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Last Updated on 27/07/2021
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Slot Info
Slot Type:Video
Winning Line:40
Min. Coins per Line:1
Max. Coins per Line:1
In 3D:no
In Virtual Reality:no
Bonus Game:no
Free Spins:yes
Multiplier Symbols:no
Progressive Jackpot:no
Multiplier Wilds:yes
Scattered Multipliers:yes

Play Pied Piper Online Slot at Casino

Quick spin adventure slots are all the rage these days. Well, the internet has come a long way when it comes to the era of digital slot machines, and is at the forefront of the new technology. We are going to be reviewing the latest of these colorful slot machines in our Pied Piper Casino Review. Fairy tales have dominated cartoons and storybooks for some time now, but when you take the fairy tale world into the casino, you get a unique game like the Pied Piper Casino. But, don’t let the colorful graphics fool you because there is a level of gameplay that shouldn’t be discounted. The Pied Piper Casino takes place in a medieval period, and the game utilizes colorful graphics and a robust Pied Piper Freegame mode to entice players who might otherwise skip on the grand title. Read on in our Pied Piper Casino Review as we take a look at what this slot machine has to offer.

Play Pied Piper for free at Casino

Play Pied Piper free, you hear this and wonder what exactly it means. Well, you can Play Pied Piper free on without having to deposit any real money to get the game going. The Play Pied Piper free option is an excellent thing for people who want to try the colorful slot machine without getting tangled up in having to deposit money. The Pied Piper Casino has various playing modes that will entice even the most discerning gamer, and with colorful graphics and the many reels, this is right on par with what you’d expect from a traditional new age slot machine setup. Once you evolve from the Play Pied Piper free mode, you can play for real money as well, which offers many benefits over the competition when it comes to real money gaming and the Pied Piper Casino is an excellent example of this.

Play Pied Piper online with real money

Playing with real money is another important part of our Pied Piper Casino Review because nobody goes to a casino unless they can play for real money. When you sit down in front of your computer to Play Pied Piper online you have an option to play for real money, in fact, is one of the originators of the original money genre of online gaming which makes the company extreme in-depth when it comes to being able to play for real money. The mode that you can Play Pied Piper online for real money is straightforward to navigate, and even a novice user will be able to figure out Wetten.coms online interface which is used for making that initial deposit and getting your game going. There are many other aspects to playing slot machines but the Play Pied Piper online mode will set you in the right direction for playing for real money.

Pied Piper Casino Game Review

Slot machine games are more advanced than ever, and there are so many fun and new storylines that go into modern slot machines that they are more like playing a video game than anything. Taking place in the fairy world, the Pied Piper Casino Game is something out of a storybook rather than a slot machine for, but that’s ok. Because the Pied Piper Casino Game exhibits exceptional gameplay at a time when most online slot machines are just pale renditions of their real-life counterparts, the new and improved Pied Piper Casino Game offers various betting options that make the game a totally different beast than the traditional slot machine games, and with the Pied Piper Freegame those reels will just keep on spinning as long as you are lining up bonus symbols. The Pied Piper Casino Game is a different kind of slot machine game, and that’s what makes it cool.

How to redeem the Pied Piper Bonus

Most slot machines offer some bonus game nowadays, which is what makes them a unique choice as opposed to the classic single reel design that featured the red sevens. Bonus modes are where you can potentially make the most winnings, which is why players often lean toward slot machines that offer some bonus program. The Pied Piper Bonus is activated when you line up three wild jokers or the mystery bonus retrigger. The mystery bonus retriggers perhaps the best bonus mode thus far because it offers a chance to get the Pied Piper Freespins even when you don’t have the bonus tiles horizontally lined up. Obtaining and redeeming the Pied Piper Bonus is not a difficult task by any means, and has taken great strides to make the process go as seamlessly as possible. Play the Pied Piper Slotmachine today and elevate your gameplay with the Pied Piper Bonus.

