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US Online Gambling Sites » Best US Sports Betting Sites That Accept Paysafecard 2023

Best US Sports Betting Sites That Accept Paysafecard 2023

Last Updated on 11/21/2023
Fact checked by: Josh Schwartz

Many people love betting online but are reluctant to do so due to concerns over security. If you’re one of these people, you’re not alone. There are far too many scary identity fraud stories in the news.

PaySafe is a company from Austria that offers PaySafecard, a prepaid payment method that improves security for online transactions. Paysafecard’s 16-digit codes can be purchased to the value of $10 to $100 and used on sportsbooks that take Paysafecard as a payment method. As a result, sports betting with Paysafecard USA is increasingly popular.

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Operators with Paysafecard

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Paysafecard pros & cons
  • Top providers have Paysafecard.
  • Simple and quick to use.
  • No long verification process.
  • Withdrawal limits depend on the provider.

Making a payment with Paysafecard – Step by step

Open an account

Before using your Paysafecard, ensure to disable pop-ups on your browser. Buy a Paysafecard code. There are no fees involved when purchasing codes, and thus, the amount paid will be the amount reflected with your code. Find a U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard and register for an account – if you haven’t already!

Verify Your Identity

Most of the time when you’re using a Paysafecard there won’t be any need to verify your identity.

Make a deposit with Paysafecard

When selecting your payment method, click on the (usually displayed) “deposit” button. You will see various deposit options where you will choose Paysafecard from the list before continuing.

Enter the code and amount you want to deposit into your favorite U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard. Choose from the site’s minimum or as much as $1,000 by combining Paysafecard codes. Remember, it’s possible to use a part of the balance from one code and still have the rest available for future use.

The transaction will get completed instantly. Paysafecard does have a 2% fee for payments in different currencies than the one in which the pin was obtained.

Average time of Paysafecard for deposits and payouts

Whether you’re gambling in New Jersey or elsewhere, deposits to a U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard should be available immediately for you to bet to your heart’s content. You are unable to withdraw money directly from your Paysafecard. You will have to choose another safe and convenient banking method to have your winnings paid into.

Paysafecard verification requirements

The beauty of using Paysafecard on a U.S. sportsbook is that there is no verification for purchasing codes and depositing money. The only verification process would be registering.

When it comes to withdrawing your winnings, there are some factors to consider. You’ll certainly want to consider betting sites with fast withdrawals! Of course, you are welcome to have your winnings transferred to your Paysafecard. However, be aware that you cannot have these winnings transferred to a bank account from a U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard.

To have your winnings transferred to your chosen bank account, debit or credit card. You will need to provide your chosen betting site with the details of the account but also identification. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The anonymity that the internet affords you has made it necessary for countries to put in place laws against organized crime, racketeering and money laundering.

These laws may differ from state to state in the U.S., but they are required to protect not only you, but also the online betting industry as a whole.

The time limit on the transfer depends on the method and both your provider and the restrictions on the U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard.

To have winnings transferred to your Paysafecard is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Open the cashier on your preferred U.S. sportsbook that accepts a Paysafecard and select it as your withdrawal method.

The limit for withdrawal to your Paysafecard is between $20 and $1,000. However, this can depend on the U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard. It’s worth knowing that any processing fees will get covered by the operator and not by you, the customer.

Enjoy your winnings!

Paysafecard verification requirements

When depositing funds at your preferred betting sites you can use Paysafecard, there is no verification required.

Paysafecard offers various options that go a long way towards fraud prevention when withdrawing funds. The usual requirements include an address verification system (AVS), CVV and CVV2 verification, blacklisting, IP geolocation and individually adaptable risk assessment.

The history of Paysafecard

Paysafecard (now part of the PaySafe Group) was launched in 2000 by four friends who had a vision of “cash for the internet”. Their dream was a simple one; they wanted to make it possible for people to pay for goods or services online, as easily as they would with cash. The simple, yet genius idea developed into a Paysafecard that gets purchased at sales outlets. When funds are needed for online purchases, the customer will enter a 16-digit code/pin, and the payment would be complete. A mere one year after its founding, Paysafecard launched in Germany.

