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Online Gambling Sites » Slots » Play Spina Colada Slot Online Free & For Real Money

Play Spina Colada Slot Online Free & For Real Money

Publish Date: 10/05/2020
Fact checked by: Kyle Tremblay

Play Spina Colada Online Slot casino

Spina Colada Casino Game offers Spina Colada Freegame plays to anyone who wants to experience the Spina Colada gameplay for fun. The Spina Colada Casino is a website based tropical casino slot machine game that is relatively new to the online gambling marketplace. People who Play Spina Colada online will find a bright island themed game that whisks players to a fruit-filled oceanside tropical paradise. For people who like to play slot machine games online, this is a fun and entertaining game that offers players multiple ways to win. New players and those who play for entertainment purposes only can Play Spina Colada free to get a better understanding of how the game is played. Spina Colada Freegame play can be refreshed at any time to start the process new with an $11,000 balance. The bright, colorful displays are a breeze to follow, and the Spina Colada Freegame play helps gamers get a good understanding of all the options available to them and how the game operates. Once the Spina Colada Freegame cycle is played, players can decide at any time to invest cash into the system and Play Spina Colada online for real money. There is a cash balance icon tally on the right-hand bottom of the screen to mark the money spent and the present cash balance. There is also a winning wager icon to show the amount of the winnings earned when they occur, so it’s easy for players to track.

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Play Spina Colada Online for Cash Wins

Once a player decides to change from the Play Spina Colada free option and invest some cash and Play Spina Colada online for money, the bonuses and payouts become real cash wins. Players can take a spin for as little as 0.25 per spin while winning options of freeplay. The maximum bet is €125.00. The graphics feature a small tiki bar in a wooden hut on a tropical sandy beach overlooking a pristine pool and ocean. For players who want to sit back and relax and enjoy the feel of vacationing in the tropics, it can be a delightfully easy fun game to follow. The Spina Colada Casino features a five-reel game screen with twenty-five stake lines. The Spina Colada game and graphics are provided by Yggdrasil Gaming of Malta, and it was released in mid-June 2017 for international use.

This delightful tropical game comes available in twenty-six languages making it a great multi-lingual slot machine online gaming option. It also offers an automatic replay button for people who want the machine to keep spinning in multiple sets. As with any gambling, playing responsibly is important, and keeping an eye out on the amount spent is easy to track with this game. The maximum payout is €400,000.00. You can request a payout anytime once you have won money and it is placed in your balance or if you are done playing the game. The biggest award for gameplay on the Spina Colada Casino Game is equal to 200 coins. Players can earn this payout on the Spina Colada Slotmachine Game when 5 of the strawberry cocktail icons appear on the same line which equals a 5X payout. The lowest payout occurs when three matching watermelon icon symbols create a win. This win is equal to three coins.

In addition, on the left side of the bottom of the Spina Colada Casino Game, there are icons with player options on how much a player wants to wager per spin set as well as game information and gameplay settings. Players can choose how much they want the value of each spin to be, allowing them to know exactly how much they are investing. The tally icon on the bottom right side of the Spina Colada Casino Game will show the balance on the account before and after every spin cycle. Spina Colada Slot machine Game also has an icon that shows the winning amount of each payout from a spin cycle win.

Spina Colada Casino Review

The Spina Colada Casino ratings are compiled reviews by players who Play Spina Colada free and those who Play Spina Colada online cash games. The total reviews have rated the game with an overall rating of 7.9 out of 10 points. Spina Colada Slot Machine game is rated as one of the top 100 online slot machine games available from online gambling casinos. It is rated an 8 out of 10 for providing players a good entertainment factor. It is also given an 8 out of 10 rating for providing its player’s with big payouts. Since these are the primary reasons people play online slot machine games, it’s easy to understand its popularity. The overall Spina Colada Casino Review also shows the game is rated well for giving players great fun and anticipation. On the gambling review websites, the Spina Colada Casino Review also rates the game graphics with a 7.75 rating. The icons featured include delightful fruits of summer including watermelon, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple icons. It also has four specialized tropical drink icons and a bonus Spina Colada icon. If the Spina Colada icon appears during a winning streak, it converts into whatever winning icon jackpot is hit. In addition, the Spina Colada Casino Review also rated the Spina Colada game with an 8 out of 10 stars for allotting players additional bonus rounds of play.

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How to Redeem Spina Colada Casino Players Bonuses

One of the most exciting parts of playing any new online casino game is the ability to enjoy the potential sign up bonuses that many games offer for their new players. For new players to the Spina Colada Slot machine Game, the house may double players’ first deposits. In addition, players who deposit a minimum amount, are automatically enrolled in the casino’s “Free Spin Club”. Members of the exclusive “Free Spin Club”. receive an extra Free Spins in Starburst. Each “Free Spin” is worth the equivalent of .20 per spin for a total of 6 days. These “Free Spins” are not subject to any wagering requirements or minimums. Instead, they are credited into the new account holder’s real money balance.

Five Spina Colada Slot Machine Tips and Special Spina Colada Features

Like any online casino slot game, the money can move quickly. Because of this, players should pay attention to their cut-off and concentrate on how to make the best wagers. While higher bets can equal higher payouts, it can shorten the playtime depending on how much you have invested in the gameplay for the day. There are five important features to pay attention to in the game.

