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US Online Gambling Sites » Best Horse Racing Betting Sites for US in 2024

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites for US in 2024

Horse Betting USA

Last Updated on 06/10/2024
Fact checked by: Mark Lewis

There’s an abundance of the best horse racing betting sites for the US. Horse racing betting online USA has a long and rich history. It’s been around for centuries with widespread popularity across the globe.

In this day and age, you needn’t spend your days at the track to learn how to bet horses successfully – and hopefully win bets on your favorite thoroughbred. Some sites will offer live streaming, special promotions, and horse racing specific offers. When choosing one, it’s essential to consider the different payment methods and what they offer, too.

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Compare the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites for US in 2024

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Horse betting in the USA is an age-old favorite pastime. Well-known races like the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes have been running for over 100 years. Technology has made prestigious events like these and others more accessible to the general population, with horse racing betting online USA becoming increasingly popular. Yet, how do you know which site to use, which will give you the best experience and offers, and what payment method suits you best?

You can find the best ones reviewed and tested right here, along with the best horse racing betting sites for the US. It really boils down to preference. Horse race betting online in the USA is safe and secure, provided you use honest online casinos and good sportsbooks .

This is because top-rated, No.1 bookies  in the USA have spent time developing a website that gives horse racing fans everything they expect and more. You can even find some providers that offer horse racing and nothing else, such is the level of popularity for the sport. The best of these have endured our very stringent operator tests to earn themselves a place on our website.

The best US Racebooks 2024:

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Horse Racing Betting Online in USA – Deposits and Payouts

The industry of horse race betting online in the USA is diverse with many old-school bookies and new betting sites alike. It follows then that payment methods vary too, as do deposit and withdrawal periods. There’s no exact timeframe for deposits and withdrawals, as this is dependent upon the operator as well as the payment method itself.

Usually, deposits are almost instantly reflected when using the best horse racing betting sites for the US because bettors don’t want to wait forever to place their bets. Having said that, there are some online gambling deposit options and sports betting sites require identity verification before depositing funds. Withdrawal times, on the other hand, generally take a bit longer.

On average, this can range from anything between 48 hours to 3 days. From our horse betting comparisons, we found eWallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller process payments a bit quicker. Whatever the case may be, on average with the best horse racing betting sites for the US, you should receive your winnings after around two days, if not sooner.

Best US Horse Racing Betting Sites – Verification Requirements for Horse Racing Betting Online USA

Now, before you’re able to collect your spoils from your chosen horse racing betting site, you’ll need to meet certain verification requirements. This, of course, is to comply with laws and regulations. You may have found the best site for horse racing when it comes to offers, bonuses, and usability of the website, but if you can’t get to your winnings easily, then it defeats the purpose.

Things like your age, jurisdiction, and identity must be verified. If the site you’re using does not request this, then raise the alarm! It’s imperative that you only use accredited sites with a good reputation when horse race betting online in the USA.

That’s easy, though, because we only feature the best horse racing betting sites for the US here. Usually, you’ll be requested to send proof of identification and sometimes even proof of address. Most sites have a built-in function for this allowing you to scan or upload your ID card, driver’s license, or passport directly to the site.

Some operators insist on identity verification straight away when signing up, and some only ask this when you want to withdraw funds. Try getting it out of the way ASAP though, because withdrawals could be delayed by verification processes. It’s no fun horse racing betting online in the USA if you can’t access your winnings.

Editor’s Recommendation – Best US Horse Racing Betting Sites 2024

Horse racing betting online usaIn order for an operator to be featured as the Editor’s Recommendation amongst the No.1 bookies, it must have a stellar reputation and tick all of our boxes.

Our Editor looks at a range of criteria that an operator must meet before making a recommendation on the best horse racing betting sites for the US.

Key aspects include licensing and security, software, usability, variety of events, the bookmaker’s odds and betting markets, customer support and even the sports betting promotions on offer.

In our Editor’s Recommendation for the best horse racing No.1 bookie betting sites for the US category, we also take a closer look at the payment handling of various operators to see which one is the fastest when it comes to deposits and withdrawals while horse racing betting online in the USA.

Horse Racing Betting Sites FAQ

❓ Do Betting Sites All Use the Same Payment Methods?

No, each operator has its own selection of payment methods. However, you’ll usually find that most betting sites offer at least three popular payment methods. The best horse racing betting sites for the US will have a myriad of options available.

