Best Betting Sites in Canada 2020

Last Updated on 19/11/2020

Welcome to our guide to the best online betting sites Canada has at the moment. With hundreds of bookmaker sites Canada punters can access, working out how to pick the best sites for your betting entertainment isn’t always easy. This guide tells you what you need to know in order to find the online bookies which aren’t just best for a Canadian customer, but which are also suitable for your individual needs. From what to look for in a top bookmaker through to useful tips on making the most of your betting experience, we give you the information you need to make smarter bookmaker site choices. Start transforming your betting now with this helpful guide to Canadian online betting sites.

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Spotting the characteristics of the best betting sites Canada

best betting sites canada

With our guide to the best betting sites Canada has to offer, you’ll get the best sports betting experience possible. If you intend to try a new betting site and want to make a sensible choice, it is important to be aware of the characteristics of the best bookmaker sites in Canada. From the best bookmaker betting offers through to scoring highly in bookmaker sportsbook review forums, there are several variables that can indicate that the bookmaker you’ve landed on is worthy of your business. Read on to discover some of the most important characteristics all good Canadian online betting sites will have, such as clear accountability and good reviews. All you need to find the best online betting sites Canada has to offer.

Although special offers and great odds are always valuable options to have, when it comes to the best bookies sites in Canada, integrity is absolutely essential. It’s vital that the bookie is able to look after your cash and personal data correctly, has clear lines of accountability and is appropriately regulated and licensed. Although there’s no need for a bookie to be Canadian (Canadian players are able to play on international sites), it needs to be clear that the organisation has the right structures and processes in place to safeguard players at every stage of customer interaction. By taking a few minutes to check out the site to ensure its legitimacy, it’s possible to minimise the risk of falling prey to a scam or other form of online dishonesty. So keep reading to see the best betting sites Canada has at the moment.

New bookmaker sites in Canada: should you use them?

Any complete list of online bookmakers in Canada that’s worth taking a look at will almost inevitably be updated regularly. With new bookmaker sites in Canada appearing on an almost daily basis, making sure you always end up with a good option for your betting isn’t always easy. But we’ll be on hand to show you the newest and best online betting sites Canada has to offer. These tips can help you decide which bookie is going to be the wisest choice.

If you’re not sure how reputable a site is, check information such as:

  • The country where the site is registered and licensed.
  • Which regulatory body the bookie is answerable to.
  • The level of security that’s protecting your money and data.
  • Reviews: these will help you get information from current and previous customers.

Good reviews are the hallmark of great bookies sites in Canada

One of the easiest and most accurate ways to spot bookmaker sites Canada customers can rely on comes from reading reviews. There are several reputable reviewing platforms out there, as well as a number of sites that have bookmaker features and information. These quite often have a betting sites list aimed at Canada customers and they can be good for revealing the best online betting sites Canada has right now.

We’d recommend looking at bookmaker reviews in regard to how they rank each betting site’s basic betting offer. This is where you will get to discover what kinds of sports this site features. Essential if you are looking for the best value basketball and hockey odds from the best online betting sites Canada has to offer.

It’s important to take on board comments not only from reviewers in general, but fellow Canadians: because each country has slightly differing views and expectations when it comes to their betting, Canadians are often the people who give the most useful information regarding online bookmaker sites in Canada. Try and take the time to read a few reviews of Canadian online betting sites (somewhere between ten and twenty, as a minimum), taking them from different sources if possible in order to get a wide range of site feedback. By doing so, you will be well-placed to discover the best betting sites Canada has at the moment.

Online bookmaker sites for Canada audiences

Although international bookmaker sites for Canada customers have all the basics for rewarding betting, there are some characteristics that can make them particularly suitable for a Canadian audience. Of particular importance is the need to have a focus on the sports Canadians love: the top bookmaker sites in Canada feature the winter sports that are particularly favoured in the country. If you see sports such as ice hockey, lacrosse, curling and baseball heavily represented, then you can be pretty sure that you are at one of the best online betting sites Canada! In comparison, some European bookies sites Canada people use may have far more of a focus on football or horse racing, which tend to be the main gambling interests there. As such, some of these sites might not be among the best online betting sites Canada’s sports fans should try.