5 Pied Piper Slotmachine tips

Think you are playing a kids game? Well, you’re wrong because the Pied Piper Slotmachine is a very adult slot machine that’s themed to look like some of the most memorable fairy tale stories in the world. The strategy is something that you should keep in mind when it comes to playing a slot machine game because even though a slot machine is a randomly generated machine, there is an element of chance and strategy that should be used when it comes to playing the game. The Pied Piper Slotmachine itself is a challenging piece of technology, and utilizing these tips and tricks will give you a better standing in the game.

The Mystery Respins Trigger

Understanding the various bonus functions in the Pied Piper is critical, and there are a lot of them to go around. The mystery repins trigger is activated when there are four wild diagonal symbols on the same screen, a trait that most newcomers to the game will quickly figure out. Because the mystery respin, tiles are so noticeable when they are flashing there is no reason not to line up a few of them every couple of rounds. It’s essential to make sure that you are betting on all of the lines. Otherwise, this strategy will be useless.

Stack The Piper Wild

Colossal stackable symbols are something that has come across the casino game genre for some time now, and naturally, there is a bit of wisdom that comes with picking these tiles. The sizeable 4×1 tile that’s going to take over your screen is known as the Piper Wild, and this bonus will consume all of your reels. That’s not a bad thing, and in fact, the Piper Wild is a sought after bonus mode that will ignite the Pied Piper Freespins mode, allowing you to play on the house.

The Sneaky Mouse Wild Symbol

No one wants to have a mice infestation in their home, but when you are playing Pied Piper, you will want to see a mouse on your screen. What do I mean? Well, the mouse wild is a little mouse symbol that will pop up across your screen from time to time. The nifty little house mouse will replace all bonus modes on the screen with the mouse wild, which in turn is another way to activate the Pied Piper Freespins and extend your playing time.

The Bonus Scatter Symbol

Bonus modes are a dime a dozen, as has implemented a good number of bonuses into the pied piper game to keep players on their toes. Nevertheless, the scatter symbol is a nifty thing that’s similar to big-time casino scatters. Collect the bonus scatter symbol, and your screen will become a bonus mode, with free spins and a chance to hit for one of the jackpot bonuses. Want an intense gaming experience? Well, check out the bonus scatter symbol for something that’s fun and out of the ordinary.

Play All Bet Lines

Pied Piper is a multiple line slot machine, which means that the game is far different than the traditional single line slots that have ruled casinos for decades. The fact that there are multiple lines means that whatever amount you bet you should try and bet on all the lines because this will make for a more challenging experience. In addition to being a more challenging experience, there is also a chance that you’ll hit for more money, which is a winning aspect in any sense of the word.

Pied Piper Free game and free spins

We’ve tackled the various bonus modes on the Pied Piper, all of which make the slot machine pretty darn unique. These bonus modes are what is going to keep you in the game far longer than your bankroll suggests, and if you have mastered the Pied Piper Freegame, you’ll have an idea of what we mean. Free games are an essential part of a multiple line slot machine, so playing the Pied Piper Freegame mode will impact your bottom line and playing functionality. Because the Pied Piper Freespins are powered by various bonus symbols that come up in front of the reels, there’s a chance that the reels will keep spinning continuously until you finally hit a bonus mode. Playing for a bonus game is almost the exclusive strategy that you should have, but if you lack this strategy, you can go for something a little different as well.


Examining the best aspects of a multiple line slot machine is never easy, but for the most part, our Pied Piper Casino Review has covered the most critical elements of the Pied Piper. For a slot machine game that is based on a fairy tale, the Pied Piper is a definite far cry from the average multiple line slot machine that you are used to seeing. The game manages to entice you with a very through gameplay mode, offering plenty of bonuses to make things a bit more unique. Most players will get very acclimated to the one of a kind bonus mode that has made the game a unique staple of the casino, and if you ‘haven’t been able to achieve a sensible level of gameplay thus far you’ll be hard pressed to find another slot machine game that’s as fun to play and challenging.

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