Best New Jersey Online Gambling Sites 2021

Best Legal NJ Gambling Sites

There are so many New Jersey online gambling sites that it can be difficult to navigate through all the different options. There are different strategies and hundreds of reviews for gambling in New Jersey online.

We’ll help you to choose the best NJ gambling sites that are legitimate, secure and fun.

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Why are betting guides/casinos so important?

Many people believe that it’s impossible to beat the house. However, with some research and education, you can become a master gambler in no time. It’s crucial to do your homework when choosing the best NJ gambling sites.

If you focus on strategies, you can increase your chances if you find ones that work. Strategies can help you to manage your money wisely and identify better odds to give you an advantage. You can make your bets based on statistics, rather than just supporting your favorite team.

Our guides will help you choose the online gambling sites in New Jersey that tick your boxes.

Who Should Make Use of These Guides?

Whether you have been playing with an online gambling site in New Jersey for years, or you’re just starting out, it’s essential to keep abreast with new developments to find the best NJ gambling sites.

There’s always a new strategy that you can try out. There are also many new US sportsbooks opening and you may need help in choosing the best online gambling sites in New Jersey. Reading online casino reviews can help you get a picture of the casino or horse racing bookmakers in the USA.

By reading our strategies and guides, you get access to experts at gambling in New Jersey that have been studying strategies and game theory for years. Our guides will also help you to choose the best NJ gambling sites since we carefully test and review each NJ online gambling site for your safety and convenience. If you’re new to horse racing betting, for instance, you can look at the guide on how to bet horses successfully.

Betting Guides and Strategies

The Basics of Betting

Let’s dive into the ins and out of betting basics. After reading this guide, you’ll have all the tools you need to get started with online gambling.

What is Betting?

Betting can be described as wagering on the outcome of something unknown. For instance, you can bet on the outcome of a sports event.

What are Betting Odds?

Betting odds help you determine how much money you will get if you win the bet. It’s the probability of the event taking place. For instance with betting odds of 4/1, for every $1 you wager, you will win $4. There is a 20% chance of the outcome you are betting on happening, which is calculated by 1 / (4 + 1) = 0.20. You can use our betting odds comparison to find the best odds. This will also help you with horse racing betting odds.

Betting is not legal in all 50 states of the USA. You have to make sure that betting is legal in your state. It’s only legal in Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. In these states, you can access online casinos and sportsbooks, mobile apps, and physical casinos. Thus, New Jersey online gambling is legal and very popular in the state.

Can You Become a Professional Better?

You can become a professional gambler, but it takes a lot of time and effort. The idea is always to have as much possible output, with the least amount of input. In other words, you want to win as much as possible with the best online casinos in New Jersey by betting as little money as possible.

You’ll have to spend considerable time researching and playing at the best online gambling sites in New Jersey to become good enough to gamble professionally.

Pre-match VS Live Betting

As the names indicate, pre-match betting means that you place your bet before the match starts, whereas live betting, or in-game betting, is when you place bets when the match is already on. The best sports betting sites in the USA allow for both, as well as streaming games live.

The advantage of pre-match betting is that you can analyse the risk factors and think carefully about your wager. With live betting, you can often win more money, but decisions are made on the spur of the moment. New Jersey online gambling offers you the opportunity to place bets pre-match and live.

Betting strategies are crucial. You can learn more about basic horse betting strategy on the site. To make things more exciting, you can practice in play betting on horse racing.

Betting Types

There are so many different terms when we place bets. We can clear some of these up for you.

  • Single: one bet on one selection in an event.
  • Accumulators: also often referred to as ‘roll-up’ or ‘acca’ is a bet requiring any number of selections. All the selections must win for you to get a return. You also get Doubles, Trebles and Four-Fold accumulators. Look at our guide for horse racing accumulators
  • Trixie: four bets with three selections.
  • Patent: seven bets with three selections.
  • Yankee: eleven bets with four selections.
  • Lucky 15: fifteen bets involving 4 selections.
  • System bets: not all your selections have to win for you to get a return.

Money Management and Bonuses

How to Allocate Your Monthly Budget

Using a budget when you gamble allows you to have control. You can make sure that you only use money that you can afford to lose when. You can keep track of your wagers and pay all bills before you allocate money to gambling. Allocate a specific amount that you can afford and if you are not going to gamble frequently, you can save an amount each week or month.

You must stick to this amount and not borrow money while you are playing. Also, don’t play games that you do not fully understand.

New Jersey online gambling websites allow you to set limits on your account to stop yourself from betting more than your allocated budget.

The way you budget your monthly expenses should also be the way you budget your stakes for the gaming period.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The best online sites in New Jersey will accept all major forms of payment. Gambling site deposit options must suit you. This will include credit and debit cards, as well as e-wallets and direct deposits. You can look for sportsbooks with low minimum deposits.