Check the best betting sites Canada for CAD payments

Without a doubt, the best online bookmaker in Canada for 2020 uses CAD as its standard currency. Online bookmaker sites in Canada which are committed to serving the needs of a Canadian audience will have CAD as its default currency. There shouldn’t be a need to pay a currency conversion tariff and definitely no need to bet in a foreign currency at any of the top Canadian online betting sites. A quick look at the site information should be enough for you to see whether CAD is the main currency in use. If in doubt, a quick email to customer services should be able to confirm whether CAD is accepted and can be used freely on the site. By doing so you’ll easily be able to make deposits at the best online betting sites Canada has to offer.

The promotions and special offers Canadian people prefer

Although punters across the globe enjoy their sport and their betting, each country tends to have particular preferences when it comes to their online bookmaker sites. Canada people often prefer on-going offers or loyalty rewards from the best online betting sites Canada has to offer, rather than generous sign-up offers from sites which subsequently offer relatively little. Although Canadians do enjoy a free bet for registering or a matched first deposit bonus, their preference for rewarding loyalty sets them apart a little from European betting audiences. That said, the top bookmaker sites in Canada often provide both excellent sign-up offers and frequent free bets for existing customers, giving users the best of both worlds! You should be able to find such things at the best betting sites Canada has right now.

Most of the preferred bookies sites in Canada enable users to swap from English to French (or vice versa) with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Canadian online betting sites also have withdrawal and deposit methods which are familiar and accessible to a Canadian audience. If you see withdrawal and deposit options which include methods such as: Instadebit Canada; Entropay Canada; iDebit; Interac; and Ecopayz Canada, you can be pretty confident that the site is a good option for a Canadian customer. Make sure that there are no charges for using CAD as your currency of choice; there should also be at least one free method of withdrawal and deposit at all good Canadian online betting sites. The best bookmaker sites in Canada will almost always have these options in place: new bookmaker sites in Canada are particularly likely to have appropriate language and financial choices available.

How do sites get on the best betting site list in Canada?

Although not always the case, the majority of bookies which score highly in an online bookmaker sportsbook rating, Canada 2020 will do well in the following areas:

  • A fast, responsive site that’s easy to navigate, secure and looks good.
  • There’s be nothing but good odds at the best online betting sites Canada has to offer.
  • A number of different methods for withdrawal and deposits, most of which should be free and fast.
  • Great promotions, special offers and sign-up deals.
  • A wide range of markets and sporting events.
  • Responsive, pro-active customer service
  • Licensing and authorisation from a country which has stringent gambling authorities.
  • Tailored to meet the needs of a Canadian market.
  • Will usually appear on several best betting site lists Canada people are likely to see.

One of the issues with new bookmaker sites in Canada is that they may lack the background information and track record which is helpful in working out whether they are a good option to use. If some Canadian online betting sites have only been running a few months, or are new to Canada, it’s often the case that there is a lag between their services being available and a body of information on their performance.

In these circumstances, it may be possible to get an idea of these Canadian online betting sites’ activity from international forums and reviews (if they are recent arrivals in Canada but established elsewhere). When this isn’t possible, it’s usually a case of doing the relevant background checks (as previously indicated) and giving them a go. Depositing small initially is always a good strategy. Don’t forget to review or leave feedback, to help other customers get an idea of what they can expect from these Canadian online betting sites!

Where should I look for a good betting sites list in Canada?

So how can you find the best online betting sites Canada has at the moment? The best lists are normally found on reputable sites which are well-known to Canadian customers. It’s also worth taking a look at internationally compiled site listings from high-profile reviewers. In addition to online sources, you may also find helpful lists about Canadian online betting sites in the sporting press. Lists which can be sorted according to particular priorities are especially valuable. These allow you to search for Canadian online betting sites that are most appropriate for your particular interest. For example, if you are looking for free bets, you can get site rankings on that criteria. Alternatively, if you favour a range of markets, online comparisons may allow you to isolate the best Canadian online betting sites for a wide variety of sports. All of which should make it simple to get started at the best online betting sites Canada has right now.

Finding bookies sites in Canada with great sign-up and loyalty offers

Fortunately, almost every online bookie has some form of sign-up offer or loyalty bonus. A growing number of Canadian online betting sites are beginning to realise that it’s not enough to encourage people to register: they also need to persuade new customers that they are worth sticking with in the longer term. To promote loyalty, many Canadian online betting sites now offer a range of on-going promotions, as well as exciting free bets and special offers on key sporting events. If you fancy a flutter on the Stanley Cup final or one of the NBL Canada games, good bookies will often have a free bet on offer. Event specific free bets are often advertised on social media or in the sporting press: check these regularly to ensure you don’t miss out.