Instant Re-Spin Feature- The instant re-spin can allow players automated playing. The instant replay feature offers players a choice in how many re-spins they want to have. The choices for automated re-spins are 10, 25,75,100, 250,500,750 and 1000. This means the machine automatically just keeps re-spinning and playing in an automated way without having to click for the next series of spins. If a win occurs, the online game will automatically re-spin and tally winnings in the same way it does when the game is played one spin play at a time.

With the re-spin after a win occurs, the web-based online casino will keep playing for the remaining rounds out of the pre-selected re-spins chosen. However, for people who want better cash management, it is best to manage the spins and watch each play as it happens. When choosing to play each spin series in a non-automated way, the player has a bit more time to make decisions on their next gameplay strategy. Non-automated re-spins allow players to watch each wagered bet for their wins and losses. It also allows for player changes to their wagered bets for each individual spin. This option can help players to know when to pull back and possibly take a bit of a break at the player’s discretion.

Spina Colada Bonus Play Special Icons -When playing the game, there are four icons that can show up featuring four random bonuses. There is no order in which these may appear. However, each icon that does appear as a Spina Colada Bonus can increase the chance of winning and the amounts of money for the win. Each of the Spina Colada Bonus features is triggered at random while the player is in the midst of the Spina Colada gameplay.

The Four Spina Colada Bonus Icons Are:

  • Full Line Feature Bonus
  • Spina Colada Extra Wilds Bonus
  • Guaranteed Win x3 Bonus
  • Second Chance Win Bonus

The Full Line Feature- This is a special bonus that starts the player’s round with a free five of a kind icon as a base win before the wheel gets spun again. This continues until there are no more matching icons in a spin.

Spina Colada Extra Wilds Bonus- Spina Colada Wild Play Feature- All slot machine games have a wild symbol offered, and this one features a Spina Colada name icon. When a “Spina Colada Wild” shows up, the feature is equivalent to any winning icon and will automatically convert into a winning icon if the gameplay creates a winning combination. It is important to remember that even though one of these symbols randomly pops up, it does not mean a win is automatic. The reel spin must have a winning combination first, and then the “Spina Colada Wild” icon will light up and then convert to the same symbol as the other winning icons.

If the player receives this random bonus icon, they will start with 2 wilds symbol of the Spina’ Colada icon which converts to whatever is the winning match icon. With each spin in the game, more free wilds can appear making the payout bonus even higher. When a “Spina Colada Wild” shows up, the feature is equivalent to the other winning icons and will automatically convert to match the winning icon if the gameplay creates a winning combination. It is important to remember that even though one of these symbols randomly pops up, it does not mean a win is automatic. The reel spin must have a winning combination first, and then the “Spina Colada Wild” icon will light up and then convert to the same symbol as the other winning icons.

Guaranteed Win x3 Bonus- If this icon shows up, the player gets free spins until a match occurs. Once a match occurs, the player receives a payout 3 times the spin win amount.

Second Chance Feature- This random icon bonus allows the player to get extra Spina Colada Freespins. When the Spina Colada Freespins winning icon symbol appears, players will be allowed designated free spins after the gameplay would normally end. The Spina Colada Freespins bonus is known as one of Yggdrasil Gaming’s classic bonuses. If the Spina Colada Freespins special bonus icon match appears, players will have an increased chance to build a better payout value without spending any cash.

In addition to these Spina Colada Slot machine game bonuses, there are also a few other features to pay attention to during gameplay.

Icon Freeze Feature- When a winning combination appears, the Spina Colada winning icons will stay frozen in place while the other features spin in succession. Once an initial winning shows up, the machine does automatic rolls to see how multiplied the initial winning is. With each spin, the slot machine will look for at least one new matching icon. This continues until the matches stop. Then the house calculates the amount won for the series of spins and the tally of the payout is added to the cash amount balance for the player. When a Spina Colada wild symbol appears anywhere on the screen during a winning combination, it will also become a frozen symbol and becomes a part of the winning icon tally.

Feature Cap- A green feature cap can also appear randomly during the gameplay, which will indicate some type of bonus has occurred. If you collect four green feature caps, the player will earn four free Spina Colada bonus spins. The Spina Colada free spin wager amount is based on the average amount of the other wagers that have been completed up until this point in the gameplay.

Spina Colada Online Slot Machine Game Visuals

The Visuals for the Spina Colada slot game includes bright, tropical themes that whisk away players into another realm. The sound effects are definitively tropical with kettle drums and calypso music. The starting feature shows refreshing water circulating the screen while it takes you to a beachside grass and bamboo bar with the sun setting over the ocean. The online slot Spina Colada game icons feature brilliant colors and graphics that allow for an immersive experience. The feeling that emerges with the graphics brings the player to a private beach resort with an outdoor casino slot machine located on a tropical island. This slot machine game imagines players are on some exotic vacation island sipping on their refreshing fruity drinks and taking in the ocean breeze. Players will find that each spin brings a new round of gameplay with chances to win some extra cash for whatever their dreams may be. The “Full Line” play option offers great bonus chances and easier abilities to win, but the payouts may be smaller than the regular betting cycle. There are icons on the bottom left of the screen to allow players to mute the sound, change game settings, and read gameplay rules.

Access to Spina Colada Online Slot Machine Game and Spina Colada Awards

The popular Spina Colada slot machine game from one of the top gaming companies, Yggdrasil Gaming can be easily uploaded and played on almost all computerized devices that go online. Access is available through Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and can be played on: Laptops, Mobile phones, IOS, Androids, desktops, iPads, and more. The Yggdrasil Spina Colada game has won 5 major online gaming awards including three EGR (eGaming Review) Awards, an IGA- International Gaming Award and a Global Gaming Award.

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