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Leonbets India Bonus Code 2021

How to claim Leonbets India Sign Up Offer

So important to Leonbets reviews are the promotions that we’re focusing this entire article on their initial bonus offers. Why? Because they represent your first taste of what Leonbets India has to offer.

The focus on Leonbets India is vital because the promotions we’ll be looking at here are specific to that market. That way, as an Indian customer, you’ll not only know is Leonbets secure but also if they’ll go above and beyond. Considering that we’re looking at a double dose of welcome betting goodness, we’d say our first impressions seem good.

5000₹ Risk free bet
Risk-Free Bet
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Intro to Bonus Offers - What's up for grabs?

The focus of many Leonbets reviews is on the site generally. Here, we’ll only be looking at the sportsbook welcome and casino welcome offers.

At a glance, the sportsbook offer matches your first deposit up to ₹5,000, while the casino offers up to ₹20,000 as the 120% welcome offer. There’s no doubting that welcome offers are vital for all operator casino reviews, so we’re giving you a focused look at that promotional first impression.

How To Use The Bonus - Our Advice

Considering our Leonbets ratings here aren’t based on one bonus but two, this sportsbook bonus India section must be two-fold. Keep in mind, this is dealing with the mechanics of the bonus, nor answering ‘is Leonbets reliable?’ or ‘is the bonus fair?’ just yet.

Leonbets Sportsbook Reviews: How to Use Leonbets India Sportsbook Offer

  1. Sign up to the site. You can do this using your phone.
  2. Select the sportsbook bonus you want. You can choose different amounts with different bonus codes.
  3. Select Leonbets’ best free bets India offer from the “My Promo” section and place it on your chosen market.

Leonbets Casino Reviews: How To Use Leonbets India Welcome Casino Offer

  1. Again, the first step is to sign up
  2. You then need to contact customer support and ask for the casino bonus.
  3. Deposit to receive 120% bonus up to ₹20,000. This can then be played on casino games throughout the site

We’ll be breaking down key terms and conditions throughout this article in our tips, FAQs and specific looks on each bonus. But let’s first consider our initial Leonbets ratings.

How you get the bonus and the key terms are clear, which is always good news for those wondering ‘is Leonbets reliable?’ Secondly, the welcome offers seem equally generous. It’s clear Leonbets is well aware that it must excel as a jack-of-all-trades to be considered among the best betting sites India has to offer.

The general quality of the site too is not just relevant to Leonbets reviews generally, but also to the quality of this offer. Those free bets sound so good because there’s so many great markets to use them on.

Finally, knowing the answer to ‘is Leonbets secure?’ is a yes means you can utilise those betting options without concern. The only downside is a lack of free spins, meaning these can’t be considered for the best free spins India can provide. Otherwise though, a great start to our Leonbets reviews.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Keep these in mind!

The thing that many Leonbets reviews miss – while they’re often good at answering questions such as ‘is Leonbets reliable?’ – is how to actually make the most out of what’s being offered. After all, you could have the best bookmaker in India or finest betting exchange in India and still not be having a great time, purely because they don’t know how to make the most out of their offer.

Well, that simply won’t do. With that in mind, here’s five tips to take advantage of these promotions:

Our other review can be helpful

The focus of our Leonbets ratings here is how good the welcome promotions are. However, we have provided a general Leonbets review that can tell you a great deal more about the site. This is really helpful even when just focusing on these welcome promotions because knowing what’s available can help you know how best to use the bonuses. It can also tell you whether this site might be right for you, as well as answering important questions such as ‘is Leonbets secure?’.

Try new things

We’re talking about both the sportsbook and the casino welcome promotions here – and this certainly counts for both of them. One of the really cool things about free bet based promotions is that it means you have the opportunity to try out new markets or games with a reduced risk. That means you’re more incentivised to try out new stuff.

But don’t forget your strategy

This is where we need to find a balance because it’s a good idea to try out new things but that doesn’t mean completely throwing your betting strategy out the window. For instance, if you’re a football fan and want to try handicap betting on your favourite team, that sounds like smart strategy, assuming the market is right. However, betting on a sport you’ve never heard of, especially in large amounts, is still probably a bad idea. It’s the same logic with casinos, so try out new things, but still those which provide a solid chance of winning.