These can include eWallets like Skrill, Neteller and PayPal and traditional methods like wire transfer, Visa, and MasterCard. Voucher cards like Paysafecard are also widely accepted. Always make sure you check what payment methods are available when signing up for your favorite betting site.

🏇 Can I Watch Live Horse Racing When Placing Bets Online?

Yes and no. Most operators will now allow you to stream horse races from a variety of events all over the world. It’s not uncommon for the best horse racing betting sites to allow users to watch the events as they unfold.

It’s become something players expect to have and the top operators will cover at least some of the races they have betting markets available. This may not always be the case, as some of the most significant race meetings have big-money TV deals, but it’s rare to not find at least some live action from the track.

🐎 How Can I find the Best Odds for Horse Racing?

The best horse racing betting sites for the US will provide good value odds to customers and sometimes even in-play betting. That doesn’t mean the odds offered are as good as they should be.

Check out our odds comparison section for everything you need to know about finding good odds consistently. We focus on various sports and markets, so you can find a method that suits you best. We also review every top horse racing bookmaker in the USA, with a view of the odds they offer customers.

⚠️ What Are the Limits for Placing Bets on Horse Racing?

Once again, this factor is determined by the betting site itself. Because all site and payment methods are different, it’s impossible to say precisely what the limits are. However, all of this information should be stated in clear and concise terms on the betting site. This is always the case with one of our selected best horse racing betting sites for the US.

🏧 What Fees Are Charged for Deposits and Withdrawals?

This differs from site to site and depends on the payment method used. Usually, deposits don’t incur fees, but this isn’t always the case, especially if you make use of wire transfers or checks. Withdrawals tend to carry costs. Make sure you’ve done your homework, so you know what fees (if any) to expect.

Top 5 Racebooks In The Industry:

100% up to $100
Players from Virginia accepted
Oregon (US) Racing Commission
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T&Cs apply, 21+

Yes and no. Online gambling comes in all shapes and forms, from online casinos to sportsbooks, live or video poker, and of course, horse betting. Nowadays, you can find gambling apps with real money for just about anything you can think of.

The amount of betting sites for horse racing and sportsbook apps offering this favorite pastime are immense – and perfectly legal.

In fact, when US Federal Law came crashing down on other forms of online gambling, horse race betting online in the USA was explicitly excluded. Gambling in New Jersey and online gambling sites in Pennsylvania are perfect examples.

Even so, the law surrounding horse race betting online in the USA can seem complicated even though some states in the country have legalized it.

The easiest way to know that you’re on the right side of the law is first, make sure you only use legitimate and safe horse race betting online USA sites. This can be done by choosing one rated on our website.

Secondly, when you sign up, the operator will tell you whether or not you can use their site in your state. Even if it’s one of the best best horse racing betting sites for the US, it could not be available where you live.

However, if you’re opting for an offshore site, make sure you use one with a proven track record and a good reputation. This is naturally applicable to all websites you decide to use.

Anyone even vaguely aware of horse racing has heard of the US Triple Crown and it predates all the best horse racing betting sites for the US due to the long history of the sport and this event specifically. These Races have all been running since the late 1800s, throughout the Great Depression and even the First and Second World Wars. The three races, exclusive to three-year-old thoroughbreds, are held once a year in different parts of the country. You’ll usually find horse racing betting offers centered around these events:

The Kentucky Derby

A Grade I Stakes race accompanying the Kentucky Derby Festival, it is held annually in Louisiana at Churchill Downs on the First Saturday of May. It’s the first leg in the illustrious Triple Crown and affectionately dubbed “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”.

You can sip on the iced drink of mint, bourbon, and sugar syrup called a Mint Julep, traditionally served at the Kentucky Derby each year. This prestigious race has attracted celebrities from around the globe, the most notable being Queen Elizabeth II in 2007.

You needn’t have to rub shoulders with the elite to wager on this popular event. Also called ‘The Run For The Roses’, this race alone reported a wagering total of $20 Million for horse race betting online in the USA, according to TwinSpires. TwinSpires is a well-known betting site for horse racing and a partner of the Kentucky Derby.

The Preakness Stakes

Horse race betting online in the USA wouldn’t be complete without the second gem in the Triple Crown, this race is held in Maryland every year, a fortnight after the Kentucky Derby. It’s also a Grade I race dubbed the “The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans”, stemming from the blanket of yellow flowers for the winner that resembles Maryland’s state flower.

