US Horse Racing Betting Sites Reviews & Comparison 2020 - List of Legit Betting Sites

Introduction To The Comparison

When you’re looking for top horse betting comparison sites and want to knowhow to bet on horses successfully, the best bookies will always be legitimate. There’s no way we would recommend low quality gambling websites, so our comparison guides and articles are both trustworthy and reliable.

We look at various criteria to judge which sites offer the best horse racing gambling experience around. So, if you are in the market for a horse betting guide, you’re in luck!

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Who Should Make Use of the Comparison?

Quite simply, if you’re a fan of horse racing, then our horse racing accumulators and horse betting comparison guides are for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional bettor or brand new to placing a stake on horses. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re only interested in the main horse race derbies, international races, or events at more homegrown tracks.

Our guides are filtered by strict factors governing different aspects, as listed below. That way, when you read our articles, you can be assured that the bookies are legit and secure. Whatever horse racing sites ratings you’re looking for, you’ll find horse racing bookmakers in the US for your tastes right here.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

1. License

The number one thing to look for when checking horse betting websites for betting odds comparisons is if they actually are in the USA.

2. Terms and Conditions

Once you’ve settled on a bookmaker in the USA you like the look of, it’s time to check the terms and conditions. We know what you’re thinking. “Why should I bother?” Simply put, you need to make sure there are no nasty account-related surprises hidden in the terms.

3. Check for security protocols.

The two most important parts of this are SSL and Verisign. SSL means Secure Socket Layers and effectively encrypts personal data so it can’t be stolen. Verisign certifies the security measures of websites.

4. Privacy Policies

Another thing that adds to the legitimacy of sportsbook promos is account transparency. In other words, make sure to check how the site collects and uses your information, both personal and financial.

5. Relevant tracks

There are many horse betting websites in the USA, but they may not all cover the same horse races. How important is it to find a bookie that allows wagers on the Kentucky Derby, or Royal Ascot, the Pegasus World Cup, or the Breeders’ Cup?

Luckily, our in-depth guide highlights all these factors, along with US horse betting offers and more. All so that you can rest assured that we only recommend the best bookies for your wagering needs.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

There are actually quite a lot of new US sportsbooks, and many of them are very similar. In that, they offer similar track coverage and promotions. However, there are a few that stand out for various reasons, which we’ll get to shortly.

First, though, it’s time to talk about our editor’s recommendation. Our guide looks at many things related to horse racing itself, including how specialized a bookie is and best horse betting strategies.

In the case of our editor’s recommendation, they looked at availability above all else. Which is why their top pick is TVG. If you’re a seasoned fan of horse betting websites in the USA, you’ll no doubt recognize the name. However, it’s not just brand recognition that puts them at the top, but state coverage.

All horse racing bookmakers in the US have either state-specific sites or regulations. Many only cover minimal areas (such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania). Not so with TVG, which is available to bet on across a whopping 31 states. We’ll look at this side of horse racing later in more depth.

This is how our experts test operators

The following criteria form the cornerstone for our horse betting comparison guide and respective articles, including pick 6 horse racing strategy. All horse racing fans, no matter the gambling level or experience, can consider these points as sensible factors to grade a bookmaker by, and use them to inform their own opinion.


We’re looking at the best, legit, horse betting websites, so obviously, legitimacy is our number one criteria. How long has the bookie been in business?


Not all bookmakers use Verisign, which isn’t ideal, but it’s not the end of the world. What really matters is if the sportsbook has Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology in place to protect data. Verisign verifies a site and is really more of an extra security measure.

Privacy Policy

How, why, and where is information gathered from account holders? We pay close attention to any mention of encryption measures and third-party companies.

Terms and Conditions

It’s standard practice for many sportsbooks to bury account and promotion-specific details in the overall terms, so we take a closer look at this. Don’t be caught out by hidden information.


Most sportsbooks with fast withdrawal run regular offers and bonuses. This also includes VIP and reward schemes. We cast a critical eye over all relevant terms and details to ensure they’re fair and useful.


When you’re looking to place a stake on horses, then you want to know the sportsbook is giving you worthwhile odds. Do they reflect the state of the race and change accordingly?

Available tracks

Does the site cover your favorite race tracks? Does the bookie handle betting on all major horse racing events?

Wagering options

We pay close attention to available betting slips and whether or not a sportsbook allows single and multiple leg wagers, along with pools and accumulators. As well as online gambling withdrawal options.

Live center

With so many horse betting websites in the USA now offering live coverage, it’s particularly egregious if this side of things is neglected. Therefore, we examine the quality of live streaming and if there are any barriers to accessing races.

Past Performance statistics

Many horse racing bookmakers in the US now offer detailed reports on horses, trainers, and jockeys. Usually, this is linked with Brisnet, a reputable name in horse race stats. In any case, this is also something fast becoming commonplace, so we check that a) it’s an option and b) how detailed these stats are.

Finding the right operator for you

Taking your pick from the vast choice of operators is almost a difficult job in itself. Who has time to scrutinize each and every sportsbook out there carefully? What about checking online casino ratings? We do!

