Best US Sports Betting Sites That Accept Mastercard 2020

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If you are planning to partake in sports betting with MasterCard in the USA, you have come to the right place. As one of the world’s foremost financial service providers, MasterCard focuses on providing its clients peace of mind when it comes to online transactions. The widely accepted brand also strives to make purchases faster and more comfortable.

While their popularity comes from their credit cards, there are over 25000 banks worldwide issuing MasterCard branded debit and even prepaid cards. Read further for more information about their procedures, products, and how to enjoy the benefits of any U.S. sportsbook that accepts MasterCard.

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Operators with MasterCard

888 Highlights
  • Two different sports welcome bonuses
  • PayPal available for sportsbook bets
  • A massive $250,000 betting limit for soccer
New Jersey (US)
300% up to
Bet365 Highlights
  • A bonus offer for NHL fans
  • Fund your account for live streaming access
  • Trusted provider for over 20 years
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
Betamerica Highlights
  • Access a $1,000 risk-free bonus bet today
  • Choose from multiple betting markets
  • Live streaming & in-play betting available
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
Unibet Highlights
  • Cover losses with the $10 bonus bet offer
  • Choose from a range of betting markets
  • PayPal available for sports betting
New Jersey (US)
up to
Caesars Highlights
  • Decent virtual sports section
  • Good graphics
  • 6 different sports available
New Jersey (US)
Betfair Highlights
  • Variety of events and games
  • Competitive range of odds
  • Very reliable operator
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
Sugarhouse Highlights
  • Most major sports available
  • Excellent Moneyline odds offered
  • Live streaming & in-play betting offered
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
betmgm Highlights
  • Top insurance sports bonus
  • Diverse range of betting markets
  • Skrill available for sports betting
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
Golden Nugget Highlights
  • Losing bet refund up to $100
  • Credited within 72 hours
  • Straight win bets only
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
Borgata Highlights
  • Well-tailored betting markets
  • Decent website design
  • Generous limits
New Jersey (US)
500% up to
Fox Bet Highlights
  • $500 free bet offer whether you win or lose!
  • Intuitive sportsbook interface
  • A worthwhile loyalty program
New Jersey (US)
100% up to
The Score Highlights
  • Free bet offer up to $300
  • Exceptional range of betting markets available
  • Smooth in-play betting feature
Credit Card
New Jersey (US)
100% up to

Making a Payment With MasterCard

It is relatively easy to find a betting site that accepts MasterCard since it is one of the credit card giants in the financial industry. The method used to deposit to your chosen U.S. sportsbook that accepts MasterCard depends on which product you are using. The process of depositing with MasterCard is much the same as with other debit or credit cards.
Open an account

While creating an account with a sportsbook that takes MasterCard, players are required to verify some personal and necessary financial information.

Verify Your Identity

Some of the required information includes relevant contact details and credit or debit card information. Since MasterCard is so vigilant about detecting fraudulent activity, its payment system prevents any unauthorized access to client details.

Make a deposit with MasterCard

Their prepaid card gives the player more control over the amount that they spend. The preloaded amount on your card prevents you from overspending. When you deposit sports betting with MasterCard in the USA, remember to practice responsible gambling and be mindful of your budget.

Average Time of MasterCard for Deposits and Payouts

An important point to remember when sports betting with MasterCard in the USA is to choose an alternate withdrawal method if using a credit card. The payment processing system does not allow for incoming payments from bookmakers, especially if it’s bigger than the initially deposited amount.

MasterCard Verification Requirements

As a company, MasterCard makes account security and fraud prevention a high priority. Countermeasures are set in place to detect any possible fraudulent activity and minimize the impact on their clients if fraud does occur. These countermeasures are correctly applied to store your verification details safely. Thus preventing cybercriminals from gaining access to it.

When completing a transaction with an online merchant or U.S. sportsbook that accepts MasterCard, you can rest assured that your information is kept secure. As previously stated, as part of the verification process, account holders are asked to confirm the necessary personal and financial information.

The first line of defense against fraud lies with the card. While all MasterCard products have a chip-and-PIN system for protection, the digital equivalent is called a Securecode. When participating in sports betting with MasterCard in the USA, the client must provide their relevant Securecode. Although a simple PIN or password, the presentation of the Securecode proves permission to use the card in question.

History of MasterCard

Founded by a conglomerate of five banks, the MasterCard company’s roots date back to the 1960s. Although it had a slow start, credit cards and other related financial products have continued to grow. Through the purchase of Access in the 1990s and merging with EuroPay in 2002, MasterCard has established and expanded its exposure in Britain and Europe, respectively.