With a purse of $1,000 in 1873, the Preakness Stakes in 2014 had a purse of around $1.5 Million. It ranks second as the highest number of people in attendance. This is partly due to the ‘InField Fest’.

Unlike other strictly hoity-toity, hats-and-cocktails-only events, the InField Fest holds live musical performances and even sells an unlimited refillable beer mug. Though, you can still get your hands on the official cocktail called “The Black-Eyed Susan”, a tart drink consisting of Elderflower liqueur, vodka, pineapple, and citrus.

Last year, this race attracted over $50 Million in wagers for both horse betting online and offline.

The Belmont Stakes

This race held in Elmont, New York, also termed ‘The Run of The Carnations’, is the third and final leg in the famous Triple Crown.It is so named because of the blanket of white carnation flowers presented to the winner. Another name for the Belmont Stakes is ‘The Test of Champions’, owing to the length of the race being the longest of the three at 1.5 miles.

It’s held only three weeks after the Preakness Stakes and five weeks after the Kentucky Derby. With a grueling schedule like that, it’s a small wonder why the Triple Crown has only been won 13 times. In the year 1919, a chestnut thoroughbred named Sir Barton became the first-ever winner of the Triple Crown.

The latest winner is Justify, also a chestnut racehorse. Now retired, Justify clinched the Triple Crown Title with Mike Smith in 2018, who became the oldest jockey to win at the age of 52. This famous American Jockey holds the title of winning the highest number of Breeders’ Cup races (twenty-six in all) as well as being the second-highest earner raking in earnings of over $300 million over his career. That concludes our overview of the US Triple Crown, arguably the busiest period for users of horse racing betting online USA.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other big events in horse racing.

Breeders’ Cup World Championship

The Breeders’ Cup is amongst some of the top attended events in the US and has been running since 1982. It’s home to a series of annual Grade I thoroughbred races spanning over two days.

The International Federation of Horseracing Authorities ranked three Breeders’ Cup races including the Classic, the Turf, and the Mile among the top Grade 1 globally. This series of races has an impressive collective purse totaling $30 Million.

The Grand National

Although not a US event, it still attracts a massive following from around the world and all the best horse racing betting sites for the US will cover it. It’s a thoroughbred event held in Liverpool, but instead of a straightforward race track, horses are tested in more creative ways. Around thirty fences of varying heights are used throughout the race.

The Grand National is especially famous in Europe due to its potential of offering entrants millions in payouts, therefore making it an equally attractive race to place bets within the horse racing betting online USA community.

horse racing betting online USAYou can bet that any reputable betting site for horse racing will include these long-running and renowned races, as well as many others. It’s even possible nowadays, with the advancement of technology, to use in play horse race betting while watching in real-time from your computer, tablet, or phone.

The best horse racing betting sites for the US will generally furnish all of the useful information you’ll need when placing a bet – including of course the horse racing odds, past performances, and other important info as well as which bet means what.

Even the best horse betting strategies can seem confusing at first, especially if you’re a newbie and don’t know how horse race betting online in the USA works. So here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular bet types, including special horse racing accumulators you can place:


This simple bet is when you predict what horse will come in First and Second place, in that order. It pays more, but to win, you’ll have to predict the winning horse and second place correctly.


The same as an Exacta, except with Third Place added.

Daily Double

Spans multiple races where you’ll have to choose the winner of two races in a row.

Pick 6

In pick 6 horse racing you’ll choose winners for six consecutive races at the same track.


As simple as it sounds; you’ll predict which horse wins the race.


A straight bet where you wager on a horse to finish in the top three.


Similar to a Win Bet, but you wager on whether a horse will come in first or second place. The actual position doesn’t matter. You’ll win as long as the horse you chose comes in one of these places.

Conclusion of Horse Racing Betting Online USA

Choosing a suitable payment method is an important aspect that will affect your entire online betting experience, whether you’re experienced in horse betting or not. With our help, finding the best horse racing betting sites for the US is the easy part, and so is finding a suitable payment method, but the rest is up to you.

Make sure the site you prefer offers a payment method that is suitable. Things you should always look out for are the convenience, reliability, and security of the site, as well as available payment methods and how long deposits and withdrawals take. This concludes our horse racing betting online USA page but if you’re looking for more guides, we’ve got in-depth online sportsbook reviews , as well as reviews for MLB betting sites – make sure to take a look today!

The best US Racebooks 2024:

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