Personalise your bonus

One thing we rate highly in our Leonbets ratings is that you can customise the bonuses. You can use different bonus codes for the sportsbook and choose your initial deposit amount for the matched casino bonus. That means these promotions are more suitable to a broader audience. Consider how much you generally wager and adjust accordingly.

Check out the terms for yourself

This review is not a total retelling of the terms because they are – like all elements of every bonus – subject to change. What we do here is give you an overview of key points true at the time of writing. If you want to be sure of the full details, check it out yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions - All about the Leonbets bonus

Alright, so what exactly are the most important terms and conditions? Well we’d say that all of them are important to varying degrees. That’s why we advise you read them. However, there are some Leonbets India questions about these offers that are more common. With that in mind, here’s our top five FAQs:

What’s the bonus code?

There are several bonus codes but only for the sportsbook:

  • For a risk free bet of ₹500, use bonus code INDIA5
  • For ₹1,000, use INDIA10
  • For ₹2,000, use INDIA20
  • For ₹5,000, use INDIA50

Do note, these will also require a deposit.

Are there minimum odds for the free bet?

Yes, the minimum odds on the sportsbook welcome offer is 1.8. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to the casino offer.

What are the wagering requirements?

Only minimum odds requirements are stated for the sportsbook. For the casino, it’s 35x. This is in line with what we’d expect from any candidate for the best online casino in India.

How are the wagering requirements fulfilled?

By playing various casino games. However, not all count towards the wagering requirement the full amount. Slots count 100%, for instance but live games count 10% and video poker a mere 1%. Other games not falling into any of these categories also count 100%. This is standard so doesn’t reflect badly on our Leonbets ratings.

Are there any time limits?

The casino bonus has a limit of 30 days and the sportsbook bonus 7 days from the instant you receive your bonus. There doesn’t appear to be an additional time limit for when you can access the casino bonus after registration. Obviously, the sportsbook offer is activated by the bonus codes, and this must be within 30 days too.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs - More chances to win!

To be clear, our Leonbets reviews elsewhere look at the site in general, and our focus here is primarily on the welcome offers. We say ‘primarily’ because we’re using them as an example of what you can generally expect from Leonbets when it comes to promotions. That said, we can get even greater context by seeing what else is available, as those welcome offers aren’t alone.

Well, it’s good news. There’s weekly cashbacks on the casino and sportsbook, cash prizes on selected games, various competitions, free spins, and a loyalty program. This allows you to trade bonus points, which you get for sports betting, for cash.

Our only negative here is the casino isn’t included in the loyalty program. This probably wouldn’t be a surprise were Leonbets India not generally so high above your average betting site .Still, it’s a minor point in an otherwise wonderful promotional selection.

Leonbets Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - What do you get?

This is the sports welcome offer from Leonbets. They’re offering ₹5,000 for anyone signing up using their mobile phone. This is actually a first deposit bonus, meaning only newcomers can use the bet and it must be with their first deposit.

You also need to choose how large a bonus you want, ranging from ₹500 to ₹5,000 through a variety of codes. This is to be matched with your deposit amount. You’re then free to use the free bet on any market you want above 1.8 minimum odds.

Reality Test - Trying it out

Since the first part of this process is registering with the site, we think it’s important to note that side of things is an absolute breeze. It took us mere minutes with simple, unobtrusive information.

We then had to think about which bonus suited us and we felt going down the middle with ₹2,000 and INDIA20 as our code was the way to go. We deposited that same amount and found the risk free bet available within the ‘My promo’ section of our account. We just needed to select it when choosing our market and that was pretty much all there was to it. Simplicity is key to our Leonbets ratings, so this gets a big thumbs up.

Bonus Withdrawal - Taking out your winnings

As there’s no stated wagering requirement beyond the need to choose a market with a minimum of 1.8 odds, the withdrawal process was about as simple as withdrawing generally, which is very easy.

Obviously, this requires you to unlock winnings through placing and winning a bet with the bonus amount. Beyond that, it’s business as usual: you just tell the site how much you want to withdraw, use a relevant payment method and you can expect that to arrive in your account. It couldn’t be simpler and that’s what all Leonbets reviews want to hear.

Pitfalls - Things to keep in mind

There aren’t actually many pitfalls here. The promotion pretty much does what it says on the tin. In fact, the key ones – including choosing the right promo code and making sure your bet comes above the minimum odds – have already been covered.