It’s not always the sites which offer the biggest sign-up promotions who also offer the best ones! The best bookmakers sign up offers in Canada are defined not only by the amount on offer, but also by the terms and conditions under which they operate. Some of the larger offers for free cash or a free bet have a large play-through or wagering requirement. This means that your winnings have to be re-bet several times before they can be withdrawn. This means that you risk losing your winnings (sometimes several times) before you can withdraw them. For some customers, it may be more beneficial to stick with a smaller sign-up bet which also has a small (or no) wagering requirement.

To make the most of your betting experience, you can take a look at our comprehensive guides, from no risk matched betting to snooker betting tips.

Terms and conditions to look out for

As well as wagering requirements, there are a number of other terms and conditions which may limit the value of the free bet that’s advertised. Whilst that doesn’t always mean that the bet isn’t worth taking up, it’s important to be aware of the terms. Common requirements to claim free bets which punters may overlook include:

  • The need to email in to customer services with a bet result or some other piece of information in order to claim your free bet.
  • The fact that the free bet can only be used within a specific range of odds.
  • In some cases, the bet can only be used on specific markets, or for a particular sporting event.
  • Some free bets or free cash will require you to deposit and bet first, before receiving your free money.

Being aware of these conditions in advance means you’re less likely to get caught out!

Although most bookies do what they say they will, there are occasions when things don’t go quite to plan. In some cases, this may be beyond the control of the bookmaker: if there is a problem with a particular event, for example, or there is some sort of software error. In other cases, the customer may have misread or misinterpreted the terms of a bet or the site, causing an issue. Occasionally, though, bookmakers may be at fault. If you feel that you have grounds for concern, it’s possible to raise a complaint. Read on to discover how to make a complaint against a bookmaker in Canada.

How to make a bookmaker complaint

The first thing to do if you suspect that you have been treated unfairly by any of the Canadian online betting sites is to double-check that you have interpreted the situation correctly. If, after doing this, you still feel there is cause for concern, the next thing to do is to contact customer services. Remember to be polite and to include as much information as possible. The more information you give, the easier it is for the customer services team to investigate. If you’re not happy with the answer the customer service team provide, it’s possible to report your concerns to the regulatory body for the country in which the site is registered. A reputable site will contain details of who this is and how you can contact them.

Bookmaker Sites Canada – Our Conclusion

Picking the right bookie from the many Canadian online betting sites can be a challenge, particularly when there are so many national and international options to select from. If you’re looking for one of the best online bookmaker sites in Canada, could help you make the perfect choice. Benefiting from excellent odds, a good range of markets and attractive special offers, will help you find a which specialises in providing an honest, fair and transparent service to its customers.

If you want to use a tightly regulated bookmaker which is committed to providing a polished customer experience that’s based on transparency and accountability, could help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Get in touch or register to find out more about what each of these Canadian online betting sites can offer you in terms of sports bets.

Once you’ve found the right betting site for you, it might be worth checking out our tennis betting strategy and horse racing betting strategies guides.

Best Online Betting Sites Canada FAQs

⚽ Which sports can I bet on on online betting sites in Canada?

There are countless sports to bet on in Canada to suit most people’s needs. As well as popular national sports such as ice hockey and basketball, more niche markets are increasingly emerging as time progresses. Our guide to the best sports betting sites in Canada can help you find which market is best for you.

❓What are the best online betting sites in Canada?

Finding out which sports betting sites in Canada are best can at first seem an overwhelming task. The sheer volume of different online sportsbooks can be intimidating, especially for first time players, but it is easier than you think to find the cream of the crop. You just have to know what you’re looking for and here at CA we have years of experience in the industry and have compiled an extensive list of the best operators for our readers.

🏛 Is sports betting legal in Canada

Legality is always a difficult question when it comes to online sports betting, with no single rule applicable across the globe. For Canadian users, we have gone into great detail about legal requirements in our specialist article on the topic. To ensure compliance, we strongly recommend you read our piece and are therefore fully versed on your legal rights before you begin sports betting.

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