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Betfair Sign Up Offers For New Zealand 2024

Get a 20 NZD Betfair Bonus Code

Betfair is restricted in your area.
Betfair Sports
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Betfair Sports Bonus
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Betfair has just unleashed a fantastic sports betting bonus. The current Betfair deposit offer gives you $20 extra to play with, as soon as you deposit your funds – no Betfair promo code is required.

Then, all you need to do is place bets with odds at a minimum of 1.5. We’ve even prepared a quick guide that will show you the best ways to use this deal. This means that you can simply register your first Betfair account, get the bonus and look forward to playing with plenty of extra betting funds.

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Last Updated on 16/05/2024
Fact checked by: Kane Gregan

Introduction to Bonus Offers

If you want to try betting at Betfair, you’ll be keen to see if there are any Betfair sign up offers available. Getting a Betfair deposit offer would mean that you could enjoy making much better bets at this site without having to use your own money. So we’ll take a look at what kinds of Betfair bonus code you might need to use in order to claim a deal like this.

Betfair have been around for nearly two decades. The British company have become hugely popular as a result of their betting exchange. This allows you to back and lay bets put on by other punters, rather than the bookmaker. As a result, you could look forward to potentially better odds and it’s this reason why so many people are keen to hunt down some Betfair sign up offers.

It doesn’t matter what kind of Betfair bonus code you have, as it looks there is nothing in the way of Betfair deposit offers currently available. We took a long look all over the betting exchange, and there wasn’t even any promotions tabs which suggests that Betfair sign up offers might not be on the horizon anytime soon.

The lack of Betfair sign up offers might be surprising as the vast majority of sports betting sites have some welcome bonuses on. These can range from things like matched deposit bonuses to losing bet refunds, and they can be great ways for new customers to see what a sports betting site is all about.

So does the lack of Betfair sign up offers mean that the betting site doesn’t want to attract new customers? We found that some of the bookmaker’s sites in other countries have some Betfair promo code deals on. But as most New Zealanders will be visiting the Australian version of the Betfair site, they will find that they don’t get to access any kind of Betfair deposit offer.

This is because the gambling authorities in Australia prohibit bookmakers from advertising any kind of welcome bonuses for new customers. As a result, it seems that even though you are based in New Zealand, you won’t be able to benefit from using a Betfair bonus code on the Australian site.

Bonus Conditions

The fact that there isn’t a Betfair deposit offer might be underwhelming, but it means that you can focus your efforts on making the most of this excellent betting exchange.

This means that you don’t have to worry about entering a Betfair bonus code at a certain time, and can instead just concentrate on laying and backing the odds of other sports fans.

So rather than looking for the right kind of Betfair promo code, you can just sign up to this site and get started on a brand new way of enjoying sports bets at this top betting exchange.

Bonus details

We’ve already clarified that there is no kind of Betfair deposit offer on at the moment. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the bookmaker is not keen to give you a few interesting ways to boost your betting profits on this site.

This is because the brand has introduced a great Betfair Points system which acts to reduce the commission fees that you have to pay the site. Betfair ordinarily charges commission fees on each sports betting profit that you make.

They do this because you are betting on the odds put on by other customers which means that the bookmaker wouldn’t make any direct profits from you losing your bets. But by introducing commission fees of around 5% for each profit you make, Betfair can stay afloat and continue to keep offering their quality betting exchange service.

This would mean that you could have your betting profits reduced by the commission fees. But with the Betfair Points service, you can reduce the fees and enjoy keeping a larger share of your winnings, all without needing a Betfair bonus code.

You can collect Betfair Points just by taking real money bets on the betting exchange. By collecting enough points you will gradually see that you start to pay less commission. This can rise up to the point where you might see a 60% reduction on your commission fees. All of which signifies a painless way to get more from your sports bets.


While it’s perfectly fine to use the standard Betfair website via a computer, tablet or smartphone, we’d definitely recommend that mobile customers take the time to download the Betfair app. This app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and it’s completely free to download.

By downloading the Betfair app you will given an ultra-slick interface for browsing the massive range of sports bets on offer at the site. You will also be able to do all of the standard important tasks like making deposits and contacting customer support while out and about.

