no further than online casinos. Have you ever wanted to gamble a few dollars but don’t want to leave your couch? Online gambling is the answer, gamble a few dollars and relax for a few minutes with the convenience of being able to close your laptop and get back to work at any moment.

Play Lucky Firecracker Free

Never say no to free! Especially free rounds of online gambling with the fun interactive Lucky Firecracker freegame brought to you by Give it a try and play Lucky Firecracker free. Although, as often is the case with gambling, no money spent means no money gained, the offer to play Lucky Firecracker free by allows users to get a feel for and experience the game before actually spending any money. The free game play does not require an account to be made and offers multiple free rounds. And trust me, by the end of it you will be so enthralled with the hilariously fun game that you will build an account! Play Lucky Firecracker free offers a Chinese feel on a 5 by 3 square grid. Although it offers pretty traditional game play, the return on your money is high and the bonus option available on the paid version offers a fun, interesting spin to the more traditional format.

Play Lucky Firecracker Online

If you enjoy the free version then it is time to play Lucky Firecracker online and paid version! This increases your chances to win and returns on your investment. In order to win, the basic slot machine rules apply. Get three or more symbols in a row in order to win. Different symbols offer different returns on your money with the Rocket symbol being the highest. Other symbols included in the online version are sparklers, firecrackers, golden gongs, rockets and lanterns. Play Lucky Firecracker online and you will also see cards 9 through Ace being used. All being a nod to the Chinese theme. By Play Lucky Firecracker online it opens the option up to the possibility to win money. The online Chinese theme offers an interesting new platform and the game play sounds and music, created by, offer a realistic environment.

Lucky Firecracker Casino Review

The basics behind the Lucky Firecracker casino game are pretty traditional. In essence, the goal is to get 3 or more symbols in a row. With the payout being different for each symbol. Also included is the playing cards of nine through Ace. The return to player for the Lucky Firecracker casino game is approximately 96 percent; exceptionally high compared to similar style games.

The payout goes as follows for the Lucky firecracker Casino game; 1.20 euro for two rockets, 3 euro for three rockets, 30 euro for four rockets and 300 euro for 5. Firecrackers pay .70 euro for two, 2 euro for three, 20 euro for four and 200 euro for 5. Lastly, lanterns pay 1.50 euros for three, 15 euros for four and 150 euros for five.

There is also the option of winning three coins in a row. When this happens during the Lucky Firecracker Casino game, it activates a bonus round that offers Lucky Firecracker freespins. Free spins can also activate the Lucky Firecracker freespins if the coins occur in a row again. Therefore, leading to tripling and quadrupling your bet with no extra money spent! In the end, in this Lucky Firecracker casino review the overall idea is that Lucky Firecracker free game and online game are simple ways to spend a few dollars and have a little enjoyment each day.

How to redeem the Lucky Firecracker bonus

Do you want to enjoy double the spins and double the money? With the Lucky Firecracker freespin bonus offered in the Lucky Firecracker game, on your first play investment of at least 77 euros and up to 250 euros you will be offered to join the free spin club. In the free spin club offered by and shown in the Lucky Firecracker casino, you will automatically win 20 free spins for six days. This is called the Lucky Firecracker Bonus. Who would say no to free money? Its an exciting enticement from to give the Lucky Firecracker casino a try! This offers the ability to play Lucky Firecracker slotmachine a free but still make a little money. So basically Lucky Firecracker slotmachine offers free money!

Lucky Firecracker SlotMachine Tips

Bet big, win big. Its simple science. The more you pay into a slot machine, when you win the higher the returns. However, also be intelligent about your bets.

Take advantage of free play. Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. Figuring out what games you enjoy and the process of winning is just some simple practicing. Reduce the amount of loss you take from lack of knowledge by taking advantage of the Lucky Firecracker freegame. Also, the Lucky Firecracker bonus spins offered from your initial investment is also worth more than gold! The Lucky Firecracker freegame and Lucky Firecracker freespins offers the ability for the user to earn extra money on their investments. This increases the chances of the players return on reward.

Make sure you always play responsibly. Gambling games, such as Lucky Firecracker casino, can be a fun, simple, cheap way to pass the time. However, it can also be very addicting. Just like anything else, in moderation, Lucky Firecracker can be an enjoyable time passer that could also end up making you a lot of dough!

Lucky Firecracker Free Game and Free Spins

Other components of the game include a wild card and a Chinese coin. The wild card is a card symbol with Chinese writing. This symbol can stand in for any of the symbols on the board in order to create 3 or more run. Utilizing this symbol can help increase your chances to win. Although the wild card can greatly increase your chances to win, it cannot stand in place for a Chinese coin and help you win bonus spins.

When granted 3 or more Chinese coins you earn bonus spins. Chinese coins do not have to be adjacent on the board in order to be activated. Three or more just have to appear on the board at one time. Then the current bet is utilized during the bonus spins to offer free money!

Summary of Lucky Firecracker Casino review

Although the game is pretty generic and offers similar to other online slot machine game concepts, Lucky Firecracker Casino has a fun and relate able theme. This game offers a Chinese theme which creates a perfect and fun environment for any online slot gaming enthusiast. Also offering free money and free spins to entice the user to give Lucky Firecracker a try. The small investment is worth the reward and does not dissapoint!

The free offer of the Lucky Firecracker bonus, along with the option of the bonus spins and use of the free online platform, any player has the opportunity to win big! offers a fun, relatively interactive and enjoyable platform that makes time go faster and is enjoyable and easy to use.

To add, if you are just needing something to kill a few down moments in the day or to use as a hobby at the end of a long day then look no further than this Lucky Firecracker Casino review recommendation of the Lucky Firecracker online gambling game. The Lucky Firecracker slotmachine offers short term convenient fun. The Lucky Firecracker freegame offers the user the ability to give the game a few free tries and the Lucky Firecracker freespins offers the user the ability to increase their return on investment by offering basically free money when free spins are earned. There is no better way to invest a few dollars and win a few dollars all while enjoying a little free time and trying out a new hobby. Look no further than the Lucky Firecracker game!

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