Other things to consider is that you have 30 days to access the bonus upon registration and then 7 days to use it. Plus, you cannot cash out using the bonus. Also, it can only be used on sports markets, but it does appear to be available on all major markets.

Verdict on Bonus - Boost your bets!

They say the terms make the bonus and well, if that’s true, any Leonbets reviews would be crazy not to give this one top marks. It’s an excellent bonus – as versatile as it is generous, easy to use and fair. It might not be groundbreakingly creative, but it’s excellent and offers newcomers value, which is what really matters.

5000₹ Risk free bet
Risk-Free Bet
Get Leonbets Bonus
Leonbets Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro - 120% deposit bonus!

The casino welcome offer gets this part of our Leonbets India analysis off to a flying start with a whopping 120% up to ₹20,000. Again, this is a sign up offer, meaning if you’re not new, you cannot apply. It also says it’s available for those signing up on a mobile phone, so app users needn’t miss out.

Beyond that, it seems like a great free bet bonus for depositing. The key thing that initially makes this one stand out is that you must talk to customer service to unlock the promotion, which is unusual but not really a problem.

Reality Test - Giving it a go

Considering what you need to do to get this bonus is three-fold – signing up, contacting customer service and depositing – the quality of our experience depended largely on that. Luckily, all three of those things are an absolute breeze with Leonbets.

Registration takes moments, the Help section and contact options are fantastic, and depositing – which is available through a wide range of options – is simple. We found the whole process of getting the bonus straightforward, and certainly view it as suitable for newcomers.

Bonus Withdrawal - 35x wagering requirements

When it comes to casino bonuses, the difficulty always lies in the wagering requirement. This is where so much of the quality of a bonus is determined. Happily – especially considering this is such a broad bonus – it stands at a competitive 35 x. This, and the fact you can deposit less if you win means this is a much more accessible promotion than many similar alternatives.

Pitfalls - Avoid these!

The first and most important thing is to not chase wagering requirements if they’re beyond what you can afford. Also relevant to this is that there’s a 30-day limit to get this bonus from activation. Furthermore, keep in mind not all games count 100% towards the requirements, with only slots and some others counting 100%.

Verdict on Bonus - Worth a try!

While the terms and conditions here are tougher than the sports equivalent, that’s pretty much the case with all bookmakers. Compared to other casino offers, this is a very good one thanks to favourable terms and conditions. Having to contact customer service is a little odd we must admit, but if this looks right for you, don’t let that put you off. Excellent stuff for our Leonbets ratings.

120% up to 10000₹
Deposit Bonus
Get Leonbets Bonus

Overall Conclusion - We're impressed with the Leonbets offer!

When you consider the only negatives we can really consider fair for bonus criticism here are true of pretty much any free bet welcome bonuses, we’d say Leonbets India are onto something pretty special. The scale of the offers are generous but also allow for personalisation for a more approachable offer. They strike the perfect balance between big and impressive but reasonable for all players.

And it’s clear, looking at the other promotions, that the welcome offer does exactly what a great new customer promotion should. It sets up an amazing selection of bonuses for longer-term use, as well as being an ideal appetizer for an exceptional betting site. Top Leonbets ratings for the welcome offers from us.

Leonbets Highlights
  • Excellent variety of different sports and leagues
  • Extensive global coverage of all major sports
  • Sports-related ‘Quick Bets’ available
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Leonbets India FAQ

💰What promotions does Leonbets offers new customers?

While it’s far from the only factor in deciding whether a betting site is worthy of your consideration, there’s no doubting the pull of a great welcome bonus. Many people considering signing up to Leonbets will naturally be wondering what extra goodies are available to them, specifically with regard to the Indian market. That’s why we’ve provided a guide on everything you could want to know about the Leonbets new customer offers in India.

❓How do I use the promotions at Leonbets?

Knowing which welcome offers are available in India to Leonbets customers is one thing. It’s a whole other thing to actually know how to use them from start to finish. That’s why we consider our guide on the welcome offers to be comprehensive because we don’t just take you through the basics but explain all the key facts so you can use these promotions with confidence.

👍Do the Leonbets welcome offers provide fair terms and conditions?

No matter how great a betting promotion looks at first glance, nothing is really settled until you check out the terms and conditions. These tell you the true value of the offer and whether it’s worth your while. Thankfully, we do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Our look at the welcome offers at Leonbets also includes analysis of the key terms so you know exactly what to expect.

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