The company has grown its global presence since its successful 2006 Initial Public Offering (IPO). To date, it is the second-largest credit card holder of shares in the financial industry. Currently, MasterCard collaborates with numerous banks worldwide. The debit and credit cards issued are widely accepted.

Since MasterCard is one of the leading debit and credit card providers worldwide, you would be hard-pressed to find any retail outlet, restaurant, or service provider that does not accept this form of payment. This versatility means that finding betting sites you can use MasterCard with is relatively easy.

MasterCard Compared to Others

In the financial sector, MasterCard and Visa have always been rivals as the world’s two leading credit card companies. We cannot compare their global presence and issued card tally, as neither are transparent with these totals. Below are the most significant comparison points between these two financial giants.

  • Since both providers have made a mark in the international markets, hundreds of countries worldwide accept these cards.
  • Both are simply methods of payment, but neither issue the cards themselves. The local bank in each country issues the cards on their behalf.

The Big4 banks are aligned as follows:

  • Australian NAB exclusively uses Visa products
  • Commonwealth Bank solely issues MasterCard products
  • ANZ and Westpac issue products from both providers

While credit card payments appear to be the most convenient, some sports betting sites charge extra for this method of payment. On the other hand, these also tend to be the fly-by-night type of websites. More often than not, it is only a reputable U.S. sportsbook that accepts MasterCard credit transactions without much extra charge.

Another option is a debit card payment which is accepted anywhere and doesn’t incur extra costs. The downside of these payments is that your card details are stored online. Since confidentiality and safety are a concern for most players, this is not an ideal scenario as debit card transactions carry significant security risks.

For more significant deposits or withdrawals, many recommend bank wire transfers instead. This method is considered the most reliable and safest available. The downside, however, is that bank wire transfers can take a few days to process. In this regard, it is not an ideal transaction method.

In the end, the only way to know if you’re making the right decision is to do some thorough research. Study the different methods and shop around for the best payment options for sports betting with MasterCard in the USA.

It is worth noting that, over the last few years, the payment options have increased significantly. We have gone from having betting sites that accept visa and sportsbook that take debit cards to having betting sites that accept American Express, sportsbooks that take apple pay and there are even betting sites to pay by mobile.

If you look through Wetten’s betting sites list and online casino list, you will also find betting sites that accept venmo, and betting sites that accept paypal. Not to mention sportsbooks that take prepaid cards and betting sites that accept paysafecard.

In addition to the variety of payment methods, many of these sites are also considered to be online casinos with fast withdrawal or sportsbooks with fast withdrawal. Not only do they have such a wide variety of deposit options, but they offer a variety of online gambling withdrawal options.

You could be gambling in Pennsylvania, or gambling in New Jersey, looking for the best horse betting websites in the USA or just trying to find the best sportsbooks odds for gambling on sports.

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re looking for, Wetten’s US sports betting guide can help you develop the best betting strategy for the US for everything from horse betting online to finding the best sports betting promo code or U.S. gambling apps.

This article, and many others like it, can help you navigate all the new betting sites in the USA to find only the best online gambling sites in the USA and the best US sportsbooks. BUt, for now, let’s get back to Mastercard.

MasterCard FAQ

While searching for the best U.S. sportsbook that accepts MasterCard, learning from other people’s experiences can provide valuable information. One of the best places to find this information is amongst some frequently asked questions. Below are five of the most common questions when finding betting sites that accept MasterCard:

Is Online Gambling Legal in the U.S.A?

The laws differ from state to state, but the general answer is yes. Owning or running an online casino is illegal in the United States of America. However, placing bets as a private individual is completely legal on licensed sites.

Are There Any MasterCard Deposit Fees?

In the past, any U.S. sportsbook that accepts MasterCard may have implemented a fee for electronic payments, but not anymore. No betting sites that accept MasterCard enforces these extra fees. It is important to note that many credit card companies do charge higher interest rates against their revolving line of credit. The MasterCard debit card, however, does not have this issue.

May I Register With More Than One Sportsbook?

Absolutely yes. The best way to find the best site for sports betting with MasterCard in the USA for you is to test a few out.

What to Look for Before Making a Deposit

Before depositing sports betting with MasterCard in the USA, keep an eye out for the logo. Due to the company’s values, the MasterCard logo acts as an endorsement for the sportsbook. It serves as an indication that the betting sites that accept MasterCard have the required licenses and are reputable.

How Soon Can I Place Bets After Making a Deposit?

This answer depends on the chosen betting sites that accept MasterCard. Many betting sites allow players to place wagers almost instantly after making a deposit. However, some may require a period to verify the legitimacy of your transaction. Players should clarify this information with the betting site before making a deposit.

