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100% up to 8000₹
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Deposit Bonus
Requirements (WR):
5x (Bonus + Deposit)
Rating Casino Bonus
100% up to $100
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5x Bonus

Cyberbet India 100% deposit bonus using code Wetten

When you look at operator bonuses, sometimes you have to be wary. It is very easy to see big giveaways and be tempted in, only to find out when you read the T&Cs it was all good to be true.

While we were not expecting this to be the case with this Cyberbet bonus code, it is interesting to see if the operator has made the bonus big enough to interest you without making it too difficult to make any profit at all. Getting this balance right is a sure sign of a reliable and honest operator.


100% deposit bonus on cricket matches with double chances

As you will have seen in our main Cyberbet review, this operator already has an excellent reputation in other areas and is regarded by some as the best online casino in India, with incredible Cyberbet casino sign up offers. This Cyberbet bonus code offer of a 100% deposit bonus on cricket matches with double chances just in time for the IPL underlines the fact that Cyberbet could have a lot to offer in sports betting as well.

How to activate your 100% Cyberbet deposit offer

As you would expect from a reliable operator, this Cyberbet bonus code is easily activated by entering the code Wetten on the bonuses tab before making your first deposit. This has to be done within 48 hours of opening your account and cannot be done if you have made a deposit before.

To take advantage of any Cyberbet sign up offers, you can deposit anything up to the equivalent of 100 USD using a number of methods, including card payments, PayTM, Skrill, and Google Pay. Ensure you have confirmed your account with Cyberbet before doing this to make sure there are no hiccups. You should then receive a 100% deposit bonus credited to your account. Ensure this is there before you place your first wager and contact customer service if it does not appear.

Once you’re in, the Cyberbet bonus code requirements are straightforward. You need to turnover your bonus amount 20 times at odds of over 1.85 or above. Canceled and refunded bets won’t count towards this, but with the number of matches covered by Cyberbet (including the IPL), there looks to be plenty of opportunities to do this without too much trouble.

In our experience, this seems like a fair turnover requirement and certainly not too good to be true; further pointing to this being an operator it could be beneficial to stay with long after you have taken advantage of this initial Cyberbet bonus code offer.

It should also be mentioned that Cyberbet and other big operators try to offer the best free bets in India, so they have been known to update their promotions to make sure they are competitive and offer the best for the players. So, it would be worth you checking out the T&Cs before signing up to ensure you’re not missing out on anything the operator added after this Cyberbet Bonus review was completed.

How to make sure you get the best out of this Cyberbet deposit offer – 5 Expert tips

That said, like all bonuses, there are a few basic do’s and don’ts to make sure you get the best out of your bonus and ensure there are no problems. If you follow these five tips, you should find that your account looks as healthy as possible after completing this bonus.

The first thing on the list is to make sure the Cyberbet bonus code you sign up for is the best bonus you could be taking. There might be a few Cyberbet sign up offers running simultaneously, and you should always pick the best one for you. For instance, if the best free spins for India casino bonus is much higher than the sportsbook bonus India bonus – but you have experience in sports but not in slots and poker – then the best option is to take the sports offer, as you’ll probably do better from that than something you know nothing about, even if you are using the Best Bookmaker in India.

Next, you need to make sure there are enough events or opportunities for you to make the most of the offer. For instance, if you have a week to play out your bonus and there are no events for four of those seven days, you should wait or try another bonus. The same goes for your availability. If you are working away and can’t access the Cyberbet website for half of the period, you should reschedule. However, this should not be a problem with this Cyberbet bonus code, as there are plenty of matches covered.

Ensure you know precisely what you have to do to make the Cyberbet bonus code offer requirements, and check with the operator, so you are absolutely clear. This particular offer is very simple and straightforward, so it would be a shame to miss out on the offer for the sake of one missed wager or a bet placed on the wrong game or at the incorrect odds. Don’t be afraid to ask as the operator wants you to return to their site many times, so they will not be worried by you checking and rechecking that you have done the right thing.