It’s important to note that the Betfair app is equipped with a host of extra features that are designed to help you hunt down the best odds. This include things like the full market depth feature that allows you to turn your mobile on its side to instantly get a great overview of all of the odds for all of the runners in a particular race.

Don’t forget to check out the price graphs either. These give you an ultra convenient way to see how the odds are shifting for anything from a football team to a tennis player to even a thoroughbred racehorse.

The Betfair app is fully customisable so that you can tailor it to your own needs. Whether that means making sure that the rugby union bets are foregrounded or that you get a notification for when the next wicket falls, it means that you’ll get plenty of assistance with your sports bets.

Payment Methods

Betfair gives their customers a broad range of payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals on their website. Most customers will probably tend to fund their bets with a credit card or a debit card such as MasterCard or Visa. All deposits will be instant and free with these payment methods, and you should be able to make deposits from as little as $10. Bear in mind that you might not be able to make card withdrawals from Betfair.

If you want to make fast and efficient withdrawals from Betfair, then you might want to consider using an ewallet like Skrill or Neteller. These payment methods can process your withdrawals between one and two business days, and you won’t be charged any fees for making a payout request. You can also make a free and instant deposit with Skrill or Neteller from $10 at a time.

We should also mention the fact that Betfair allow you to fund your bets with a few different bank transfer methods. You can make a standard bank transfer deposit at Betfair from $30 and it won’t be subject to any fees although it might take up to three working days to show up in your account. Making a standard bank transfer withdrawal will also take between one and three working days, and you can do this from $15 at a time.

If standard bank transfers sound like they take too long, then you could always try and use the POLi system. This allows you to make instant bank transfers from $5 at a time, although you can’t use POLi for making withdrawals.

Betfair Bonus Code New Zealand

✅Is Betfair legal in New Zealand?

The New Zealand gambling act regulates gambling in the country, which makes all online betting that originates within New Zealand legal. Betfair’s site is completely licensed for New Zealand users, and the site also has a fully functioning help desk that provides you with a selection of trustworthy payment methods. Please read our Betfair Bonus Code New Zealand review for more details.

💸How can I get the bonus that I won on Betfair?

To claim your bonuses there are a few avenues to go down and they are relatively easy to understand and perform. But make sure that you have a thorough understanding of their terms and conditions, which is detailed in our review of Betfair Bonus Code New Zealand.

⏱️How long do the Free bets on Betfair last?

If you have won a free bet on Betfair, then it is valid for up to a certain number of days, and you have to use your free bet within this stipulated period. However, note that you will only be awarded free bets after your qualifying bet has been settled. Read our Betfair Bonus Code New Zealand review for more information on their promotions and offers.

💳How can I deposit and withdraw money from my Betfair account?

You can find many payment methods on the Betfair site like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and many more, and Betfair also doesn’t charge any fees for the transactions. The withdrawal time in BetFair is also very quick so that you do not have to wait a long time. However, they do not accept any cheques or in-person deposits. For more information about deposits and withdrawals on Betfair, please read this detailed review of Betfair Bonus Code New Zealand.

💭Are there any charges when I bet on Betfair?

Betfair is home to a vast array of betting markets on numerous sporting events, both domestic and international, and you will have to pay a commission only on winning bets. This is the Market Base Rate, and you can find more about the commission and market rates in our detailed Betfair review. 

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programmes

Betfair is a little unlike the standard sports betting site in that it isn’t swathed in lots of advertisements for its Betfair promo codes and special offers. This is because Betfair is a site that is aimed at the serious sports fan, and it will therefore highlight the best odds for the biggest sporting events.

While the lack of promotions might be off-putting for some punters, it’s important to remember that the majority of sports betting bonuses are actually pretty hard to make any decent money from. When you factor in things like wagering conditions, qualifying odds and time limits, even the best sports betting promotion can turn out to be a real headache.

So Betfair could be doing themselves a favour in focusing purely on giving you access to some of the market leading sports betting odds. While it can take a little bit of getting used to laying and backing other punters’ bets, it can quickly reveal itself to be a fun and potentially profitable enterprise.

