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US Online Gambling Sites » Venmo Casinos

Online Casinos with Venmo in US

Casinos That Accept Venmo in 2023

Last Updated on 03/20/2023
Fact checked by: Mark Lewis

In the world of online casinos, there are so many payment options to choose from, and gambling using Venmo is becoming ever more popular.

It’s well known that all payment options should be easy to use and safe. Venmo is a trusted digital wallet and is popular for all types of internet transactions. Various US online casinos accept Venmo. Keep reading to see the best casinos that take Venmo payments.

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The best Venmo Casinos in the US

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The top online casinos in the US that accept Venmo

At the time of writing, there isn’t exactly a wide selection of online casinos that accept Venmo per se. This, however, isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Venmo is owned by PayPal and there sure are a wide number of operators in the US that accept PayPal. You will also be able to use Venmo in conjunction with other payment options such as online card deposits. The fact remains that there are several high-profile brands that do enable you to use Venmo in order to fund your account via PayPal and Mastercard transactions.

Two of the biggest names in online gambling, BetMGM and Caesars, accept PayPal. This means you can fund your account with ease. Both of these platforms offer cutting-edge gambling tools, features, and a myriad of the latest titles in online gaming. Thus, you’ll be in good hands as you look to utilize Venmo for online payments.

What are the basic pros and cons of Venmo?

Best US Online Casino That Accept Venmo [yyyy]
Pro and Con
  • Competitive processing fees and cheaper than many ewallets
  • Mobile-friendly and simple to use on a smartphone or a tablet
  • Ultra-secure payments thank to latest digital encryption technology
  • Fast account setup which means you can be up and running in a matter of minutes
  • Not available across the board meaning that your choice of casino will be limited

The basics of using Venmo at online casinos

Any casino site  that takes Venmo will normally process deposits and withdrawals in a similar fashion to what is displayed in the table below:

Venmo Deposits Withdrawals
Limits Typically $10 $10 up to $400 per day
Timescales No more than three working days No more than three working days
Fees None from the casino None from the casino

Making a payment with Venmo – seamless transactions online 

There’s very little to worry about as you look to set up a Venmo account in order to start making online payments. Take a look at our step-by-step guide.

  1. Open an account: To play at Venmo gambling sites or US sportsbooks that accept Venmo, you need to open an account. You can do this either online or by downloading the app to your Apple or Android device.
  2. Download the App: Download and install the Venmo app from iTunes or the Google Play Store. Once loaded, install the software.
  3. Open the app and register: If you have created an account online, you can log in using your credentials. Otherwise, create your account from your phone app.
  4. Verify your identity: For security reasons, you’ll need a US phone number to verify your account, and Venmo will verify all personal details.
  5. Fund your account: You will now need to fund your Venmo wallet from a linked source, such as a debit/credit card. or bank account.
  6. Make a deposit with Venmo: Once there are funds in your Venmo account, you can link the wallet to your online casino profile and use it to make deposits and withdrawals. 

There are no monthly fees to have an account, and there aren’t surcharges for standard transactions. All information is encrypted to ensure the safety of your card information and bank details.

Our Top 3 Online Casinos that Accept Venmo in March2023

Average deposit and payout times of Venmo – up there with the best!

While standard payments and withdrawals are free, it may take a few days to reflect in your account. Depositing at US online casino that accepts Venmo, may result in delays due to the lag time between making a deposit, and the funds being accessible.

The company estimates that it should take no longer than three working days to reflect in the account, while most transactions only take one day. If your payment or withdrawal doesn’t go through within three working days, you need to contact this payment provider to ensure that you can continue to play at an online casino with Venmo. The same applies to any withdrawals made from the casino.

There is also an option to make immediate payments and Venmo withdrawals. These are charged at a rate of 1%, with a minimum of 25 cents and a maximum of $10 being charged per transaction, depending on the amount you are requesting.