Doing this is easiest if you keep track of everything you have done. Some people prefer to use a spreadsheet, and others can get by with just paper and a pen or pencil (handy for crossings out and corrections). Either way and regardless if you are using a reliable bookmaker like Cyberbet or a  betting exchange in  India, be absolutely sure of what you have done so you can keep track of things and make sure you have kept to the Cyberbet bonus code offer turnover requirements (in this case 20x the bonus amount).

Most importantly, stick to your plan. Don’t do anything wildly different just because there is a bonus involved. You have a much better chance of making the most of your bonus if you stick to what you know and just do more of it, rather than increase your stakes to make the 20x turnover requirement as fast as possible. By sticking to this rule, as well as the others above, you can come out of this Cyberbet bonus code offer with more money in your account than if you just dived in recklessly.

Cyberbet deposit offer - FAQs

I’ve been playing on Cyberbet for a while now but have never taken any Cyberbet sign up offers or any other kind of bonus – do I still qualify?

Sorry – you’ve missed out. You need to activate this particular Cyberbet bonus code within 48 hours of opening an account before making your first deposit.

Which deposit methods are eligible for this bonus?

Cyberbet sign up offers have a large number of deposit methods, from the familiar ones like cards PayTM and Google Pay. They also accept other methods via Astro Pay, including Skill and even Bitcoin. All of these methods are available for this Cyberbet bonus code offer.

If I don’t meet the turnover requirements before the deadline – do I keep what I’ve already made, or is it all gone?

There is no strict deadline to the turnover requirement for this 100% deposit Cyberbet bonus code offer; however, with the number of matches covered by this operator, it should not be a concern even if there was a deadline.

How will I know if I’m getting the same offer this Cyberbet bonus review covers and not something else when I visit the site?

To take advantage of the offer reviewed here, ensure you are using the Cyberbet bonus code ‘Wetten’ when you land on the offer page, or use this link to make sure you end up in the right place.

If I take this bonus but don’t start it – will I be able to benefit from a different bonus instead?

The answer will probably be ‘no’ – but it will depend on which Cyberbet sign up offers are valid and the offer you want to replace it with – you will need to check with the operator, and of course, the deposit bonus would be withdrawn.

How easy is it to get support if there is a problem – will I be waiting days for my email to be answered?

Cyberbet support is via live chat, so there should be no waiting to have emails answered. Response times are quite fast; however, we did only test during daytime hours. While reviewing this Cyberbet bonus code offer, we did not need to escalate any concerns beyond the live chat function – which we saw as a good sign for the operator’s reliability.

How soon after I’ve completed the bonus can I take my winnings out – and what identification methods do I need?

You can withdraw as soon as you have completed the 20x turnover requirement for this Cyberbet bonus code, and you will have already verified your account. You can only withdraw using a method you have used to deposit funds, however. As mentioned previously, there are many methods available.

My brother lives with us, and he recommended Cyberbet after he took the bonus – will I still be eligible for the bonus too?

Sorry but you’ve missed out on this offer – it can be used only one time by one single player or household, users of a shared computer or IP address. This could also apply to other Cyberbet sign up offers as well, so please check with the operator.

When does this bonus expire, and will it be replaced by another one?

Cyberbet, like other big operators, can update their promotions to make sure they are competitive with other operators and offer the best deals for new customers. Always check the T&Cs before signing up to ensure you’re not missing out on a new Cyberbet bonus code that may have been added since this Cyberbet Bonus review was written.

Is there a VIP program or other bonuses available?

Operators like Cyberbet do not want you to walk away after playing your bonus, so while carrying out this Cyberbet bonus code review, we also looked on the site for the Best Free Bets India has to offer, which you can benefit from once you have completed your 100% deposit match bonus.

While there does not appear to be a VIP program, we did not see this as a bad sign as often reliable operators do not need gimmicks to keep visitors returning. Instead, they will usually offer regular bonuses to returning visitors, provided they have completed the previous one.

Operators that offer both sports and casino betting often have promotions running for both and are keen for their sports customers to try the casino and vice versa. With this in mind, you could expect to see offers for the casino appear after taking advantage of this initial offer. Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

The bonus offered by Cyberbet for a 100% deposit bonus for cricket matches does not look overly generous. Limited to the equivalent of $100, it would be easy to pass over and look for more significant numbers elsewhere.