Paysafecard has shown incredible growth since its inception. 2019 saw Paysafecard launch in its 49th country, Iceland. Available as a physical card and a printed coupon or e-voucher, online purchases of Paysafecard were made available to the public in 2004.

2007 saw Paysafecard celebrating the completion of 10 million transactions. Paysafecard started its collaboration with Mastercard in 2009, and 2010 saw the launch of the YUNA Prepaid Mastercard. This collaboration made it possible for customers to pay anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Paysafecard has ensured that ease of use and convenience to the customer stays in the forefront. 2011 saw the launch of the Paysafecard mobile app, which still gets regular system updates.

In what was thought to be the largest start-up exit deal in Austrian history, 2013 saw the sale of the company to Skrill and the launch of their innovative loyalty program, my Plus.

2018 saw Paysafecard become one of the main sponsors of the ESL. As a global ESL Payment Partner for all ESL events, CS:GO league tournaments and several national championships and ESL arenas – which are usually available at your favorite U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard.

Paysafecard compared to other providers

The most popular options are still Visa or Mastercard transactions as it allows both deposits and withdrawals. Although Visa and Mastercard are familiar to most users, they are not fast, and this can affect their popularity.

Some U.S. sportsbooks that accept Paysafecard don’t transfer funds into a credit card, and you will need to confirm this when choosing your preferred site. Bank transfers are another option available on some betting sites; yet, not all punters enjoy using this option.

Paysafecard has grown in popularity over the years and is synonymous with reliability, safety and speed when depositing funds. Withdrawal of funds to your Paysafecard is easy enough when using a U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard; but, as already mentioned, you will not be able to withdraw funds from your Paysafecard. If you want to withdraw funds, it would be recommended to use either a betting site that accepts Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers or an e-wallet service of your choice.

How to get hold of a Paysafecard

If all of this sounds exactly like something you need to get started on sportsbook betting, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Register online at Paysafecard. You don’t necessarily have to register but it’s certainly the easiest way to pay and manage your account.
  • Purchase a prepaid code online with a value of your choice.
  • Use your code to pay at any site that offers Paysafecard!

Some bettors still prefer using their credit or finding sportsbooks that take debit cards. But, although deposits are instant into a betting account with a U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard, it can take 3 working days (or longer) to process a withdrawal. There is no shortage of alternative options available though.

Paysafecard – deposits are instant. Once you have bought a voucher, you log in to your betting account with your chosen u.s. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard, enter the pin and deposit the value of your Paysafecard into your account. You can either deposit the entire amount available in your Paysafecard or only part of it.

Bank transfers – deposits can take 3 days and withdrawals up to 10 business days (or longer).

Bank transfers allow for high maximums on withdrawals, and that is why this is such a popular option with online punters. This method can take time to set up, and you will have to contact your preferred U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard to make arrangements. Be warned that apart from the delay in receiving your funds, it also carries hefty fees.

e-Wallets – deposits are instant, and withdrawals can take some time depending on the service used, and there is a cost involved no matter which site you use.

It boils down to your personal preferences when choosing which of these methods would work best for you. Once you know what you would like from an online payment method, you can make your decision with ease.

Paysafecard FAQ

💳 Do I need to use the same deposit and withdrawal method?

The short answer is no. There are quite a few online U.S. sportsbooks that accept Paysafecard that will take deposits from credit cards but will not transfer funds into them.

❓ Why does an operator block my account?

Various reasons would cause this to happen. The first step would be to contact your operator and enquire about the reason that you have been blocked. If you received an error code, remember to quote this. The reasons can vary from verification and security issues to something as small as a glitch. Once you know the reason, you will be able to have it rectified.

💰 Can I get a Paysafecard bonus?

Some U.S. sportsbooks accept Paysafecard, and others offer bonuses as a free offer. These bonuses are there to attract new customers with either points or real money.