The very best casinos that allow Venmo deposits in the US

We are all too aware of the abundance of online casinos and respective bonuses in the US. It’s all a bit overwhelming at first. If you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, simply take a look at our recommendations below.

BetMGM with an incredible $1,000 deposit bonus plus a $25 no-deposit offer

If you want to use Venmo and pick up a huge bonus in the process then we recommend that you consider BetMGM – an all-inclusive platform with a $1,000 matched deposit bonus up for grabs. You will also be able to claim a thrilling $25 no-deposit bonus while you are at it. It doesn’t get much better than this!

888casino offers a generous $20 simply for signing up

888casino offers you the chance to claim a $20 bonus for signing up with the platform. This will enable you to get stuck in with your favorite games without even having to empty your pockets.

BetRivers $250 deposit bonus with plenty of gaming options

BetRivers has made a real mark on the gambling scene of late. As a new customer, you can claim a $250 sign-up bonus with BetRivers Casino. Create a valid account, deposit funds, and claim your 100% matched deposit offer. You’ll be privy to eye-watering casino games backed up by an intuitive interface.

Venmo payment verification requirements

Playing at US online casinos that accept Venmo, makes users go through a verification process before they can begin placing wagers. This is necessary for regulatory purposes, which are in place to cut out fraud and money laundering. According to the Patriot Act of the USA, Venmo is required to implement the Customer Identification Program (CIP). There is no getting around this process at any operator in the USA. The basic information needed, includes:

  • Your full name
  • Your national ID number
  • Your tax number
  • Proof of physical address
  • Date of Birth

The easiest method to verify your bank account is to use instant verification. If your bank supports this method, you simply provide your username and password for your online banking profile. Venmo will check your account, as well as periodically check balances to ensure that transactions made while gambling using Venmo can be paid.

You can also verify your account manually by entering your routing and account number. Venmo will make micro-deposits and withdrawals to verify that the account belongs to you. For this, you must have at least $ 2 available in your account. You will not be able to make any transactions with US online casinos that accept Venmo until your account has been verified. Make sure you follow the process exactly and if you run into trouble, reach out to the Venmo customer service team for assistance.

Check out our top 5 online casinos with Venmo 

The history of Venmo

Venmo was founded in 2009 by Andrew Kortina and Iqraim Magod-Ismail while studying and rooming together at the University of Pennsylvania. After various attempts at starting a company, the two friends came up with the idea after one forgot his wallet at home.

Writing a check to pay back his friend for covering his payments seemed so outdated that they started working on a text-based payment system.

Having started because they felt checks were slow and outdated, they developed the idea to blend money transfers and a social angle into one program. That idea would later become the reality that is the Venmo we know and love today. Records of transfers are published in a chat stream with the use of emojis, making it very intriguing for younger users.

In 2012 Venmo was bought by Braintree, which, in turn, was acquired by PayPal in 2013. As such, you will often find Venmo at the best  PayPal online casinos USA has to offer. The company uses bank-grade security and encrypts all transactions. You can rest assured that both your personal details and deposited money are safe and secure.

Transactions made for playing at online casinos with Venmo are recorded and can be viewed on your browser by logging in to your account. This includes any gambling using Venmo you might have done.

Additionally, Facebook friends who use Venmo can also see who you sent money to, who you received money from, and the messaged and emojis, but only you can see how much money was sent and received. This makes using online casinos with Venmo even more of a social activity than usual. US online casinos that accept Venmo are becoming more widespread every day.

Venmo compared to other online payment providers

What is it that makes playing at online casinos with Venmo different from other payment methods? It’s a mobile platform, and although you can make payments when gambling using Venmo on your browser, the program isn’t optimized for desktops.

It also makes it easier to play at online casinos with Venmo with your friends, as you can easily split the payments with this app, a feature that no other online wallet provides.

Playing at online casinos with real money using Venmo can become costly if you constantly need to make instant payments. The one to three working days that it takes to access funds must be taken into consideration when using this app. Budget for instant payments or make payments in advance.