You can usually change your preferred method of making deposits, but withdrawals will usually be paid to the last method you used.

Deposits can reflect immediately in your casino account, depending on the method you use. The same with withdrawals, however, there may be a processing time from the casino’s side. All payments should be done within three to five days. Remember there is a difference between a withdrawal and sportsbook cash out.

Bonus Wagering

You should use the bonuses that are allocated to you. Often, bonuses expire if you don’t use them within a specific period. Bonuses are great because there is no risk to the wager that you are making.

Sometimes when you are gambling in New Jersey you may find that casinos limit how you use your bonus. Sometimes it is allocated to free spins on a slots game, or it can be used freely on any bets you want to place.

You can look out for different promotions to use to your advantage such as horse racing betting offers in the USA.

Operator Terms and Conditions

New Jersey online gambling sites will have varying terms and conditions of play, but it has to be in line with the gaming authority.

Terms and conditions should restrict underage gambling and ensure the safety of your information.

When you are gambling in New Jersey make sure that you read through the terms and conditions so that you are not caught off-guard.

VIP and Loyalty Programs

The best NJ gambling sites will have a rewards or loyalty program. While each online gambling site in New Jersey will have a different program, you should be able to earn points when you bet that you can redeem. Usually, the rewards are free bets, but can also be tickets to events or even discounted accommodation.

Understanding Betting Strategies

The most important strategy is to choose the right market to follow with New Jersey online gambling. You should also follow betting tips and take part in betting forums. This will improve your chances of winning greatly.

Understand the odds that the best NJ gambling sites give you. Do your research before placing bets and don’t just place bets on blind faith. You can do research on betting strategies on the site, including pick 6 horse racing strategy.

Useful Betting Knowledge

Is Betting Legal?

We have already mentioned that gambling in New Jersey is legal. You have to physically be in the state to access the best NJ gambling sites. Online casinos can trace where your IP address is located and they usually block users that are not in the state. You will also find the best PA gambling sites.

Should I Bet Online or Offline?

While betting offline is fun, it does not beat the convenience of online betting. You will find a far greater variety of games with New Jersey online gambling than you will in a physical casino. You will also find that NJ online gambling does not have the same distractions as a physical casino. Gambling apps with real money allows you to take your betting wherever you go, which includes sportsbooks apps.

NJ online gambling offers promotions and bonuses that would otherwise be reserved only for the highest betters. You can use these to your advantage when making bets on the best NJ gambling sites.

Do I Have to Pay Tax?

With NJ online gambling, you only pay tax on winnings that are more than $5 000. If you declare your winnings, tax is withheld at a rate of 25%, whereas if you don’t declare it properly, it will be withheld at a rate of 28%.

Winnings under the amount of $5000 are not taxable. The winnings do not include the original amount wagered.

What Tools can I use?

There are some tools that you can use to help make New Jersey online gambling more fun and lucrative.

You can use an odds calculator to help you work out the best odds to bet on with NJ online gambling. There are a few value betting software tools which can help you calculate the true odds, instead of what the sportsbook publishes. You can also get software that analyses trends so that you can make strategic bets.

Betting Guide FAQ

Does every strategy work?

There are many published strategies that work very well when placing bets. There are, however, always going to be those that are published and do not work. You have to do your research about the strategies that you are interested in using.

Is it safe to use strategies?

If the strategy has been proven to work, it is completely safe to use. Do your research before deciding to use the strategy. Read guides and follow the advice of experts.

Can I Make Bets Without Using a Strategy?

Strategies help improve the chances of winning on the best NJ gambling sites. However, you can place bets without using strategies. Professional players invest time and money in researching and testing betting strategies since it pays off to bet smart. However, if you follow a team and know their play, you can place bets without using the strategies that experts use.

What is the Best Strategy?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy for gambling in New Jersey. Every game and event is different. You have to put time and effort in to learn about the best strategies for the events that you are interested in.

How Much Money Must I Bet?

The amount of money you decide to play with online gambling sites in New Jersey depends completely on what you can afford. You must budget for the wagers you are going to place. You always want to have the highest possible payoff with the lowest possible bets.


New Jersey online gambling is a ton of fun and can be lucrative. Whenever you play with the best NJ gambling sites, make sure that you budget your money wisely. Set limits and budget your stakes like you would your household budget.

Research and learn about the best strategies for your favorite games. If you need to test strategies, never wager large amounts. Talk to other gamblers about the strategies and get expert opinions.

Read as many guides as you can. This will help you navigate New Jersey online gambling and ensure that you can make an educated choice between the best NJ gambling sites.

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