Plus when you factor in the way in which Betfair allow you to rack up points that can be used to decrease the amount of commission fees that you have to pay, then you might find that there is no going back to a standard sports betting site.

Easy ways to enjoy lower commission fees

So let’s take a closer look at how you can get lower commission fees from Betfair. First of all, you will have to earn Betfair Points to enjoy a better discount rate on your commission, but you won’t need to enter in any kind of Betfair promo code. The amount of Betfair Points that you earn is directly proportional to your betting activity on the bookmaker’s site.

You will earn one Betfair Point for each 10 cents of commission fees that you have to pay. So if you had managed to win $400 on the Betfair exchange, you’d worked up enough points to get a 40% discount rate, and the commission rate was 5%, then you would have to pay commission equal to your winnings multiplied by the discount rate multiplied by the commission rate. This would mean that you’d pay $12 in commission fees and earn yourself 120 Betfair Points.

You will only start earning a 10% discount rate once you have collected 7,000 Betfair Points. Once you have gathered together 17,000 Betfair Points you will get the 20% discount rate. 29,000 Betfair Points will earn you a 30% discount rate. If you get 49,000 Betfair Points you will get a 40% discount rate, while 80,000 points will see your commission fees reduced by 50%. You will only get the full 60% discount rate by getting 150,000 Betfair Points, but you won’t need to use a Betfair bonus code at any point.

Bear in mind that you’ll be kept at a 20% discount rate until you have completed the Betfair Know Your Customer check requirements. But after you have done this, then you just need to keep betting and you will gradually see that your discount rate will start to rise up to the full 60% rate.


How betting exchanges work to give you the best odds

Going to a betting exchange like Betfair is markedly different from visiting a standard bookmaker. By being able to trade bets with other customers, it means that you are open to getting much better value odds than if you were to just use the fixed-odds put on by a bookmaker.

However, it’s worth noting that you’ll only be able to back or lay bets for odds that are actually put on by other punters. As a result, there might come a time where you won’t find any betting markets available for your chosen sporting event.

Thankfully, you shouldn’t have this problem too often at Betfair as this is the world’s biggest betting exchange. Plus we carried out a quick odds comparison test in our Betfair review which found proof that you can get some market-leading odds at the betting exchange.

Obviously you will have to factor in way in which Betfair’s commission can eat away at your profits. But with Betfair’s willingness to let you earn a healthy discount rate on your commission fees without needing a Betfair bonus code, it shows that you shouldn’t have your profits compromised too much. Particularly as Betfair don’t have any kinds of betting limits that could put a ceiling on your winnings.

Live betting

Quality in-play betting service with live streaming

As Betfair are a very modern bookmaker, it should come as no real surprise to find that they have an excellent live betting service. By heading to the in-play betting section of the Betfair site, you will find that you can enjoy a massive range of live bets for popular sports like football, tennis, snooker, basketball, cricket, volleyball and ice hockey.

This means that you won’t just get to enjoy live match-winner bets, but you should be able to bet on lots of other events in a sporting encounter after the event has kicked off. So for a rugby match you might be able to bet on the top try-scorer, for a cricket match, you could bet on how many runs a batsman might get and so on.

But perhaps the most exciting part of the Betfair live betting experience is the fact that they include live streaming for some sports. This means that if you are into sports like horse racing, greyhound racing, football or tennis, you might be able to watch a live stream of the action and then get a much greater level of accuracy over your in-play bets.

Overall Conclusion

It’s hard to overlook the central fact that Betfair do not treat new customers to a standard welcome bonus. This is a pretty controversial move from one of the biggest names in the sports betting world, and we think that there will be more than a few casual sports fans who will head elsewhere for a decent sign up bonus.

But if you stick around at Betfair long enough to pick up a few Betfair Points, you will see how your commission fees will gradually start to be reduced. This means that your overall betting profits will increase as the bookmaker takes a smaller slice of the winnings that you enjoy on their already market-leading bets. So don’t let the lack of Betfair promo code deals put you off, but sign up to Betfair and take advantage of their great betting exchange.

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Betfair Sports
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Betfair Sports Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+
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