This Cyberbet bonus review was written at the start of the 2021 IPL, and we found at least one match per day that would meet requirements without you throwing your money away on a complete outsider. Based on this example, it makes the Cyberbet sign up offer bonus requirements both realistic and achievable, which is clearly a good thing.

Reality Test

This is not always the case with other operators with more attractive bonuses, who will credit your account then set requirements that mean you have to play through many times at high odds in a short space of time. In this situation, you’re likely to end up with very little in your account by the end (if you even meet the requirements in time) and a feeling you have wasted your time. This should not be the case here.

Once you have completed the turnover requirements, you can, if you wish, withdraw your money. Depositing at the start was a simple process, and withdrawing should be simple, provided you are withdrawing using the same method you used to deposit. So, for instance, if you deposited using Google Pay, you cannot withdraw to Bitcoin.

Bonus Withdrawal

In reality, the wagering requirements are pretty simple and consist of turning over your bonus amount 20 times. This may seem like a lot of bets, but there are many matches covered, and we saw no strict deadline for this requirement. The wagering requirements are above 1.85, which will occur regularly in cricket matches.


Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

There are some pitfalls you can encounter, but they are few. The most obvious is to place bets that do not meet the minimum odds requirement. To avoid doing this, you should follow the expert tips found elsewhere in this Cyberbet bonus review and keep track of everything you do. This way, you know what you have placed that meets the requirements and can check against your account history in the event of any queries.

Another thing to watch out for is not to place a bet you usually would, just because it is over 1.85. If you would typically back Mumbai Indians against the Sunrisers, don’t change your mind just because of the minimum odds requirement. It won’t count as part of the turnover, but you’ll still have a better chance of winning that bet.

Conclusion/Verdict on bonus

Many operators will offer a bonus to new accounts, and Cyberbet is no different. The Cyberbet sign up offer of a 100% deposit bonus for up to $100 equivalent is not the most generous you will find, so we had some initial doubts about whether this would be competitive with other operators.

However, we found overall that while the bonus is simple, so is the process involved. The turnover requirements are realistic and achievable without putting in extraordinary amounts of effort. It is an easy bonus to take advantage of, and therefore an easy bonus for this Cyberbet Bonus review to recommend.

Is the Cyberbet 100% deposit bonus too good to be true?

You don’t need to be told that there are many operators and out there, and each one will offer a bonus to new players. As we mentioned at the start of this Cyberbet Bonus review, what we were looking for here was the right balance between a good offer and the ability to make the most from it without having to meet ridiculous requirements.

Overall, this Cyberbet bonus review is one of the easiest we have done because the bonus was straightforward to activate, and the requirements were carefully explained and simple to adhere to. This is always the sign of a reliable operator, and if you are looking for a new offer, you could start with what could be one of the Best Betting Sites in India.

Cyberbet Bonus Offer FAQs

💰 What is the best sportsbook India bonus?

There are always bonus offers for India sports betting. The offers change all of the time to keep up with what is happening so your best bet is to check out the latest offers on this site which also reviews the best sportsbook operators

🏏 What are the best cricket bonuses?

Cricket bonuses can be hard to find so it’s always good to make the most of the best ones. The offers change regularly, especially during the IPL so it is best to check out the latest reviews to pick up the best offers.

🏆 Is there a bonus offer for IPL betting?

The Indian premier league always demands a lot of interest all over the world from watcher and bettors alike. There are usually bonus offers from reliable operators and you should look here to discover the best bonus codes for the IPL

🎯 What is the Cyberbet promo code

Cyberbet is a trusted and reliable operator who change promotions to stay competitive and offer the best for their customers, so to find the current best offer code you should check out the reviews on this site which test them and makes sure they are real.

🎫 Is there a Cyberbet new account bonus

Cyberbet offers new account bonuses, but they change regularly to offer the best deals, to find out the best offer codes right now you should look to a reliable review site to save hours of searching on the internet.

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