The top-rated US bonuses at Venmo casinos

If you are new to gambling using Venmo, you might wonder about the security and usability of the brand. Many new US online casinos use Venmo as a payment method because of its security. The company is independently audited every two years to ensure that user information is safe and secure. Venmo’s tie to its parent company adds to the legitimacy, and name-brand recognition of this payment method.

But what about the best alternative payment options to Venmo with similar security protocols? There are several solutions that rival it. These include instant banking options, like ACH, or e-wallets, like Skrill, Neteller, and others. You’ll find two of our favorite solutions below. Each offers quick and convenient transfers.


PayPal – the ever-present payment option that is recognized across the globe – is one of the most reliable methods to make use of. Most online casinos will accept PayPal and ensures that you keep your gambling funds and actual bank account separate. PayPal offers competitive fees and will enable you to deposit funds instantly online.


This payment option is accepted on just about all online casinos in the US. It provides you with a prepaid card option whereby you have the utmost control over your funds. Paysafecard will ensure that you stick to a given budget while still offering instant deposits. One of the downfalls of this payment option is the fact that you cannot always withdraw using this method.

If you feel that Venmo doesn’t quite cut it for you, then there’s no need to feel disheartened. We can recommend you a number of reliable payment methods that you can utilize with great ease. But to top things off, we also recommend a top online casino that supports each solution, so that you won’t have to spend long looking for a place to deposit with your chosen option.

VIP Preferred – convenience is the order of the day

You won’t be short on online casinos that accept VIP Preferred. Use Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic payment processing services to fund your gambling account with ease. You can deposit and withdraw funds without having to incur additional costs. Signing up can be done online and you’ll be up and running in no time!

We recommend that you take a look at the latest BetRivers platform if you wish to use VIP Preferred. As a new customer, you can also pick up a dazzling bonus for your troubles.

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
100% up to $500
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PayPal – global payment provider

We have outlined that PayPal offers you extensive reach when it comes to online payments with casinos in the US. PayPal owns Venmo and therefore it’s the most sensible alternative to Venmo. Using PayPal will ensure that you can always fund your account. Plus, you’ll be able to claim big bonuses such as the latest offer from BetMGM.

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
100% up to $1000
Risk-Free Bet
T&Cs apply, 21+
Get Bonus

Neteller – reputable digital wallet

Using an e-wallet service is a wise decision when you gamble online. Why? It acts as a medium between your gambling account and your actual bank account. There’s an extra layer of security while you can also control your real money funds to a better degree. Neteller has established itself as a popular payment option for those looking to gamble online.

Neteller is accepted in the US and you can pick up some thrilling deals in the process. Take a look at the latest Caesars welcome bonus which will allow you to hit the ground running!

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
100% up to $1250
Risk-Free Bet
T&Cs apply, 21+

Advantages of using Venmo with online casinos

If you are set on using Venmo for your online payments, then you can rest assured that there are several distinct advantages. Below, we’ve touched on several benefits of using Venmo.

Low to no fees

You don’t have to worry about racking up all sorts of fees when you use Venmo for deposits and withdrawals. Casinos won’t charge you a fee for payments. It is important to keep in mind that you will be charged a service fee if you use a personal bank card to fund your account. Check in with your card issuer to find out more.

High-end security protocols

One of the major concerns when transacting online with real money funds is whether a payment method is secure. If not, it makes it a lot easier for unauthorized entities to access your personal account and redirect funds without your consent or knowledge. Venmo has incorporated the latest security measures and offers two-factor authentication. Thus, your Venmo account and funds will be protected with maximum oversight.

Best used on mobile

Venmo has tailored its service so that it is fully-functional on mobile devices. You will find that all the features are streamlined via the mobile app. You’ll be able to process payments at a moment’s notice!

Disadvantages of using Venmo when gambling at online casinos 

There is always two sides to the coin. This applies to all payment methods and it’s good to be aware of the limitations that come with using a payment method such as Venmo.