Choosing the best horse betting websites in the USA has just been made a heck of a lot easier thanks to our objective and fair comparisons. Below, we’ve listed all the factors we bear in mind when compiling our guides, so take a look and see what we think. Maybe your favorite bookmaker is already in our guide!

Most important sections of the site

Our guide is just one small part of what makes our website tick. Here’s a brief rundown of what else we cover.

1) Bookmaker comparison
We don’t just cover horse betting comparisons, but other sports and aspects of online gambling, too. From bookmakers to online casinos, we have an extensive amount of guides and lists for you to check.

2) Bonus comparison
With so many sites offering similar deposit-match and sign-up bonuses, it can make it even more challenging to choose which sportsbook to wager with. We look at how good a bookie’s promotions really are.

3) Operator/Bonus Reviews
All of our review articles, whether they’re for horse racing bookmakers in the US, the best promotions, or most extensive list of sports, are conducted by experts according to unbiased criteria.

4) Games/Sports
Some gamblers may place more importance on quality over quantity, or vice versa. We take a look at which sites offer the full complement of sports, and which don’t.

5) Payments
We check all forms of payment methods, so as to inform you of any related fees and charges.

6) Strategy
We focus on the most common types of wagering strategies, as well as some you may be less familiar with.

7) Guide-wiki
Finally, each and every sport comes with its own set of specific terms and definitions. Horse racing, in particular, has a particularly unique vocabulary, from stake terms to horse references.

Checklist: This is how you find YOUR perfect bookie!

Still not sure which of the many horse betting websites in the USA are right for you? Don’t worry! We’re about to take a more in-depth look into the best websites out there today


All the bookmakers featured in our horse betting comparison guide are legit, so you don’t need to worry about that. However, that still doesn’t necessarily mean the site you like is legal for you to use. Why? Because of state-specific regulations.

Not every state in North America allows online gambling and those that do typically only allow residents of that state to gamble. For example, say you find a horse racing bookmaker located in New Jersey, but you live in Texas, it would be illegal for you to use that bookie.

Always be careful when checking a site’s regulatory body, to ensure the sportsbook is not just legal in your state, but that you’re allowed to use it.

What races do you want to bet on?

There are currently several different types of horse racing, although many get lumped together. Generally speaking, thoroughbred and harness tend to be the most popular types available on sportsbooks.

The most significant races to mark on your calendar include the Florida Derby, Breeders’ Cup Turf, and the American Grand National. You should also keep an eye out for other premium race meetings like the Metropolitan Handicap.

What type of bettor are you?

Do you follow individual trainers or prefer races on certain tracks? What about the pedigree of a horse?

Ultimately, it’s whatever works best for you, but perhaps you’d like to try learning more about horse racing. That’s where our various horse betting comparison guides and wikis come in handy.

What operator do our experts use

As well as TVG, our experts also like to use BetAmerica, Twinspires, and Xpressbet. All of these bookmakers, as well as other reputable horse racing bookmakers in the US, are linked with Churchill Downs Incorporated.

Churchill Downs runs some of the most prestigious races across North America with its dirt and turf courses. It plays host to some big-name events, most notably the Kentucky Derby. Effectively, any bookmaker linked to Churchill Downs is guaranteed to specialize in horse racing.

Online vs offline gambling

Wagering on a horse in real life then watching how it performs is undoubtedly enjoyable, so why bother using any of our recommended horse racing bookmakers in the US?

Convenience is one reason. Sportsbooks mean you can wager whenever you want, rather than having to travel to a track or betting location. Cost is another. Watching a live race is great, but many tracks/events cost an arm and a leg to enter. Plus, with many legit bookies now providing live streams, there’s really no reason why you need to leave your house.

Ultimate tips

Live Streams

Which takes us nicely to the first of our top tips. A decent quality live center is now not only essential but expected. With so many gambling sites offering live coverage of sports and games, it’s become a major selling point for bookies. Therefore, any horse betting websites in the USA that don’t have a live center are behind the curve.

So whenever any horse racing bookmakers in the US catch your eye, always check to see if they offer live streaming and if it’s high quality (good picture quality, free from lag, and so on).

Parlay Bets

Many sports use parlay bets or accumulators, but horse racing is perhaps one of the main ones. So when browsing our horse betting comparison list, you’ll find many offer some form of a parlay bet, and maybe even parlay promotions!

A parlay bet combines four or more stakes into a single bet that nets a return when all parts win. These can carry a high risk (if one stake loses, they all lose), but potential winnings are considerably higher than all the single wagers separately.


With any luck, you’re now more comfortable with picking the right bookmaker for you from our selection of horse betting websites in the USA. As daunting as horse wagering can sometimes be, what with all the different leg bets and pools and so forth, it is undoubtedly a lot of fun.

To sum it all up, then: the horse racing bookmakers in the US we’ve compared are all legit and reputable, and abide by the three most important points: correct regulations, substantial security protocols, and a decent variety of horse races.

As long as you’re mindful of all the criteria we’ve mentioned, you should have no problems.

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