Top 5 Betting Sites

As one of the two biggest financial services providers, participating in sports betting with MasterCard in the USA is relatively easy. Below are the top five sports betting sites that accept MasterCard according to numerous reviews. Let’s have a closer look at the unique features and bonuses for each one.

1. Bovada Sportsbook

Owned by Bodog Sportsbook, Bovada has become a favorite amongst players in the USA. Upon creating a new account, Bovada offers new players a welcome bonus of up to $250. This bonus is available immediately after the first deposit is made, as a free bet award.

Bovada accepts bets for a wide variety of sporting events. Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League, NCAA Basketball and College Football, and the National Basketball Association form part of this list.

2. BetOnline

The BetOnline sportsbook has become a premier sports betting site in the USA market. This sportsbook offers its US players an impressive lineup of wagering options and betting lines. BetOnline offers a signup bonus of up to $1000 free play for players betting on basketball.

Players should also look out for seasonal bonuses related to major sporting events such as the NFL, NBA, FIFA, NLB, and the NHL. With a focus on the players, BetOnline guarantees excitement, rewards, security, and convenience.

3. Bookmaker

Registered as one of the most trusted and respected sportsbooks in the industry, Bookmaker is a popular choice for online sports betting. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Bookmaker offers multiple promotions, bonuses, and reward opportunities. Some of these include the various welcome and reload bonuses, such as a seasonal sports signup bonus.

Bookmaker is committed to providing a high-quality betting experience to the players. This characteristic is evident in the attention to detail, user-friendly interface, and extensive betting options.

4. SportsBetting

The company has been around since 1999 and was bought by BetOnline in 2012. Under this new ownership, the sportsbook has undergone extensive system upgrades to provide more impressive betting lines and the opportunity to place wagers on smaller sporting events as well as the larger ones. Players can now also bet on games such as cricket, snooker, and darts, to name a few. offers new players betting on basketball a welcome bonus of up to $1000 in free play credit. The sportsbook offers a variety of other bonuses and promotions, some related to specific sporting events. Thus it is vital to read the terms before signing up.

4. Intertops

The Intertops sportsbook is action-packed with anything a player could expect to experience in online sports betting. Its unmatched lineup of sporting events, wagering options, and betting lines are enough to grab the attention of any player. With over 15 years in the online gambling industry, Intertops has built itself a reputation as a respected gaming site of the highest quality.

New players have several sign-up offers to choose from when creating a new account. The bonuses and promotions are all in line with industry-specific guidelines and reflect the sportsbook’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Different MasterCard Products

The company’s dedication to making it easier and safer to fund your accounts with betting sites that accept MasterCard. To do so, MasterCard has three main product options to choose from:

1. Credit Card

The MasterCard credit card is available from many banks and other financial institutions worldwide. When using a credit card with your chosen U.S. sportsbook that accepts MasterCard, there are three card options available. These options are the standard card, World MasterCard, as well as the World Elite MasterCard. Whatever your choice, MasterCard ensures protection against ID theft, zero liability, and an extended warranty on all cards. There are many

2. Debit Card

The debit card is a popular choice for use at online casinos and betting sites since it is widely accepted and safe to use. Players should keep in mind that when they place bets using their debit card, they are playing with their own money as transactions come from the funds available in their accounts. While gambling with this account brings the risk of losing more than intended, it could also encourage players to practice restraint and accountability for their finances.

3. Prepaid Cards

Though unconventional, this option simplifies making payments even more. When purchasing a prepaid card, the client only needs to present proof of identity and address to activate the account. Although debit and credit cards are the most popular option for online gambling and sports betting, some sites also accept prepaid cards.

The idea is for the user to preload funds to the card and treats it like a regular debit card. If the account is empty, the user must top up their funds to keep playing. Again, this option encourages accountability and responsible gambling.


While there may be quite a few sports betting websites available, it is always best to research to discern their legitimacy. Have a look at the related charges and remember that more often than not, it is only the reputable betting sites that accept MasterCard. Read as many reviews as possible, study the frequently asked questions, and don’t feel too intimidated to create multiple accounts.

Finding betting sites that you can use MasterCard on could require some trial and error. While fears of cybercrimes and illegal betting may deter many potential players, they can address these threats quickly. MasterCard’s countermeasures are useful in identifying, resolving, and even preventing fraudulent activity. So you can rest peacefully, knowing that your information is safe. Secondly, finding a legal U.S. sportsbook that accepts MasterCard is possible. The company logo on the website represents a legitimately licensed betting site.

So go ahead and do your research to find betting sites that accept MasterCard. Above all else, remember that it is only a game. So have some fun!

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