All betting sites that accept Paysafecard have their own terms and conditions regarding bonuses. It’s advisable to read them as they could impact on your withdrawal.

There are various bonuses on offer form online betting operators with the most common being a welcome bonus. The bonus would get credited to the customers account upon registration or after making their first deposit. Winnings would get credited to the primary or bonus account, and the customer would then withdraw it after all conditions had been met.

A U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard offering a no deposit bonus would give the bonus in the form of points. Once you reach a certain point, they can get exchanged for money or gifts from betting by Paysafecard.

🤔 How soon after registering and making a deposit with my Paysafecard can I bet?

The answer to that is simple – right away. One of the many benefits of using Paysafecard on a U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard is that your deposit reflects immediately. No need to wait for processing or verification processes.

💭 Will my personal information be safe when using Paysafecard?

It will, and you will notice that the minute you make use of your Paysafecard. There is no need to worry about funds disappearing from your Paysafecard. The reason that Paysafecard betting is one of the most attractive payment systems on the market is due to the anonymity and high level of security of the transaction.

Variable parts

What are most potential bettors looking for when deciding on a deposit method for online betting? It’s not just online sportsbooks looking to grow their market share in the US, online casinos with fast withdrawals need to understand the preferences of this demographic too.

2019 saw Paysafecard partnering with Discovery Research, an independent research agency, to get some insight. They surveyed more than 1,700 US consumers to find out their attitudes towards online betting, how often they make use of online betting, and if they would increase their online betting activities in the future. The factors they take into consideration when selecting where to place bets online.

Collected data put deposits and withdrawals from betting sites at the center of most customers’ minds when making choices. Let’s focus on a couple of important takeaways.

Payment security is the number 1 priority for online betting

The potential bettor’s perception of the security of his/her financial information and transactions plays a considerable role in their willingness to bet online.

Of the consumers that they surveyed, 37% agreed with the statement: ‘Placing a bet online is as secure as placing a bet in person.’ It’s not surprising that security was the most chosen factor by both potential and current players when asked how they would select a betting site. A more specific breakdown of the data revealed that 35% of people who currently bet online named security as one of the top three considerations. This increased to 45% of those who were interested in betting online in the future.

Bettors want variety when depositing funds

The data suggested that the consumer’s preferences about how they make online transactions have become more varied, they’ll need to consider online gambling withdrawal options too. This remained the same for both sports betting and eCommerce.

23% of online bettors identified the number of payment options available to them as a reason for choosing an online betting app or not. 42% were open to switching their preferred payment method to one that met essential criteria. These criteria included greater protection from fraud and ease of use.

Alternative payments are crucial for growth

Roughly 19% of online bettors have experienced a card decline, and of those, over 51% confirmed that this was a frequent issue for them. This is where it got interesting as 28% of the potential bettors that experienced card decline issues ceased trying to place a bet. They instead searched for a different online sportsbook that would accept their card.

Around 35% of these players had experienced card decline issues while depositing with a digital wallet at least once. 22% deposited using a cash replacement system. This made it quite clear that online operators that rely on only card deposits would struggle to get a significant group of bettors.


Whether you’re gambling in New Jersey, gambling in Pennsylvania or gambling in Illinois, the turn of the century has brought undeniable changes. We’ve gone from doing payments by mail order to having everyone look for the best betting sites with fast withdrawal and betting sites that accept PayPal.

When you’re picking a payment method, you have to choose if you want betting sites that accept MasterCard, Visa, or American Express; and that’s just if you want to use sportsbooks that accept debit cards.

You could also use a sportsbook that takes Venmo, a sportsbook that takes prepaid cards, or a sportsbook that takes Apple Pay; there are even betting sites to pay by phone bill.

If that’s not enough, you can learn all about online casinos with fast withdrawal and a variety of options in their US gambling guides.

But, back to our conclusion.

After considering all aspects of online betting with a U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard, it’s recommended as a viable option.

The progressive payment application allows the bettor to replenish their account. As a further incentive, the anonymity of Paysafecard deposits allows a U.S. sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard to stand out in the sea of otherwise similar operators.

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