Not widely-accepted

First off, you will have realized by now that there isn’t a wide number of online casinos that accept Venmo. Thus, you’ll need to choose your gambling operator carefully if you do wish to use this payment method. You can take a look at our a casino review to find out which operators do enable you to use Venmo. Secondly, Venmo is not widely accepted across the globe. At the moment, it’s only available to online casino customers in the US.

Processing times

One of the major attractions of certain online payment methods is the speed of transactions. Being able to fund your account instantly makes your life that much easier. If you use Venmo, you will find that it isn’t always possible to rely on instant deposit processing with the best casinos online in the US.

US online casinos with Venmo that offer unique deals

Due to casino regulations, many online casinos are not accessible to US players, and this includes US online casinos that accept Venmo. ensures that US citizens get the same satisfaction and excitement from their online casino, as they would from a walk-in casino. Playing at an online casino using Venmo can be even more entertaining than traditional casinos. Being able to gamble using Venmo from the comfort of your own home is great!

The best online casinos in the US with Venmo offer thrilling deals that you can claim. These include matched deposit bonuses which can be used to play your favorite casino games; popular slots, jackpots, scratch cards, and immersive live casino games. You will also be able to claim free spins which apply to some of the most popular slot titles. If you enjoy betting on sports, then you will also find a range of bonuses when using Venmo – from deposit offers to free bets and more!

Remain steadfast in your approach and always read the terms and conditions of any online gambling bonus with Venmo casinos in the US. This will put you in the best possible position to make the most of the offer at hand.

Conclusion – Venmo offers efficient online payment services 

If you are interested in an easy payment method that allows you to access the social aspect of gaming, gambling using Venmo is the best option for online payments, even though gambling using Visa is the most common. Using the Venmo MasterCard allows you to make immediate deposits and withdrawals; great if you look for online casinos with fast withdrawal often. Remember that these are charged at a 1-3% rate, whereas standard payments can be made for free.

Venmo is a very safe and secure form of payment, and players can be sure that all transactions are encrypted and private. Opening an account with Venmo is easy, and funds can’t be transferred or accessed until your banking details are verified.

Venmo FAQ

🏧 Do I Need to Use the Same Payment and Withdrawal Method?

While it’s not necessary to use the same methods of making deposits and withdrawals when using US online casino apps with Venmo, it does make it easier. When making withdrawals, the casino will pay the money out to the e-wallet or account you used to make the deposit.

⛔ Why Does an Operator Block my Account?

Online casinos usually block user accounts if there is information that has not been verified. Since these casinos use real money in play, they have to ensure that personal information and payment methods are verified. Casinos also need to ensure that players are of legal age.

Casinos won’t block someone for winning any amount of money unless they suspect that you’re cheating.

💵 Can I Get a Venmo Bonus?

Most online casinos and No.1 bookies offer bonuses and sportsbook promos to players. If you play at a US online casino that accepts Venmo as a payment method, they will likely offer a sign-up No.1 casino bonus codes and other promotions during play.

These are often in the form of free play or matching deposits that are made. You will never get a cash bonus from your e-wallet or account you are using. Although these payment methods can make use of customer loyalty programs.

🎰 How do I register at a casino?

If you are interested in playing online casino games with real money using Venmo, there is an easy process to register. First search your area for somewhere to play by looking up NJ online gambling or the best PA gambling sites, for example. Once you have chosen the operator that best suits your needs, simply click on the link that asks you to sign up or create an account. Follow the prompts and enter all the relevant information.

Depending on the country of operation, the verification process will differ, but the casino will explain each step. Players can also contact the casino directly if there is anything unclear.

💰 How do I Make Money at the Online Casino?

While playing online slots for real money it is possible to win big, it’s important to remember that gambling using Venmo should be for entertainment value rather than a primary source of income.

There are various online forums dedicated to discussing play strategy, but very few strategies have ever proven to be successful. It’s important to keep the house edge in mind when placing bets.

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